How to Clean an HP Printer Printhead by Guides and Tips

HP provides you with a wide range of printer series. These printers are suitable for home users as well as for businesses. You can find an excellent and reliable HP printer in your budget. HP printers are very robust and provide good quality printouts. If the user offers regular maintenance to the printer, it will work efficiently. It would help if you cleaned your printer regularly. Check the Printhead and fuser. Inspect the cable and make sure it doesn’t have any cuts or kinks.

Normal cleaning of these HP printers tends to boost your product’s life, in addition, to save itself out of all printer malfunctioning problems that frees your due job. Like each inkjet printer, HP printers will also be likely to clogging at any stage. Printhead clogging depreciates the picture quality as the ink doesn’t get to the paper and it ends up forming stripes.

You should clean your printer printing head the first time that your printer clogs, differently, the ink builds up within the printing head, demanding increasingly more ink-consuming cleaning and sometimes it ends up destroying the printing head.

Why do you need to clean the Printhead of an HP printer?

The Printhead is the movable part and contains printing elements. The Printhead moves around the paper and prints the characters. If you don’t clean the Printhead, the dry ink will clog the Printhead, and the user will face issues like HP printer error 0xc18a0206 while printing the document. The quality of your printout will ruin, and you will get the faded printouts. Users must clean the Printhead regularly.

Although HP printing heads are extremely simple to clean via its utility drivers however if your printer has problems like color fading, streaking, or lost text, then these drivers won’t assist. You have to wash it manually and demand a fantastic print head cleaning solution. Manual printer print head cleaning demands particular care so you don’t harm the print head cartridge or contacts connections.

This report covers HP printer printing heads cleanup through automatic utility drivers and manually, both. As both cleaning procedures are utilized for their purposes, in case your printer is fresh or its own cartridges are full and it is still not functioning, has a ragged color pub, or its color bars are ragged along with additional color and there are black lines around the color bar, and then you first must wash it via automatic utility motorists. If, it is not fixed then just go to manual cleanup.

Cleaning HP printer Printhead using Control Panel

Users can directly clean the Printhead of the system from the control panel. When your printouts are not clear, check the Printhead of your device. If it seems clogged, then use the control panel for cleaning the Printhead.

  • Check the input tray and place some paper sheets in it
  • Now press and hold the power button of your printer
  • Go to the Cancel button and press it twice

Finally, hit the Resume button and release your power button. Once you finish these steps, your printer will immediately clean the Printhead. You should repeat these steps for complete cleaning.

Cleaning HP Printhead using HP Solution Center

You can clean the Printhead of your HP device by using the HP Solution Center. You can use your system for cleaning the Printhead.

  • Click on your Start menu and select the All Programs option
  • Tap the HP and choose HP Solution Center
  • Your printer’s HP Solution Center will be displayed on the screen
  • Go to the settings page and tap on Printer Toolbox
  • The toolbox of your printer will open
  • Choose the Device Services tab and select Clean Printheads

Tap the Clean button, and the Printhead of your HP printer will start cleaning. Wait until the Printhead cleaning process completes. Now take the test print and check the quality of your printout. If the printout still seems dull, then repeat these steps for proper cleaning.

Cleaning the Printhead of your device manually

Users can also clean the Printhead of the HP printer manually. If you are cleaning the Printhead manually, then you should be very careful. Always insert and remove the printer parts carefully to prevent handling mishaps. Users should clean the Printhead by using the utility tool. While cleaning the Printhead manually, the user may damage some components. In case you can’t clean the Printhead using the utility tool, then try to clean it manually.

Turn off your HP printer and unplug it from the wall outlet. Now remove the ink cartridge of the printer. Check the cartridge and then clean the contact carefully with a dry cloth. Now take a cleaner (alcohol-based preferred) and put it into a clean cloth. Now clean the Printhead contacts with the cloth and then wait until the Printhead gets dry. Now reinstall your ink cartridge on the printer and connect it to the wall outlet. Turn on your HP printer and take a printout. If you can’t clean the Printhead manually, then use the utility tool. But some users reported that the utility tool of the HP printing is not working correctly.

HP printer utility tool is not working

HP printer has a utility tool that allows the user to check the status, settings, and other details of your printer on your PC. You can use the utility tool for cleaning the Printhead. If your utility tool is not working then you need to fix it.

Run a malware scan

The printer utility tool may be showing errors due to malware. If your computer has viruses, it will start showing issues. Many of your programs will show errors. These viruses can interrupt your HP utility tool. Users need to remove those viruses from the system.

Go to your device and scan it for good anti-malware. Free antivirus can’t remove all the malware from your system. You will require a premium antivirus that can detect and remove all malware from the system. After removing the malware, open your HP printer utility tool and clean the Printhead.

Run the printer troubleshooter

When the utility tool is not working due to some printer-related errors, then use the printer troubleshooter. This tool will run on the system and check for all the printer-related files. If any finds seem corrupted, the printer troubleshooter will fix it immediately. If you can’t access the HP printer utility tool, ask the technical team for help.



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