How To Delete Duplicate Photos And Videos On Your Mac

Finding and removing duplicate photos and videos can be tedious and equally important as it gauges a lot of storage space on your device. A dedicated Duplicate Photo Finder & Remover is what you need, if your desktop, laptop or smartphone is packed with lots of identical or similar-looking images. What should you do to get rid of all the clutter that has been there  on your system, making its performance slow. Well, decluttering your Mac’s hard drive is no longer a hassling task with the best Duplicate photo finders and removers for macOS. However, you can manually get rid of them in the easiest way possible. Also, you can seek help from tools like Duplicate File Fixer designed for macOS to conveniently scan for duplicate photos and videos inside and out of your device. With Duplicate photo and video finder tools we can easily check for duplicate files.

Wondering how? We’ll be explaining two of the best ways to free up your Mac from duplicate photos and videos.

Here Are Some Of The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Duplicates On Your Mac Quickly And Easily –

1) Manually Delete Duplicate Photos and Videos From Mac

2) Method 2: Use Duplicate Files Fixer Tool: Remove Similar Photos And Videos Quickly And Easily

So let’s start by discussing both the methods step by step!

Method1: Manually Delete Duplicate Photos and Videos From Mac

The first and easiest way to get rid of multiple duplicates on your Mac is to search for them using Finder. Wondering how? We’ve you covered. You can locate duplicate files on your system using Mac’s Smart Folders feature in Finder. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  • Head to
  • Locate File and select New Smart Folder.
  • Click on the Plus ‘+‘ You’ll find this in the upper right corner.

Now search for the type of duplicates you wish to remove from your system, be it a document, photos, videos, music or any other file type. The best hack is to sort them by Name.  It will make it easier to locate the duplicates of any files, photos, videos or any other file type. Before you remove the duplicate files, make sure you check the dates to see if this is the real duplicate of the file.

However, this is doable, it is a little complex as well. The process requires a lot of your time and efforts. Thus, it is recommended that you use a dedicated third-party app that will ease the process and automatically scan your system inside out for all types of duplicates that are present on your Mac. Read further to know the best tool to find and remove duplicate files, photos and videos from your system.

Method 2: Use Duplicate Files Fixer Tool: Remove Similar Photos And Videos Quickly And Easily

Duplicate files fixer is one of the most versatile multi platform tools to find and delete duplicate photos on your device. It gives you ample options to find the duplicate photos on your computer. Quick scan and automatic selection makes it the fastest duplicate finder and remover. The highlighting feature is the protection folder which will give you scan results but not delete the contents. Duplicate Files Fixer- a well-known and certified duplicate finder and remover for your Mac. it is a multi-platform tool that can also help Windows users to scan and declutter their computers for any duplicate files. For Mac users, it makes it convenient as the user only has to download the tool from this link and then, you’re all set to start using this amazing duplicate finder and remover.

Features of Duplicate Files Fixer –

  1. Finds similar and exact images
  2. Exclusion list and protected folders.
  3. Set priority for file formats.

Here’s how to use:

  • Follow the link below to download and install this smart duplicate finder and fixer tool for macOS.
  • Now, add the files and folder you want to scan for any duplicates. Then, click on Scan Now.
  • The scan process will then begin. Wait for it to finish.scan process
  • Preview the list of duplicate files on your Mac. This will include all file types.
  • Auto-mark the files or select identicals manually.
  • Confirm that you want to delete the selected duplicate files from your system.


  • Scans thoroughly in the folders.
  • Searches the file content.
  • Auto mark makes selection easy.
  • Selection Assistant can be customized.
  • Tips for user navigation.
  • Can find duplicates images, documents, videos, audios as well.


  • Free trial allows you to clean only 15 files.

That’s all! Isn’t it super easy and hassle-free? Try this out today on your Mac and if you own a Windows or Android, you can use this amazing tool on those devices too. Duplicate Files Fixer is priced at $4.99 on Mac App Store.

Final Words On How To Delete Duplicate Photos And Videos On Your Mac

What are you waiting for? If you have duplicates on your system, it is the high time to remove all the duplicate photos and videos along with other file types from your macOS. This duplicate cleaner tool is packed with all the robust functionalities, and not only it locates & erases exact pictures, but it goes beyond to detect similar-looking images also. Check out both these manual and automated ways to ensure your system is clutter-free and is working smoothly. Do let us know which method works best for you- manual or a dedicated tool to Delete Duplicate Photos And Videos On Your Mac. So, there you have the best bunch of duplicate photo finder & remover solutions to get the job done. Using these ideal programs to remove duplicate images has become such an effortless task now. Keeping in mind all the qualities of a perfect Duplicate Photo Remover, we suggest using Duplicate Files Fixer. For any queries or suggestions, please use the comment box below.

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