How to match black wide-leg pants with tops and shoes to look good?

Black wide-leg trousers have been popular among the public in recent years because of their version that can well modify the leg lines. Both men and women will start with this fashion item. Below, Xiao Tang will introduce you to several fashionable outfits of black wide-leg pants!

1. Black wide-leg pants + striped shirt + hate the sky

Black wide-leg pants with a striped shirt and a suit jacket on the outside will make your color matching layered, not very monotonous. The wide-leg pants themselves modify the shape of the legs. Wow! That’s really long legs with a full screen! Hurry up and match it up. Shop now with Bigclothing4U discount code at Brand Discount

2. Black wide-leg pants + white shirt + white shoes

Pairing black wide-leg pants with a white shirt, with some canvas bags and other decorations, and matching with white shoes, will make you overflowing with a youthful atmosphere, full of vitality and girlishness.

3. Black wide-leg pants + white T-shirt + sandals

Black wide-leg pants with white pure T, with some berets and other decorations, and with a pair of summer essential sandals, the overall look will be particularly simple and versatile.

4, black wide-leg pants + white T-shirt + canvas shoes

Black wide-leg pants with white pure T, and a pair of canvas shoes underneath. There are only two words in this outfit: love, love, full of leisure and comfort.

5. Black wide-leg pants + denim jacket + sneakers

Black wide-leg pants with a denim jacket, and a pair of white sneakers underneath. Such outfits all reveal a youthful atmosphere, which is suitable for various occasions.

6, black wide-leg pants + white long sleeves + black Martin boots

Black wide-leg pants with pure white long sleeves, and a pair of black Martin boots underneath. The classic black-and-white collocation but without losing the fashion flavor, you can perfectly decorate your body. Shop now using very discount code NHS at NHS Discount Code

Some little fairies want to buy wide-leg pants, but don’t know which one to choose; after entering, they don’t know what shoes to wear. Then the editor recommends comfortable and versatile black wide-leg pants for you. The wide-leg pants that can be worn in all seasons, fashion icons will not put it down. You can wear different styles with different shoes. So what kind of shoes look good with black wide-leg pants? Let’s take a look next!

Black wide-leg pants + pointed high heels:

If you are a little fairy who likes to wear high heels, then pointed high heels are your first choice. Paired with pointed high heels and black nine-point wide-leg pants, exquisite and chic, can lengthen the proportion of the lower body, wear a white T-shirt or white shirt or all-black look, it can also be used as a commuter outfit.

Office OLs can also use pointed high heels with wide-leg pants of any length, which will only make you more refined and elegant.

Black wide-leg pants + sports shoes:

If you want to wear a youthful sports style, then you must choose practical and versatile sports shoes. Whether it is small black shoes or small white shoes, the sloppy look of collocation with wide-leg pants is so comfortable, and it is one of the most flattering styles.

Black wide-leg pants + Oxford shoes:

If you want to wear a little fairy with a neutral temperament, then use British style Oxford shoes to match wide-leg pants. The full sense of neatness makes you more handsome.

Black wide-leg pants + Mary Jane shoes:

For the little fairy who likes elegant retro style, don’t miss the Mary Jane shoes of this year’s fire. The thin straps give people a young girl’s youthful feeling, and put the Buddha back to the appearance of wearing high heels at the beginning.

If you want to make the overall look more outstanding, you can choose a pair of bright Mary Jane shoes with a bright top. The retro flavor is more intense and very eye-catching.

Black wide-leg pants + Muller shoes:

Muller shoes are also a big hit this year. The flat-bottomed Muller shoes are more comfortable and better to wear. Paired with nine-point wide-leg pants, revealing the ankles, they are so handsome!

Black wide-leg pants + fisherman shoes:

If you like a particularly relaxed little fairy, you should free your feet, push all the high heels away. So what kind of shoes are the most summery and can liberate your feet? Then fisherman shoes are the first choice, absolutely!

Casual and stylish. When black wide-leg pants are paired with fisherman shoes, and a canvas bag on the back, the clean and artistic temperament is directly full, and such a little fairy will make people want to get close. It is a very refreshing and clean set. !

Black wide-leg pants + loafers:

If you are tired of wearing white shoes, don’t bother to try a pair of loafers. Black wide-leg pants and loafers are free and easy to choose.

What shoes look good with black wide-leg pants? This match will never go wrong, some little fairies want to buy wide-leg pants, but don’t know what to choose; after entering, they don’t know what shoes to wear. Then the editor recommends comfortable and versatile black wide-leg pants for you. Wide-leg pants that can be worn in all seasons. Fashion icos will not put it down. It is strange that you can wear different styles with different shoes. So what kind of shoes do black wide-leg pants look good with? Let’s take a look next!


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