How to repair a plumbing leak & Leak repair of a pipe

There is nothing more annoying than a plumbing leak. The kitchen and the bathrooms are often the most affected. These two parts include the most used plumbing equipment such as faucets, sink, shower, tub, and toilet bowl. Having trouble fixing a leak from one of these devices? Take advantage of the advice offered by this practical guide.

Resolve a faucet leak

A leak may seem trivial, but it can drain up to three gallons of water per day. To stop the “mini-waterfall” in your kitchen or bathroom, follow these step-by-step instructions.

The preparation

Choose a location where you can dispose of parts while disassembling the faucet. By keeping them in the order in which they were removed, you will have no trouble putting them back together later. If possible, even take a picture of the faucet every time you remove a part.

First stage

Check if the flow is coming from the spout of the faucet. It is the most common cause of a leak. If this is the case, the repair is only to tighten the handle adjustment ring. If this is not enough to solve the problem, it is necessary to change the seats and the springs of the valve.

Second step

Remove the adjustment ring and unscrew the dome cap. If you have difficulty removing it, soak a cloth in a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. Wrap the cloth around and over the cap. This should loosen any mineral deposits that are causing the cork to stick. Use channel locks pliers to break the seal, but don’t apply too much pressure or it will flex.

Third step

After removing the screw cover on the faucet handle, use a screwdriver to pry up the handle. If your faucet has a hex screw, you will need a 1/8 ” Allen wrench to remove it.

Fourth step

Lift the faucet up to see the cap and adjusting ring. Tighten the ring with needle-nose pliers. This should fix the leak, but if it doesn’t, be prepared to replace the seats and faucet springs.

Fifth step

Close the hot and cold water supply valves. Usually, they come in the form of silver buttons under the sink. Then open the tap to drain the water in the pipes. Once it’s done, close and cover the drain with a small rag to catch any small parts you might drop.

Sixth step

Remove the round metal rod, ball, cam, and packing. If the faucet is leaking from under the handle, replacing the cam and packing should fix the problem.

Seventh step

Look below the valve for access to the seats and springs. Lift the seat and the spring. Repeat the process for the hot and cold sides of the water inlet.

Eighth step

To insert a new set of seats and springs, thread one set on the Allen wrench through the flat side of the seat, then through the thin end of the spring. Repeat on the other side and replace the ball assembly before the cam and packing. Then screw the cap onto the valve and replace the adjusting ring by tightening it with needle nose pliers. Once it’s done, reinstall the handle and open the valves.

Leak repair of a pipe

There are all kinds of pipe leaks. Some can flood your home, while others are not as damaging. The technique to stop the leak depends on its origin. If the problem is with a seal, just tighten it. But if it concerns a pipe, remove the leaky section and replace it with another one.

Using adhesive tape

You can also use waterproof tape or a stick of special compound to wrap around the area that is causing the leak. When using waterproof tape, be sure to dry the pipe well before you start wrapping it. Apply the tape about 2-3 inches from the hole and extend it the same distance. Use a compound stick to fix small leaks in the pipes. Just rub the stick over the hole to seal the leak.

Repairing a leak in a sink, bathtub and toilet

These are three plumbing pieces of equipment whose proper functioning is vital for the comfort of a home. We will show you the leak repair techniques for each device.

Fix the sink leak

The water in the faucet supply pipes is under pressure. Thus, it tends to vaporize or drip through loose fittings or faulty hoses. Some leaks from faucet fittings are difficult to tighten because they are located in tight spaces behind the sink. It is best to tighten them with adjustable pliers or channel locks pliers.

Repairing a bathtub leak

If you are looking to fix leaks in the tub, you will need a strong, waterproof sealant. Use sandpaper to flatten the sealant that is on the surface of the tub.

Fixing a leaking toilet

Check the float arm and lift it up. If the water stops flowing, you have found the source of the problem. Adjust the screws or bolts of the inlet float valve until the water stops flowing.

If the water continues to flow, turn off the water supply valve to the tank and flush the toilet to flush out its contents. Examine the inlet float valve by removing the two screws or bolts and lifting the top of the valve body. If it is slightly damaged or worn, replace it.

Methods for eliminating leaks in the pipe body

If it is required to eliminate the leak in the pipe directly, then the problem is solved differently. Depending on the circumstances, you can choose one of the methods below.

Installing a bandage in place of a leak

If a pipe leaks, you can temporarily fix the leak by installing a bandage. First of all, the cause of the leak (fistula or leakage) is determined and the location of the emergency site is found. Then a rubber bandage is applied to the site of the pipe damage.

The procedure is performed in the following sequence:

  • a rubber gasket is placed on the emergency section of the pipe;
  • it is pressed tightly against the pipe and secured with a clamp.

Clamps are sold in stores, but if in a critical situation this necessary product was not at hand, then you can make it yourself.

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