How To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card (2022)

If you happen to delete important images from SD Card, don’t fear! In this post, we will learn effective workarounds to recover deleted photos from the Memory Card on Windows PC! 

How My SD Card Photos Get Missing? 

Well, undoubtedly SD Card brings convenience, but it is often associated with tons of data loss issues. Here are some of the most common reasons why your images may get lost from the SD Card: 

  • Accidentally deleted photographs. 
  • Memory cards get damaged or corrupted. 
  • You’ve formatted the SD Card. 
  • Your SD Card has got a malware infection.
  • There’s a power failure, while the SD Card is in use. 

No matter how your images are lost in the first place, there’s any easy way to recover deleted photos from SD Card. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the most common and hassle-free ways to get back your missing, accidentally deleted or lost photographs in a couple of clicks. 

How To Recover Deleted Photos From an SD Card With A Computer?

One of the best and effective ways to rescue deleted, missing or lost snaps from SD Card is through using professional photo recovery software. The Windows application holds the potential to run a comprehensive scan on both internal and external storage devices and restore important images in no time. Systweak’s Photos Recovery tool supports a variety of file formats, including BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, RAW etc. You can easily run the image recovery solution on all the popular Windows OS versions. 

Why Use Systweak’s Photos Recovery Software To Restore Deleted Pictures From SD Card?

Let’s see some of the major highlights of using Photos Recovery Software for Windows 11, 10, and other older versions: 

  • Easily recover images, audios & videos from inaccessible & corrupted devices. 
  • Offers two different scanning modes to get quick & accurate results.
  • Supports restoring multimedia files from USB Flash Drive, SD Card & Hard Drives. 
  • Capable of recovering files, lost due to human error, virus attack or device being formatted. 
  • Allows users to recover media files from BitLocker’s password-protected storage drive. 
  • Highly compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (Both 32-bit & 64-bit). 

How Does Photos Recovery Software Work To Restore Deleted Images From Memory Cards?

Well, using Photos Recovery by Systweak Software is a pretty straightforward process. Simply, follow the instructions provided below to perform the data recovery on Windows 11 or other compatible versions: 

STEP 1 = Download, install and launch Photos Recovery on your Windows PC/Laptop. 

STEP 2 = Upon launch, you can complete the activation process using the key provided to you via Email after the purchase. 

STEP 3 = As soon as you are registered with the Photos Recovery tool, you need to choose the location where you would like to initiate the scanning process. It can be Hard Drive or Removable Drive. 

Since we need to recover deleted photos from SD Card, make sure you insert the Memory Card you want to scan and navigate to the Removable Drive section to select the SD Card. 

From Quick Scan & Deep Scan mode, we are selecting the latter option, as we want to run a comprehensive scan. Hit the Start Scan button to initiate the data recovery process on Windows PC. 

Systweak Photo Recovery

STEP 4 = It would take a few moments for Photos Recovery Software to show the results of all the missing, accidentally deleted, and lost multimedia files on your PC/Laptop. 

Systweak Photo Recovery

STEP 5 = As soon as the scanning process gets completed, you will be represented with a list of files that have been rescued by the Photos Recovery application. You can also see the details like Name, Date of Creation and Size of the image file. 

how to recover data on a micro sd card

STEP 6 = You can take a preview of missing photos that you wish to recover and check the box next to the image file that you wish to recover on your Windows PC/Laptop. 

For a better previewing experience, you can click on the Tree Mode, located on the top bar, and see the missing images as per folder and directory. 

Once you are satisfied, click on the Recover button! 

recover photos from micro sd card

STEP 7 = Select the destination where you would like to save the recovered images. Make sure you do not select the location from where your files were lost in the first place. This is a necessary action to avoid overwriting the very files you are trying to recover. 

recover photos from micro sd card

You will be greeted with the following message, indicating that your lost data has been successfully recovered. 

how to recover data on a micro sd card

Were You Able To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card?

Well, if you’ve used Systweak’s Photos Recovery software to restore deleted, lost or missing images on Windows PC, then do drop your experience in the comments section below. If you know or use any other Image Recovery Tool, then do let us know! 

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