How to do Suryabhedana Pranayama, what are its benefits, know

Humans have two nostrils for breathing. In Yoga, they are called nadis, just as the right nostril is called the Surya Nadi, and the left nostril is known as the Chandra Nadi. The right nostril is connected to the Surya Nadi and is associated with the Suryabhedana Pranayama. Suryabhedana Pranayama is a simple and effective breathing technique. It has many benefits. Know this in detail.

What is Suryabhedana Pranayama:

Suryabhedana Pranayama is made up of two words, one is “Surya” and the other is Shedana in which Surya means sun and penetrate means to pierce or break through something. But, there is no talk of breaking or breaking the sun in this pranayama. The name of this pranayama is derived from its effect on the body. Only one nostril is used while performing Suryabhedana Pranayama. This action is done through the right nostril of the nose. The right pore of the nose is called Surya Swara and the left is called Lunar Swara. In the process of breathing in from the right orifice, energy flows through the Pingala Nadi i.e. Surya Nadi. At the same time, energy flows through the lunar pulse by exhaling from the left orifice.

Performing Suryabhedana Pranayama stimulates the root chakra, enhances the vitality of the body and at the same time relieves anxiety, depression and mental illness. Learn about the ways and benefits of doing this pranayama.You can make a career along with the health benefits of doing yoga asanas by joining a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

How to do Suryabhedana Pranayama:

  • To do Suryabhedana Pranayama, first choose a quiet place.
  • Spread carpets or mats on this place.
  • Sit on the mat in Padmasana or Siddhasana or cross-legged pose.
  • Breathe in slowly and deeply through your right nostril. With this, close your left nostril with your ring finger and little finger.
  • Then close your right nostril with the thumb of your right hand. And then exhale through your left nostril while keeping your right nostril closed.
  • Repeat this four to five times.
  • Depending on your ability, you can do this pranayama or 5 to 10 times can be done Suryabhedana Pranayama.
  • In the initial days, starting from a shorter time period can gradually increase the time.

Benefits of Suryabhedana Pranayama:

  • Increase Digestion:

By doing Suryabhadana Pranayama, your digestive power will increase. So that your stomach will be right and you can get rid of stomach problems. This technique is effective in removing stomach gas.


  • Beneficial for sinus:

According to Hatha Yoga, Suryabhedana Pranayama cleanses the sinuses. This yoga is also helpful in curing other respiratory diseases. This asana destroys rheumatic disorders and intestinal worms.


  • Beneficial in cleansing the blood:

By doing this technique, the blood clears and the liver becomes easier to work. Most of the problems related to breath can be solved by practicing this asana.


  • Low blood pressure:

Suryabhedana Pranayama activates the sensory nervous system of the body, so it is beneficial for people suffering from low blood pressure. Regularly performing this pranayama keeps the blood pressure balanced. But those who have high blood pressure problem, they should avoid doing this pranayama.


  • Remove depression and stress:

Stress, depression, anxiety etc. are the main problems nowadays. Suryabhedana Pranayama helps in reducing lethargy and depression. Doing this also relieves anxiety and other mental illnesses. According to yoga gurus, Suryabhedana Pranayama is very beneficial for people suffering from depression.


  • The problem of aging is overcome:

Suryabhedana Pranayama helps you in removing wrinkles in old age by removing the lines before the age on your face.


  • Leading towards positive thinking:

By regularizing Pranayam, it gives its physical benefits, but its important advantage is that your thinking is positive. So Suryabhedan Pranayama should be followed in his daily routine. Because positive thinking will keep your mental state good and you will be motive to move forward in life.


  • The problem of phlegm will go away:

A physical problem has a negative effect on your health and also feasts on other diseases. In the same way, excessive phlegm in the body also increases the risk of many health problems such as cough, cold, or asthma. Therefore, with this pranayama, you can get rid of phlegm problem.


  • The problem of intestines is overcome:

If you have intestinal problems, do Suryabhedan Pranayam daily. will benefit. Because the problem may cause constipation or there is a risk of not having the digestion process properly. Weight is also balanced by keeping the digestive system healthy.


Suryabhedana Pranayama Other Benefits:

  • Suryabhedana Pranayama is effective in reducing infertility in women.
  • By doing this technique, the temperature of the body increases and the phlegm imbalance is reduced. This asana technique is effective in reducing obesity. That is, it is helpful in reducing weight.
  • This technique is helpful in curing rheumatism or arthritis by removing airborne disorders.
  • If you are troubled by a headache then you should do this pranayama practice. This will give you relief.
  • Suryabhedana Pranayama activates pranic energy and provides strength to the body.
  • Suryabhedana Pranayama is used for stimulation of mental and emotional energy. This increases body heat.
  • It also provides relief from ulceration in the mouth.


Tips for best results of Suryabhedan Pranayama:


  • While doing this Yogasan, hold the breath for as long as possible. Do not do it more than your capacity.
  • This yogaasana can be done at any time of the day. But remember, do this only after two or three hours of having a meal.
  • While doing this Suryabhedana Pranayama, concentrate only on the original chakra. Do not pay attention to the noise around you or unnecessary thoughts etc. coming to your mind.
  • You can do this in the morning or evening or both times. If you do not have time in the morning or even evening, you can do it at any time of the day.
  • Breathing and exhaling in Suryabhedana Pranayama should be in the ratio of 1: 2. If you feel slight discomfort, you can reduce the breathing ratio.
  • According to experts associated with Pranayama, Suryabhedana Pranayama should be done on an empty stomach (without eating or drinking anything).
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