How to Sell Real Estate (Facebook and Google Ads)

Paid Traffic is people who will visit your website, store, or page through advertisements on different platforms. Paid Traffic is a strategy that invests money to generate results. The real estate company will pay an amount to increase the number of accesses to the site, the number of leads, or visits to a given property page.

Paid and Organic Traffic has some differences. Inorganic Traffic, there is no need for investment to achieve results, so the actions taken are limited. However, in paid Traffic, we can see greater scalability since the more significant the acquisition, the greater the number of people who will do the action determined as the campaign’s objective.

Paid Traffic or Organic Traffic?

As previously said, paid and organic Traffic are entirely different things. When you decide which one you will prioritize to start work, you should think about whether you want something stable in the short-medium term or something you will build for the unstable long term.

If you want practically immediate goals, the most appropriate choice would be Paid Traffic, since you should only know about the platforms, know about your persona, have your goals and strategies well defined. When you start investing, Facebook or Google will already estimate how many people have entered your site with this budget. I would recommend the use of paid Traffic in two situations.

The first situation is when your company doesn’t have an excellent organic positioning SEO, doesn’t want to do content marketing, doesn’t work well with your social networks, or even create your real estate recently, paid Traffic can be an excellent option to increase the number of people within your site and even the number of visits scheduled.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the most well-known platform for paid Traffic, this advertising ad service reaches almost 96% of all Google’s annual revenue.

Google Ads works through keywords, and keywords are nothing more than the words with more searches within Google. You can find various information such as most searched words, the volume of comments, number of daily quests, searches by region in the Keyword Planner, which is a free tool that Google offers so that you can optimize your campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the second-largest ad platform globally, in addition to being responsible for a large part of all Facebook revenue.

Facebook, in turn, works with objectives, that is, for what reason you are doing your campaign, and divides the purposes into three axes. The Recognition axis where we have Brand Recognition and Reach which are campaigns for visitors to recognize and leave their brand on their heads, the Consideration axis where we have Traffic, Involvement, App Installation, Video Visualization, Registration and Message Generation, this axis is your first contact with your customer, where you can present your company or even your services provided. The last axis is Conversions, where we have Conversions, Sales in the Facebook Catalog, and Traffic to Establishment.

Use the multiproduct ad in your campaigns

In my experience, the ad that impacts the most is multiproduct. In addition to facilitating the visualization, it generates more engagement and organizes the information of the property.

When we talk about Facebook, we must constantly evaluate the context.

You will be sharing the user’s attention with photos and texts from friends and relatives and advertisements and publications from other pages.

So choose well your product, use the best photos and angles of the best real estate and make your multiproduct ad.

analyze the results correctly

To measure if you are reaching the result you would like and compare it with other media. The first tip is to create links to the properties advertised.

Create links? I explain. Media like Adwords have effortless integration with Google Analytics since they belong to the same company.

Now, Facebook is not that simple.

To understand and get more details about your Facebook campaigns, you need to add some information to the links of the properties advertised.

When a person clicks on this link, he will send some additional information to Google Analytics, such as the campaign that generated this click, the name of the related ad, etc.


The second part of building a Facebook ad is choosing the daily budget you’re going to spend. You can run simulations, and Facebook will show you how many ordinary people will come to your page and fulfill your goal. After the budget, you can place which audience wants to advertise your property, segment by age, tastes, habits, geolocation, latest involvement, and several other items.


Lastly, you will work on the Creatives part, which is where you define whether your ad will be through a video or image (being able to edit them within the platform), write a text that is attractive to your customers, choose the link that will be targeted and even change the placement of the ad.

The ad’s positioning is the optimization of it for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram because they offer different dimensions of video and image. You can also choose whether the ad will only reach people on desktop or mobile.


Paid Traffic is just one of several ways to attract more people to your site, call people to your establishment, get in touch with possible interested people or even make sales. A point of attention is always to be aware of the primary metrics of paid Traffic which are: CPC (cost per click), CTR (click rate), CPM (cost per thousand clicks), clicks on the link, and ROI (Return on Investment).

The learning within these platforms must be constant at all times, trying to optimize your campaigns so that you can get the best out of them with the same investment. And another important factor is that the result is not guaranteed. It is estimated, so do not have high expectations or already having a prediction of your products. They may be worse or better than expected.

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