The Instant Way To Recover Deleted Photos From Windows 7 PC (2021)

Generally, Windows users can effortlessly restore temporarily deleted photographs from Recycle Bin. But what if you’ve pressed the shortcut keys – SHIFT + DELETE and permanently erased the data from your computer? Well, in such scenarios the best bet remains to use a professional photo recovery application that comprehensively scans your hard drive & other storage media to bring back all your favorite snaps while retaining the original quality. 

But before investing in the right image recovery tool, we advise you to try out some manual workarounds. You never know which method helps you to retrieve deleted pictures without using software, right? 

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the Best Ways To Recover Lost Photographs On Windows 7 PC! 

What To Do To Get Your Lost Pics Back On Windows 7 Computer?

Here’re some simple solutions to retrieve deleted pictures: 

Workaround 1 = Restoring Files Using Backup

If you were unable to retrieve your files successfully from Recycle Bin, try implementing this method. Windows 7 automatically saved versions of your files from earlier backups. In case you’ve recently deleted some of your important data, you might be able to get back through the Backup. Here’s what you need to do: 

STEP 1 = Click Windows icon and navigate to the Control Panel. 

STEP 2 = From the Control Panel window, you need to go to the System and Maintenance module. 

STEP 3 = From the new window, choose Backup and Restore. 

STEP 4 = Click on Restore my Files button under Restore header. Refer the screenshot for better idea.

STEP 5 = Now you have the options to search your lost files, which Windows 7 might have backed up. Try any of the way mentioned below: 

First, you can Click on the Search button to look for the file by its Name. Second, you can Click on Browse for Files to manually sift through folders and locate the missing image. Third, you can Click on Browse for Folder and look for specific folders in one-go. 

STEP 6 = Once you find your lost, deleted, missing picture, select it and click on the Next button. You’ll be asked to select the desired location where you would like to restore the file. 

Were you able to recover your lost snaps on Windows 7 using this workaround? If yes, congratulations. But in case you are still struggling, try another method! 

Workaround 2 = Use Previous Version

You may also use the Previous Version functionality offered by Windows 7 users. But the only condition, it will only work if you’ve activated the feature before you lost your pics. Follow the steps mentioned below to check if Windows 7 has shadow copies of the very file type you are looking for: 

STEP 1- Hit the Start icon and navigate to Computer. 

STEP 2- Simply browse the location from where you’ve lost your favorite photographs. Navigate to the particular folder and right-click to choose the option Restore previous versions. 

STEP 3- As soon as you click the same, a list of all the available shadow copies will be displayed. 

STEP 4- If you are able to view the file(s) you wish to restore, double-click on it and drag and drop it to a different location. 

Your selected file will be successfully restored and saved on the desired location. If you are still struggling to find your favorite snap, don’t panic, because we are sharing a top-notch photo recovery software that will ensure successful restoration, no matter what data loss scenario is.  

Can You Recover Permanently Deleted Files/Folders On Windows 7 PC?

YES! No matter what the data loss scenario is, using a professional image recovery solution like Systweak’s Photos Recovery can help you bring back your missing snaps in no time. 

Product Name Latest Version Price Compatibility File Size
Systweak Photos Recovery $39.95 Windows 10, 8,7 (32/64 bit) 9.4 MB

Pros and Cons of Systweak Photo Recovery

  • Clean & Straightforward UI.
  • Doesn’t eat lots of system resources.
  • Shows Preview before Recovery.
  • Supports both external & internal storage media.
  • Free edition is Scan & Preview version only!

KEY BENEFITS: Photos Recovery By Systweak 

  • Easy To Install & Use
  • Effective Scanning Modes: Quick Scan & Deep Scan 
  • Robust Scanning Engine 
  • Supports Different File Systems Like FAT, FAT 32, & NTFS
  • Compatible with Almost all Popular Image File Formats (including RAW) 
  • Shows Preview before Recovery 
  • Helps in Bulk Picture Recovery (alongside Raster and Vector images)

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Instant Way To Recover Deleted Images On Windows 7 – Run Photos Recovery Tool  (Recommended Solution)

Systweak’s Photos Recovery is an incredible restoration program that comprehensively scans your system to locate accidentally deleted digital photos or snaps lost due to hard drive failure, corruption, virus and so on. 

Here’s how you can run the software to immediately get back your lost pictures: 

STEP 1 = Download and install Photos Recovery utility by clicking the button provided below. 

STEP 2 = As soon as the files get downloaded, double-click on the setup file to start the installation process. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to get started: 

STEP 3 = Once the installation is successful, you’ll be welcomed by a modern and sleek interface. 

STEP 4 = Simply select the location from where your photographs are missing on Windows 7. As soon as you do that, you are required to choose the desired scanning mode: Quick Scan & Deep Scan.

Using the Quick Scan, you will be able to restore permanently deleted images (files that were removed from your computer by pressing SHIFT + DELETE). Using the Deep Scan option, you’ll be able to find and recover pictures that were missing due to corruption, storage space being formatted or any other common error. 

STEP 5 = After specifying your desired scanning mode, it’s time to look for your lost snaps. Hit the Start Scan button! 

STEP 6 = Photos Recovery tool will take a few minutes, depending on the size of data you are scanning and will list all the deleted & missing pictures in a classified format. 

Note: In case you wish to recover RAW file format, simply check the option from Settings > Filter Options > Check RAW Photos (Digital Camera Files) box > Apply. 

STEP 7 = After the scanning process gets complete, you can preview all your pictures that were missing from your Windows 7 PC. 

Simply select the pics you wish to recover from your Windows 7 and click on the Recover button. You’ll be further asked to select the location where you would want to save your snaps. 

So, that was all! With Systweak’s Photos Recovery you can easily and instantly restore deleted photos on Windows 7, 8, 10. What’s more? The application ensures that no original data gets affected during the restoration process. To learn more about the tool, you can visit the website Photos Recovery

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