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Is it a good idea to secure your wedding ring? It doesn’t sound as exciting as arranging a honeymoon. However, when it comes to wedding jewelry (engagement rings and wedding bands), adequate security is just as important as any other wedding-related task. Jewelry insurance secures both monetary and sentimental value. 

Choosing the Best Jewelry Insurance Plan 

When investigating your choices, you’re bound to come across those diamond ring insurance plans that aren’t worth your time or monthly payments. Seek a jewelry insurance provider that has all-inclusive coverage. At the very least, you should be protected from accidental injury, failure, and robbery. Aside from that, an even better specification to look into is ‘disappearance coverage,’ also known as unexplained failure coverage. It is safer to shop around when it comes to having your jewels insured. Compare businesses, rates, and coverage options, and don’t forget to read consumer feedback. Custom Design Jewelry.

Engagement Ring Insurance: What to Look for?

The fine print is crucial when it comes to picking a broker and scheme for your engagement ring insurance. Here are few things to worry about. 


A good policy should include all eventualities, from robbery to demolition to a dropped garbage disposal. Have a careful note of certain situations that aren’t covered.


When will the rings be replaced by the insurance company? Would you have to go to a certain jeweler to get it? May you just choose to accept a check as payment? Can repairs or a portion of the damage will only be covered? Examine the replacement policy information for both your financial and emotional needs.

Assessment Value 

This is decisive. How can the insurance company determine the worth of your ring to refund you? Will it deem the latest appraisal worth or just the initial selling price?


Create a list of all of the relevant documentation for your policy such that it is easily accessible if you need to file a claim. Receipts, images, and up-to-date appraisals are common components of these records.

With the high overall cost of engagement rings, purchasing insurance is a wise decision. If your jewelry is sufficiently covered by your new renter’s or homeowners insurance’s small personal property allowance, that’s great. If not, how and when you wish to insure your wedding rings can be primarily determined by your desires and value judgments.

If you wish to insure your jewels from the risk, then insurance is essential. You can still store your valuables in a secure location. Check the jewels regularly for signs of oxidation and wear and tear. Keep a list of all your precious documents, including photographs, receipts, appraisals, and certificates. Remember the jewelry is a valuable symbol of affection. 

Do you wanna go for affordable prices? Lab grown diamonds are the best choice. If you are wearing a lab grown diamond engagement ring, then nobody can differentiate it with the naked eye because it looks like natural diamonds only. Why not go for an affordable price and custom jewelry? Visit Custom FinerJewelry for a mesmerizing collection.

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Repair Service 

Fine jewelry can be highly valuable, both financially and emotionally. Routine jewelry repair service is important for preserving this integrity and keeping your jewelry looking as stunning as the day you bought it. Finer Jewelry Jewelers has a variety of jewelry restoration and cleaning options to assist you with keeping your jewelry in pristine condition. We want to help you maintain the beauty of your jewelry by offering daily jewelry services from a jeweler you can trust, from jewelry inspections to jewelry cleanings. 

Routine Jewelry inspections

People often do not think to get their rings examined before something goes wrong, but normal wear and tear on your jewelry are unavoidable. The prongs of a ring are usually the most vulnerable component of it. They are vulnerable to being bumped or snagged on clothes, which may cause them to loosen. Repairing a prong is much easier than replacing a lost diamond. 

Jewelry Cleanings 

Jewelry owners often feel that at-home jewelry cleaning is appropriate for their fine jewelry. While at-home cleaning solutions can be used in between professional inspections, they do not have the same beautiful shine as professional cleaning. Consider all your engagement ring goes through in a single day. Your engagement ring is exposed to a great deal of wear and tear as a result of your everyday activities such as working, cooking, cleaning, and everything else. While we’d like to believe that at-home remedies can suffice. If your jewelry is dusty and set with hard stones such as diamonds or sapphires that you want to see glitter, a little soap and water are one of the quickest and most effective cleaning techniques. That will undoubtedly work wonders. This should be done once or twice a week.

Jewelry Repairs

Despite the importance of regular jewelry maintenance, jewelry repairs are often necessary. It is important to get your jewelry fixed as soon as you find a flaw to avoid further damage to your piece. At Finer Jewelry, we have a wide range of jewelry repair options, including ring sizing, cleaning & maintaining jewelry, and much more. Our professionally skilled craftsmen can perform almost any job and will work hard to preserve and repair your jewelry with great care. 

Prong Repair 

Rings that are continuously worn can cause prongs to wear and raise the chance of losing a valuable gemstone. Even basic exposure to bedsheets or gardening may affect prong power. Based on the nature of the wear, the prongs will be removed, re-tipped by applying a metal to the top of the prong, or the whole prong head will be replaced. When restored, the prongs are the same size and shape.

Each jewelry care and repair service provided by Finer Jewelry Jewelers is designed to help you maintain the beauty of your valuable jewelry item. We work hard not only to offer the finest jewelry but also to assist customers with repairs. We have a range of services to support consumers with their jewelry needs.


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