How to Find and delete duplicate videos on Mac & Windows

Duplicate Files Fixer software

Duplicate files, photos, videos, and music are one of the biggest reasons for the system running out of space. We take a backup of our smartphones on our computer and these repeated backups can accumulate a lot of space on our hard drives. There are duplicate photo fixers available to remove duplicate photos, however, finding the right duplicate video finder can be a difficult task. If you deal with a lot of video files, the manual process may not be the right solution to this issue. You may need to use the best duplicate video finder and remover to remove duplicate videos from your computer. Let’s explore the manual and automated processes to remove duplicate videos on Mac or Windows.

Manual Method to Find and Remove Duplicate Videos

The manual process may be time taking and tiresome however may help you find a few duplicate videos from your hard drive.

Remove Duplicate Videos from Windows

Windows Explorer is the only file explorer that shows all the files and folders on your hard drive. If you store all the video files in the Videos Album, it can be easy for you to filter them out.

Step 1. Press the (Win + E) key combination to open Windows Explorer.

Step 2. Click on the Videos Album in the left-hand side panel.

Remove Duplicate Videos from Windows

Step 3. Click on the Name Column to arrange all the videos in alphabetic order.

Step 4. Check if there is (Copy) written in front of any file or folder name. If yes, this can be a duplicate video and needs to be removed.

Step 5. Sort them by Date Modified or Size and check for the same date and size. It may be the same video with a different name. When in doubt, play both the files and remove duplicate files on Windows.

Step 6. Click on This PC option in the left-hand side panel.

Step 7. Type *.MKV in the search bar on the top right and hit the Enter key. It will find out all the video files in the entire storage drive and list them out.

Step 8. Sort them by Name, Date Modified, or Size to check for duplicate videos. If found, select them and press (Shift + Delete) to remove them permanently from the computer. Now search for *.MP4, *.AVI, or *.MPEG and follow the same process.

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Remove Duplicate Videos from Mac

Working with File Explorer on a Mac is similar to working with Windows Explorer on a Windows-based computer. Mac also offers another way to find and remove duplicate files on Mac using the Smart Folders wherein you can configure the search criteria and find the exact match.

Step 1. Go to the Finder app on your MacBook.

Step 2. Click on the File menu and then click on the ‘New Smart Folder’ option.

Step 3. Click on the ‘+’ plus button to add search criteria at the top-right corner of the window.

Step 4. Search for a video file format like MKV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, or WMA in the search criteria. Once you have mentioned the kind of file you are looking for, specify the location where you are looking in as a folder, drive, or the entire hard drive. Hit the Enter key to execute the search.

Step 5. Scroll through the search results and hold down the Command key to select the found duplicates that need to be deleted from the device.

Step 6. Sort the search result by Name, Kind, Date Last Opened, or other columns. You can also look for files, movies, music, or photos using Smart Folders. Open or compare files with similar names, sizes, or file formats before you remove duplicate files on Mac. Right-click and select Move to Trash.

Remove Duplicate Videos Using Duplicate File Remover

There are dozens of duplicate file finders and removers that you can try. We have tested, reviewed, compared, and listed the Best Duplicate File Finder available in 2021.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the best Duplicate file finder and remover tools that can find and remove duplicate files on Mac and Windows. It can find different file-formats including, documents, pictures, music, videos, and turned out to be the best duplicate video finder available in 2021.

It is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system and also compatible with macOS. You can easily find and remove identical or similar media files, or documents from internal/external hard drives, SD Card, USB sticks, Google Drive, or Dropbox. There are numerous supporting file formats for each category like documents, videos, music, and photos to scan all possible duplicates and remove them from your computer. Duplicate Files Fixer is Also Available for Android Devices.

Available for Android Devices

Duplicate Files Fixer Features

  • Automatically mark and delete found duplicates
  • Scan for identical files, documents, photos, music, and videos
  • Recover precious storage space from all internal and external storage devices
  • Supports all internal and external storage drives including Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Allows you to search by different categories like videos, photos documents, music, and more
  • Dozens of supported file formats to find the exact match and remove from the device
  • Enhance the performance of the device by removing clutter from your device
  • You can preview the scan results before deleting them permanently
  • Undo button to immediately restore the deleted items

Summing Up

The manual process of finding and cleaning duplicate videos can be tiresome and can’t assure 100% cleaning of duplicates. The best duplicate video finder can relax the process to find and remove duplicate files on Mac and Windows operating systems. Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the best duplicate video finders that you can use for Windows, macOS, and Android in 2021. It has got advanced search algorithms to accurately find and remove duplicate files, documents, music, videos, and movies.

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