How To Write Amazing Content Marketing Blog Posts That Clients Will Read

By all accounts, there are over 1.5 billion websites on the web. That’s about five times more websites than there are people in the United States. If you can’t write content marketing blogs that will grab people’s interest, you’ll surely find yourself lost in the digital sea.

Content marketing is a funny thing. It’s a little meta, isn’t it? — you’re writing content about writing content. But this only means it’s more important to generate interest; who would listen to advice from someone who can’t write good content themself?

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about blog content marketing strategy, analyze the content marketing vs blogging struggle, and teach you some of the best content marketing tips. . . so you can teach other people those content marketing tips.

Focus on Tone

We could tell you every last bit of marketing advice in the world, but it won’t mean a thing if you don’t get the tone right. If you come at serious, grown-up tech-people with a blog full of the latest slang, you’re not going to do well. By the same token, you shouldn’t pump your blog full of technical jargon if you want it to do well with teens.

The tone is largely dependent on good writing and good research.

Do the research — figure out exactly who your target audience is and go for them. In this contemporary day and age, you can get as specific as you need. It’s best to master one demographic than to be a jack of all trades (master of none).

Hire good writers — a good writer should be able to provide your content with a personality so that people are able to identify with it better. No one wants to feel like they’re taking advice from a faceless corporate overlord. (Or, if your clients are the type of people who enjoy talking to faceless corporate overlords, you can hire a writer who specializes in that!)

Get the Headlines Right

There’s a reason why clickbait has become so important in our contemporary world. Marketers have realized that with a headline that’s catchy and outrageous enough, you can attract people to read even the vapidest and banal content.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you create dishonest and misleading tabloid headlines. However, you should take a page out of the pop-cultural book. Study the trends (research!), and implement them for success.

This survey of 100 million blog posts found that some of the best-performing headlines follow the same basic formulas. Many of them start with numbers and are quickly qualified by superlatives. For example “Top 9 Cutest Videos on the Internet This Week”.

Once again, we’re not saying you should alter your content to be that empty-headed. You should merely adjust your headline to optimize results while staying relevant to your topic. Rather than saying “Best Ways to Market Content”, consider saying “Top Five Most Exciting Ways to Start Your Articles”.

Get Creative With Your Answers

The internet is a sea, but that doesn’t mean you can get tossed in anywhere. Just like a sea in real life, you can only start swimming from certain locations — like, say, a beach.

SEO has made the internet more “beachy” than ever. Type in the topic you’re researching for your next blog post on Google, and you’ll most likely find five or six articles with the exact same advice. They’re only at the top because they used SEO to perform well.

These SEO-driven blogs are like beaches. They do provide you access to the water, but they’re also the most shallow place to fish.

Consider exploring the depths of sites like Reddit, Facebook Groups, YouTube, and Quora, to find unconventional answers to questions, and understand what people really are thinking about, directly at the source. This is like taking a boat out to the middle of the ocean to fish — provides you with much more opportunities.

If you’re writing a post that teaches people how to market to car fans, you might be tempted to Google what car fans enjoy. However, you’ll most likely find articles written by content bloggers who simply read articles written by the content bloggers — not the primary source opinions of real motorheads.

Instead, take a trip to one of the many car-based subreddits. There, you’ll find people debating, arguing, and providing their candid opinions about cars.

Use Visuals

While yes, this is an article about blog posts, it would be foolish to ignore the fact that we live in a very visual world. Some people even think we’ve reached a point of visual overload. No matter what your personal opinions on the matter are, a marketing blogger cannot deny that visuals have staggering effects on the content that they produce.

Make sure that you incorporate images into your blog posts — even if they are abstract. This will help to create lines of meaning and angles with which to visualize your material.

You should also bake the visual display of information into your text itself. Try to write in short, quippy sentences, and keep your paragraphs one to three sentences long, constantly varying the lengths.

This will make sure that the text pulls the reader’s eye down the page, and will make your blog posts easier to read.

We found this great website that will help you generate great headlines. For more information, click this link to learn more.

Learn How to Write Content Marketing Blogs

With so many blog posts out there on the internet, it’s hard to imagine how one could possibly stand out. However, by focusing on tone, getting your headlines correct, searching in creative places, and using visuals, you’re far more likely to create content marketing blogs that shine.

For more articles like this, check out the rest of our “blog”.

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