How to Disguise Your Voice over the Phone?

Due to several reasons, you may want to disguise the voice on the phone call. You may want to use to hide the identity or play a prank on someone. You might use to hear what a caller needs to say. Whatever the matter, many reasons are to go about changing the voice on a phone call.

Would you want to play a prank on an unsuspected friend? Yes, it would be fun to go using free voice changer apps on a phone call. Apps are useful to disguise the real voice or alter to amusing tones. Many exciting applications are accessible that can permutate the voice in different ways.

How to disguise your voice? If you love to do leg-pulling or some good prank, you should use the voice changer application. You don’t manage to stop laugh when your voice is different. In case, a voice changer app is the best game to go. It allows pranking on loved ones or friends. Read on, and we highlight the best or most used free voice changer apps today that allow becoming prankster.

Ways to disguise the voice-

1. How to disguise your voice? Modulate or turn the accents can be the best way to disguise the voice. Be sure; choose an accent that you can use rapidly. You might pick an accent from the different parts of life, such as movies, dramas, or more. You can go with Australian, British, or another accent since those are tremendously popular can be very easy to find. It’s essential to process the accent that you will get confidence.

2. Fake the voice that you are sick. Mostly, people sound dissimilar when they have a headache, cold, or flu. So, pretend that you are ill, or it will alter the sound surely. You can try to talk by nose or will disguise your voice. Plus, you can use coughing to make voice raw or cracked. As we mentioned above, it’s mandatory to proceed to fake your sound or master the several elements you can use to do a prank on a phone call.

3. Mutate the tone of voice based on how you speak. You can change the voice to a different pitch or get a bass voice. Again mentioned, practice is essential to change the tone or pitch effectively.

4. On the other hand, uses disguise your voice app, if you don’t have enough time to practice. You can use a voice changer that will help you. The device or application provides many options where a person can change the sound like a girl, woman, older man, or more. These apps are even found in-built in smartphones nowadays.

Best voice changer applications for Android or iPhone

Every app’s features are different or have some good sound effects to prank or make all of us laughed loudly. These call voice changer apps can change the tone or sound and make voice completely dissimilar like aliens, animals, or oldies.

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

RoboVox Voice Changer Pr

One of the best programs is to alter the voice amid phone calls. It provides real-time effects with vacoder technology. The app lets to change the voice to funny, scary, or add famous robotic effects. With the collaboration of some special effects, the app allows you to record the voice or enjoy it with your friends or loved ones. You get action with 32 disparate voice options. The app interface is very to go. It can be used meanwhile, the phone calls. It comes with three modes, includes recording mode, parrot, or real-time.

Download here-

Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects

A great voice changing application is that not only alters the voice with special effects but also make a recording. You even share the recording on social media platforms. More than 40 sound effects are accessible to use as a zombie, alien, etc.

Download here-

Best Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer

The app is also used to record the voice or edit the chosen audio file with special effects. You can share such audio files via WhatsApp, Facebook, or other platforms. Many effects are to choose from or do pranks calls. Overall, it’s an excellent application that you use to modulate the voice.

Download here-



Are you in search of call voice changer apps? It is one of the popular voice changer apps that is used amid the phone call. It has multiple options or sound effects. The app is also used to record calls or share them easily with friends. You can use the demo feature of the app that is free of cost. The app is even used to change the voice of male to female or vice versa.

Download here-


MagicCall – Voice Changer App

It’s a live voice changer app offer to alter the voice in real-time on phone calls. Overall, it’s a perfect app for fun with family and friends without a pocket load. The app allows playing sounds such as clap, kiss, or more meantime phone calls. Plus, users can earn free credits after registered once. Now, the app united with BalajiMotionPictures for the best Ayuhsman movie dream girl. The app can also be used to change the male to female voice with a specific feature. App has more features alike compute sound effects or background.

Download here-


Wrapping it up, the post will assuredly benefit from finding out the latest call voice changer apps during call over the Android or iphone. RoboVox Voice Changer Pr or Voice Changer with Effects offers many options to switch the voice. These all are the best free voice changer applications that are used while phone calls. What could be the best when you make fun with family or friends or surprise the closed-ones with prank calls? Make use of the voice changer app during phone calls that are mentioned. Plus, apps are used to make funny audio clips for videos or so on.

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