How To Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10/11


Has it ever happened to you that you are trying to find the files in your computer or laptop and they keep repeating themselves? We believe that duplication is just not acceptable to you. This call for deleting duplicate files from Windows computer so that the space crunch is reduced and you can install more files in your system later. Believe it or not, having low disk space could be really frustrating. However, there could be different reasons for having duplicate files including:

  • Downloading the same file again and again and forgetting about it. Such an act creates copies of the flies disturbing the process.
  • Multiple copies of various files and pasting in different folders.
  • Editing those files and keeping the original files saved.

Ways To Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10/11

1.Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer for Windows 11 is a smart tool to run scan and find any duplicate files present in the system. It runs a deep scan into the system to seek duplicate files hidden in various locations and asks for your permission to delete them. Once you select them, all those duplicate music files which are taking space in the system are detected and deleted within no time and save huge amounts of space for personal usage.

Duplicate Files Fixer

The entire interface is easy to operate upon. You can easily drag and drop files here, get them scanned and delete the duplicate ones immediately. Although you can delete them by automatic process, you still have a chance to select them manually and delete them one by one.

Other features of the tool include:

  1. Last scanning option: This tab is about getting the date and time when the last computer was scanned.
  2. Scan result format: The scanning results come in a proper chart format and there are a number of details mentioned in here which are pretty interactive and easily understandable.
  3. Ease of use for newbies as well as advanced use.
  4. There is an active selection assistant present here which helps you with filtering duplicates based on location, size, group and much more.
  5. This software is available in 14 languages like German, Japanese, French and more. This extends the user base to a good level for the best expansion base.

2.Duplicate File Finder & Remover (By Easy duplicate finder)

Reclaim your space back in the system, HDD, SSD or cloud as and when whichever is required. This application is so powerful within itself that it possesses smart technology behind it to detect all kinds of duplicate files. Thanks to the drag and drop feature of the folders, it makes the process more acceptable and catchy. There is a ‘Wizard’ tool that does all the work for you which removes duplicates in just a few clicks away. Get it a chance and go through more than 10 scan modes while also previewing the files before actually deleting them in one go.

3.Duplicate Cleaner Free

It’s a free duplicate cleaner that scans your PC deeply and finds all the duplicate files for deleting them. Just select the folders you would like to be scanned and the tool provides you an effective list of all the duplicates making it the best duplicate Files Finder for Windows 11. It has a free trial as well as a premium version where the premium version provides you more control over the others. Thankfully, the free trial version also provides you with the option to delete more than 100 duplicate files.

4.Quick Photo Finder

This is globally renowned duplicate file finder software, especially when you are looking for quick options to delete duplicate files. Even if there are similar files which are hiding along with duplicate files, you can get rid of them easily. They are all done within a single click and it is for sure an ideal choice of all the time. Get ready to keep your photo library well-organized and smooth while deleting duplicate Files in Windows 11. Thanks to advanced and smart algorithms which makes the tool compatible with external and internal devices simultaneously. The results also appear in various groups so that the decisions are accurate and right.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have found out your ways to find and remove duplicate files in Windows 10 as well as 11. If you ask us for the best duplicate finder for Windows 11, we would recommend you to try Duplicate Files Fixer Pro from Systweak. The reason behind this recommendation is ease of use, customized scanning options, drag and drop interface, deep scanning of the duplicates all over the computer and the affordability. If you have any other tool in your choice, let us know which one is it in the comments below.

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