How To Reduce Anger OR Control Your Anger Quick Tips

  • Does your mind get warm when someone does not listen to you? If someone goes ahead of you while driving, does your blood boil? Do you get very angry when your child do

    tell you that you have been a victim of anger or anger stigma. Let us understand well the reason for getting angry and about the measures to reduce anger.

    Why does anger or anger arise? Why People Become Angry?

    Almost all people get angry but the most important thing is why do they get angry? The biggest reason for getting angry is jealousy or jealousy. If no one has taught you how to control your jealousy, then later it takes a terrible form in the form of anger. Anger or anger arises due to the mere increase of adrenaline even when some people have more emotional thoughts in their minds.

    What are the disadvantages of anger? What are the demerits of Anger?

    Anger, even if it is for two seconds, is very dangerous. Within those few moments, that angry person forgets everything and just keeps on showing him the purpose of pacifying his anger and there is no measure of the extent to which that purpose can harm anyone.

    • Anger sometimes breaks your relationships as well.
    • Sometimes people lose their jobs or careers due to anger.
    • This has a very bad effect on the brain.
    • Being angrier can lead to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, gut problem, and destroy the immune system and, hypertension.

    10 Best tips for control or reduce your anger:

    There is a physical response to the anger of every person. Pay attention to what your body is saying to you, and work in peace. Read and understand the tips given below. I can say with guarantee that this will definitely help you in controlling your anger or anger.

    1. Understand the sign of your anger
    • Before most of the people get angry – the heartbeat gets pounded, the tendons start to move due to tension, the fist starts closing.
    • In such a situation, follow these steps given below:
    • Understand the physical sensations happening in your body.
    • Take a long breath.
    • Be aware and think.
    • Turn your shoulders and massage the neck and head.
    • Gradually numbered from one to ten.
    • And think about the activities happening after that.



    • If this happens to you, then get out of there as soon as possible because people who are very angry or angry do not control their anger. In such a situation, any type of accident can happen.

    2- Find as many solutions as possible Search for a correct solution (as soon as possible)

    Do not think that what makes you angry; think about how you can control your anger and what are the possible solutions for it? As your partner may not be able to give you time, due to some work of your office, fix some special time in the week to spend together. But it is not going to result in anger.

    1. Do some exercises

    If you feel that your anger is dominating you, then do any type of exercise like walk, running, cycling, yoga, martial arts, swimming, dancing, boxing, meditation, or any other type of exercise regularly daily. Physical activity reduces the stress that arises in your mind.

    1. Express your anger immediately:

    It is not good for you to hide the reason for your anger inside you. So we should not hesitate to talk about it. You can express your anger in any way, whether it is through the mouth or by writing by hand.

    If you positively use anger, it can prove to be very good for you.

    “It is very easy to get angry, but it is in our hands to turn it in a positive direction.”

    (Dr. Roshni Sondhi, Psychologist)

    Department of Mental Health, Fortis Healthcare.

    1. Take a break from work for a few days to go for Holiday

    Sometimes due to the stress of office work, irritability also increases, and in such a situation the possibility of anger or anger increases. So at such a time, you should take a break from your job or work for a few days and go for a walk and spend some time with your family members.

    1. Think before saying anything

    In the heat of speech and mind, some people do not care what the words are. Speak thoughtfully every word that comes out of your mouth because a person who speaks thoughtfully is never angry or angry.

    1. Sleep well at night OR Take a good sleep at night

    Most adult people should sleep at least 7-8 hours at night, but this does not happen. Due to which the body has to face many types of health-related problems. The biggest effect among them is that people are not able to control their emotions properly.

    Sleeping well makes your mind calm and less angry. If you are having problems sleeping, that is, you have not lost sleep, then talk to your doctor immediately about it.

    1. Think about the things that make you happy

    If you know that you get angry a lot then think about things that make you happy or you can also do something that makes you happy. Even if you are going bad, be happy too, because sadness is not going to solve it.

    1. Talk positively with yourself

    Talking about positive things in life or staying connected with positive things has proved beneficial in every field. Changing your way of thinking from negative to positive is called “cognitive restructuring” which helps in controlling your anger or reduce anger in a good way.

    For example – think that you are going to walk on the road. At the same time, someone has passed by you while driving so fast that you should avoid dying. In such a situation, what would an angry person shout and say – that maniac was just going to hit me with the car, I will kill him as soon as he sees it.

    But what a positive thinking person will say – that person is driving in a hurry. Maybe there was an emergency, thank God, I saved my life. There is a great difference in not only speaking but also in thinking between a positive and negative person.

    10 Laugh out loudly:

    We are not cheerful and are depressed most of the time. Whenever we need to do some physical work, and we laugh, we feel very light and blissful.

    • Try to do this thing!
    • Create a collection of films that make you laugh.
    • Meet friends or make friends who make you laugh.
    • Laughter is the only thing in the world that removes all your mental stress.


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