9 Kerala’s most amazing and luxurious resorts

1. The Leela, Kovalam


God’s green paradise, with its balanced atmosphere, rich fauna and flora, tranquil backwaters and golden sands, has wood tourists in Kerala honeymoon packages. Waves of visitors from around the world such as rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments and lucrative local cuisine are the lush greenery and attractions around the world. No wonder there is no shock at a large number of visitors to the State.


2. Niraamaya Retreats, Kovalam


When the feeling is disreal, Leela Kovalam is the epitome of luxury. A beach hotel is perfect for enjoying the magnificent views of the beaches.


Famous for its elegant restaurants and luxury, the hotel boasts large, comfortable rooms in a relaxing decor.


In such an environment, you can’t help but feel relaxed. Try a drink in calm as you sit in the Club lounge and feel atmospheric and just go to the spa – Divya!


Niraamaya Retreats — The Arab Sea resort of Suria Samudra is a must see in Kerala.


The resort comprises 31 traditional houses, which combine wood and modern luxury and offer the perfect balance between the charm of the old world and today’s comfort.


You can enjoy long showers in the open-air bathrooms or the sun by the swimming pool. Respire the flashy jasmine scent while sitting on the terrace, looking at the waves softly brush the shore

3. Kumarakom Lake Resort


A visit to Kerala cannot be concluded without its backwaters! There you have the opportunity to enjoy a romantic place at Kumarakom Lake Resort – one of the most luxurious five-star resorts in India. Ranging over a green field of 25acres, the resort offers a magnificent view of the waterside.


Try Ayurvedic Spa — a spa that offers authentic Kerala Ayurveda treatments. Explore Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and life in the local village on a boathouse trip. In one of the finest resorts in the country, rejuvenate!


4. Kerala Resort and Spa Zuri Kumarakom


Luxurious 5-star hotel in the 18-acre green surrounding of Zuri Kumarakom Hotel. Each place is fitted with spacious neighborhoods, a private garden, and luxury pools.


In the west, east, and Ayurveda the Maya Spa offers treatment options. At the Body Temple in the center of the island, lagoon try some real yoga.


Have a drink in the restaurant and drink in the Laguna Bass’ Trunk Call Bar, mouthwatering Kerala and Meghalaya food. Feed, drink, sleep, travel, relax.

5. Vivanta by Taj Malabar, Cochin


A 5-star cochin, the Vivanta by Taj Malabar is just 1 km far away from the main town center. The old world is combined with Victorian elegance and new architecture.


The luxurious interior of the resort is fine and architecturally elegantly decorated. Experience the Beauty Room and relax in the Jiva Spa. Dress up with delicious Italian cuisine in a Pepper or Gorge in a Boat of rice.


Test the Dolphin barbecues or enjoy the in-house bar cocktail – you just want something more than a lover of this lifestyle!


6. The Lalit Resort and Spa, Bekal


A resort for those who want incomparable luxury, fascinating hospitality, and modern convenience! The 26 acres of beach in Bekal Lalit Resort & Spa is the ultimate royal treatment. The resort has an impressive internal lagoon on the banks of the River Nobili overlooking the beach.


It consists of 37 luxury rooms and a floating house, a restaurant, a pub, business areas, etc. There is an enormous pool at the resort. Ayurvedic therapies and modern spa treatments are offered in the Rejuve Spa. The food is mouth-watering and the spot can be described in only one word.


7. Spice Tree, Munnar


A boutique spa resort and a healing mountain refuge away from life’s excitement. SpiceTree is a true journey from the picturesque evergreen hills of Kannan Devan and Bison Valley!


Spice Tree has 14 spacious suites and 2 separate swimming-pool villas, which have a magnificent view of the mountains, forests and the valley. The level of personal service and care given to his guests really takes him ahead of the league and gives him a reputation as a luxury boutique resort!


Nature has a healing potential that has long been known to smell flowers, meditate on a quiet mountain, stretch down over a grassy, stroll along a wet stream, or walk through the rainforest.


8. Vythiri Resort, Wayanad


A perfect stay in harmony with nature — what else can you want? Base your vacation in the resorts of Vythiri, Wayanad! In the dense tropical rainforest, the resort is popular with Honeymoon couples. The resort extends over 150 acres and is covered by a creek/water stream.


The resort offers various rooms, cottages and tree houses, and attractive wine luncheons. Experience Ayurvedic therapies, trekking etc here & tree houses, yet they offer a fantastic vacation and thrill…


9. Marari Beach Resort, Mararikulam

Nature is the best way at the CGH Marari Beach Resort! In between the green cocoon groves, the resort consists of 13 independent cottages. Enjoy refreshing Ayurvedic spa treatments at the Marari Resort; sit on the beach watching sunset; walk along a flowered walkway, eat Kerala’s authentic cuisine here.


The Marari resort has a pool, a restaurant, Ayurvedic centers, and more. A good place to relax and relax in tranquility

Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness is an award-winning Mararikulam resort famous for its serenity of the atmosphere. Heaven away from tension and stress!

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