How to Help A Friend Who’s Struggling Emotionally

Daily, we ask one other, “How are you doing?” & “what’s up?” while passing pals in the corridor, replying to emails, or writing on social media. But how frequently do we receive relevant replies to enquiries about how our acquaintances, friends are doing? When you’ve got a buddy who is suffering emotionally, not functioning well, using alcohol to cope, it’s critical to remember that neglected mental health issues can have major effects. These issues can pose a challenge to succeed at job or school, & they can result in addiction, risky actions, or suicidal ideation.

Below are a few frequent indications that a buddy requires assistance with emotional troubles or mental illness.

  • Sadness or lethargy that hinders with commitments or social participation
  • Absence of coping abilities in dealing with day-to-day issues or strong reactions to particular events
  • Mania is characterized by extreme highs which include hurried thinking, bursts of adrenaline, insomnia, and obsessive activity (like unrestricted spending or wild sexual behavior)
  • Anxiety or tension that is severe
  • Feelings of melancholy or pessimism on a regular basis &  Excessive alcohol usage
  • Social withdrawal
  • Irritability
  • Complaining about a variety of health conditions
  • Complaining about a lack of energy and fatigue
  • Appetite loss
  • Crying regularly or for no apparent cause
  • Feeling defeated
  • Distracted easily
  • When discussing dreams or flashbacks
  • Inadequate motivation
  • avoiding family members
  • Mood swings
  • Suicide discussion

How to emotionally comfort someone:

Below are some ways by which you can console an emotional friend or anyone who is having emotional issues in everyday tasks.

DO pay attention and validate

Be inquisitive about just what your buddy is going through and the way it is affecting them. Rather than yes/no questions, use open-ended ones that enable them to discuss their experience alongside you, such as “What’s happening ?” or “How often you’ve been feeling this?” or “How are you learning to cope?”

When they react, use affirming comments to make them feel respected and accepted exactly for who they are. Some people who battle with their psychological health frequently blame or fault themselves for what they’re going with; some may believe that their problems aren’t real because they are all “in their heads.”

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Give time to them

When we are struggling, we may withdraw ourselves or believe that no one knows what we are going with. It’s critical that your buddy knows they have a safety net to depend on. This may be as basic as a frequent but occasional SMS check-in. Now w hat matters most is your actions match your words; don’t really declare you care & then depart for extended time.

Ask what they want

Instead of assuming what may be beneficial to your beloved one, just ask them straightforwardly “How can I assist you?” or “What should I do that is beneficial to you?” Always remember that assistance looks a little different for all, and what do you want when you are hurt and not be the same as what another person needs whenever they’re struggling.

Help in everyday work

Many people who are struggling with their psychological health can find it extremely difficult to accept fundamental decisions or accomplish even apparently little tasks. Instead than saying, “I’m always here just let me know whatever you need” try to be clear about what you’ll providing so your buddy doesn’t have to face the stress of calling you or determining what they really need.

When you meet them, check around & see with what things they may use help with, such as cleaning the dishes, gardening, vacuuming, etc. If you chat to them, then offer to drive them to a nice place or to conduct a grocery or may be a good run.

Celebrate the victories of an emotional friend.

Every day might be difficult for someone who is battling with their psychological health. So congratulate them on their successes and wins. This might assist to validate their sense of agency & efficacy. This might include praising them for remaining so open & vulnerable, as well as congratulating someone for the work or walking their dog on a daily basis gives them mental boost.

Do not take their behavior personally

People’s problems with mental health is not always linear or predictable. Perhaps your buddy is less chatty one day, & perhaps your sister keeps cancelling your phone appointments. While their acts may have wounded or insulted you, don’t naturally assume they represent how your beloved one thinks about you.

Instead, utilize their cues to keep in on people, ask what could do to help them, & remind people that you’re there to them whenever and wherever they need it.


In this blog, we have seen how to support a friend who is emotionally weak and who do not know what to do if they are cheated by someone. Dealing with emotional friend is not very hard and the same we have discussed in this blog. Try these methods if you want to know how to give emotional support to a friend or how to emotionally comfort someone.

Try the mentioned methods and see your friend in a happy state again.

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