How to Uninstall Microsoft Office Click-to-Run on Windows 10/11

Microsoft Office Click-to-Run is an advanced utility that can add visual aesthetics and functionality to your Office installation process. Apart from its high-level ability, the click-to-run may sometimes influence your system efficiency. However, if you want to uninstall your Microsoft click-to-run tool, you can always check this brief for assistance.

What is Microsoft Office Click-to-Run?

Microsoft Office is a widely used productivity tool. The software can help you in creating all your documents. You can convert your confidential data into a digital format by using Microsoft Office. Due to the popularity of Microsoft Office tools, it has been constantly updated. To enable you to acquire and enjoy the Office package functionality, now we have Microsoft click-to-run on board. Click-to-run will support the productivity tool with a virtual ability. It can enhance the installation functionality of your Microsoft Office tool.

Why Should We Uninstall the Microsoft Office Click-to-run tool?

Click-to-run is an amazing tool that can virtualize your Microsoft office installation. The gadget will enable you to use the Office tool during installation progress. Sometimes you may want to uninstall it for one of the following reasons. 

●        Click-to-run is the update assistant of your Microsoft office suite. Without it, you may not be able to keep your Office suite updated. Updating itself may be annoying when you are comfortable with the present features of the tool. In such cases, you may disable or uninstall your Microsoft office click-to-run tool to enjoy the current settings.

●        When you try to install the 64-bit version of the Microsoft office tool, click-to-run may restrict the installation. You can uninstall the software for installing the 64-bit office tool.

●        Sometimes, your Microsoft click-to-run tool may crash due to unexpected errors. To resolve this issue, you can uninstall the click-to-run tool and reinstall it.

●        Click-to-run tool will make your Office installation more realistic and virtualized. But it may consume more of your disk space. You can terminate, disable, or uninstall Click-To-Run to avoid extreme space consumption.

How to Fix Office Click-to-Run.exe High Disk Usage in Windows 10/11?

 You can use the following tweaks to prevent Click-to-Run software from occupying more of the disk space.

 Clear the Cache Files of the Tool

 Cache files are one of the significant disk space-occupying elements. You can delete the Click-to-Run cache files by implementing the following methodology.

 Be sure enough to terminate the process before clearing the cache files.

 Step 1: Invoke the run tab with the Win+R key.

Step 2: Input the below path in the run tab. Ensure to change the Username.


Step 3: Clear all the files in the opened folder.

Step 4: Once again access the run tab and input the below path. Ensure to change the Username.


Step 5: Clear all the content of the cache folder.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Office Click-to-Run on Windows 10/11?

Now that we know the benefits of removing the Click-to-Run tool, let’s explore the process.

Terminate the Click-to-Run Process

You can disable the process for Click-to-run to prevent it from running.

Step 1: Use the Windows + R combinational key to invoke the Run tab.

Step 2: Input services.msc and hit Ok to open the Services tab.

Step 3: Navigate and locate the process for the Click-to-run service

Step 4: Right-click on the service to access the context menu

Step 5: Select ‘Stop’ to terminate the service. 

Uninstall the Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Software

Uninstalling the Click-to-run option can remove the tool from your system.

Step 1: Access the settings from the Start menu.

Step 2: Choose the System settings.

Step 3: In the left side panel, select the option for Apps & Features.

Step 4: Locate and select the Click-to-run tool in the list of applications available.

Step 5: Click on the software name to modify or uninstall the program.

Disable the Tool from the Task Manager

You can stop the click-to-run service by accessing the Task Manager.

Step 1: Use the Ctrl+Shift+Esc key combinations to invoke the Task Manager.

Step 2: In the window opened, access the Processes tab.

Step 3: In the background processes running, locate and select the process for the Click-to-Run utility.

Step 4: Select the process and choose the End Task option to terminate the process.

Note: The End Task option is available in the bottom right corner of the Window.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Click-to-Run is a superior utility for installing and updating your Microsoft Office tool. The software can make your Office utility more virtual and realistic. But the high-level functionality sometimes may affect the functionality of your system. It makes it necessary for us to uninstall Microsoft Office Click-to-Run or terminate the Click-to-Run tool. We have briefed on the proceedings for doing so in this post. You can use it to get rid of the Office click-to-run utility.

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