Is this the right time for silver?  

Have been thinking about your financial future and what you should put your money in? If you have then you’ve probably encountered investors and analysts that swear by gold and silver. These days, cash is not so reliable. It is vulnerable to all kinds of threats. In these modern times of technology, the internet has been driving society towards a cashless society. However, we live in uncertain times and cashless transactions are not only popular but are convenient too. Cash used to be king now there is a general uneasiness about physical currency. What is now becoming clear is precious metals like silver can outdo paper currency. Having actual physical gold on hand might be a better option to secure your financial future.

This is the main reason why so many people are looking into silver. The value of silver is not arbitrary. Silver price AUD reacts to the smallest event to major global events like the Arab spring, the actions of a country’s leader, threats, political uncertainty, hyperinflation and so much more. Silver and gold have prevailed through the worst times.

Silver bullion coins might be viewed as collectibles but they are more valuable than that.

Advantages of investing in silver coins

  • Silver and gold have been viewed as the best assets for investors.
  • The silver price aud tends to go up when the gold price goes up and when stocks struggle. Precious -metals are good when inflation is incredibly high. This is where we find ourselves post Covid.
  • You don’t have to pay capital gains tax for silver unless you decide to sell silver bullion.
  • Silver stackers, hoarders, and preppers are right to believe that silver might save them in times of financial turmoil.

We’ve had a lot of catastrophes in the last decade alone. If you want to understand how silver behaves in economic turmoil you only have to look back at major events through recent history, we have had the dotcom bubble bursting at the turn of the century, then was the collapse of the financial industry and the bursting of the housing market in 2008, then a pandemic swept all over the world causing the markets to tumble, the Brexit happened and now there is a war between Russia that has created sporadic flare-ups, here and there. We can look at past events and mark the trajectory of silver over time.

Now that we know the benefits of investing in silver bullion what are the disadvantages?

When you invest silver bullion coins, you can’t expect dividends or earn interest like someone who has put their money in stocks and bonds. If you were looking to make some serious money from silver you need to know which factors will push the price up.

Always buy your silver from a reputable dealer. These days, there are online dealers who sell silver coins. It is a convenient and fast method, but the problem is that the internet has made it easier for tricksters to pretend.  If you decide to invest in silver insist on a certificate of authenticity.

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