How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets – European Craft Kitchen Cabinets

Just like other home items, European craft kitchen cabinets also need regular cleaning. Well, grease, dirt, dust, and grime are not liked by anyone. So, it’s better to follow some cleaning strategies. No doubt, kitchen cabinets get a lot of abuse from spills, food splatters, and an abundance of fingerprints.

Keep in mind kitchen cabinets are the most used vitals in any kitchen. So, there are many chances for both upper and lower cabinets to get damage with time. If you are not careful about the cabinets, all these elements will keep on increasing. Of course, piles are difficult to clean.

Along with the cabinets, kitchen countertops are also necessary to clean.

This is not good to have some mess over the countertops. Although it can be seen most people keep on ignoring them. Of course, dirty countertops harbour a lot of germs and dirt. Moreover, little food particles also give rise to bugs, insects, and vermin.

European craft kitchen cabinets are made of wood, so they give rise to all these more frequently. However, cleaning these cabinets is but easy. On the other hand, laminates and metal cabinets are tough to clean.

Simple steps for cleaning European craft kitchen cabinets

For sure, you want your kitchen cabinets always neat and clean. To have them in the best condition, of course, you need to follow some steps. However, with the below-mentioned steps, you can clean all the cabinets quite easily.

how to clean kitchen cabinets

Step no 1: Empty all the cabinets

  • This is the first and foremost step. Rather than being afraid, try to empty all the kitchen cabinets. For instance, take all the ingredients out. Now store them on the counter. Well, this is
  • For a short while. However, you can store the products anywhere else as well.
  • Once all the cabinets are empty, now start with the shelf paper. You may clean it or replace it. It’s all your choice and needs.
  • You can use a vacuum or other clothes to remove the food crumbs. After this now you are done with the very first step.

Step no 2: prepare the cleaning mixture.

Keep in mind; your goal is simple. You are only cleaning the cabinets and not damaging them.

To prepare a cleaning solution, take few drops of dish soap. For this reason, take some warm water and prepare a mixture.

Of course, this DIY solution works perfectly. You can apply it on wood, laminates, and vinyl as well. However, take a spray bottle. Add few drops to the grease and rub it gently. You can also apply pressure as per your need. Moreover, to remove bacteria’s, you can use vinegar as well.

Always apply the reagent with some microfiber cloth. Because using it directly can damage the surface. So, always apply it indirectly.

Step no 3: clean the cabinets from top to bottom

Always clean the cabinets from top to bottom. Well. Clean the interior elements first. For this reason, clean the back wall, then clean the sides. After this, clean the drawers and shelves. However, give some extra attention to corners. You can clean them with the help of a toothbrush. Apply it gently.

After cleaning with the brush, clean the European craft cabinets with the help of a soft cloth. You can use a cloth soaked in simple water. Of course, this is mainly to remove the soap residues. After this, clean the cabinets with a dry cloth. However, clean the sides first and then drawers.

Step No 4: Clean the grease.

For cleaning grease, you can use an abrasive mixture. Take some baking soda and prepare a thick paste. However, you can take one part baking soda and two parts water. Now apply it to the grease. This is one of the best tricks to deal with oil.

Apply it on the sticky grease. Let it stay for a short period. Now take a soft brush and clean the cabinets. Moreover, rinse the cabinets and clean them with a dry cloth.

If you are dealing the grease with some professional cleaners, apply it to the small areas. Indeed this will help you in dealing with the effects. Be cautious. Never use the cleaner in one go. Follow the portion approach. So, you will end up in better cleaning.

Step no 5: deal the trims.

Perhaps, grease and dirt settle in the cervices as they love these places the most. If your cabinets have designed and extensive ornate, it will become difficult to clean them. To clean the trims, apply the solution in a small amount. For instance, you can use a soft brush and index finger. Now repeat the same process. Take a small cloth and clean the cabinets after rinsing.

Step no 6: clean all the contents

Now, this is almost your final step, however, before filling the cabinets again. Inspect all the utensils. For instance, look at the cookware, dishes, and all food items. Clean the jars and remove the expired food. However, you can put all the labels as well.

Moreover, clean all the dirt or wash them as well. After you have placed all the things, again clean the cabinets with a soft cloth. In this way, you can better retain the pristine look.

Also, check to get more amazing topics:

Colour consciousness on a rise

With these almost new phenomena hitting the market, wherein people are getting more and more colour conscious, cabinet manufacturers have been quick to take the hint as well. Teaming up with paint companies, they are now coming up with various colours and shades to catch the eye of homeowners, and inspire them to buy their cabinets. Mostly, it is neutral colours that are making the cut, with the current favourites being yellow, grey, and soft greens, though, in the end, it is the choice of kitchen owners that reigns supreme. And of course, the dark pallet isn’t out of the race at all, especially with navy, emerald green, and black making it huge in the kitchen cabinetry market.


By following these steps, you can maintain the real look of European craft kitchen cabinets. However, you can also read the manual guide. Never follow some random tips. Else you will ruin the entire look of your adorable cabinets.

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