The perks of obtaining a personalised employment pass in Singapore

Working in Singapore is a great opportunity especially for foreigners who live in developing countries. Not only do they have abundant career opportunities, but they will also be living in a country that is safe and corruption-free. In order to be able to work in Singapore, a foreigner must get a work visa from the Ministry of Manpower. Although the S Pass Singapore visa is a common work pass that most foreigners get, there are more work visas in Singapore. The one that is considered as the best employment visa is the personalised employment pass Singapore scheme.


The PEP is a professional work visa that guarantees long-term employment to any foreign talents. It is not subjected to quotas or levies, unlike the Employment Pass and S Pass Singapore scheme. Aside from that, there are a lot of perks of being a personalised employment pass Singapore holder. In this article, we will cover the 4 main perks of getting a PEP in Singapore. 


Perks #1 – Guaranteed high salary


To be eligible for the personalised employment pass, a foreign professional must have a last-drawn salary of $18,000 within 3-6 months before applying for the work visa. If the PEP applicant is an existing E Pass holder, he or she is only required to have a salary of SG$12,000 to be eligible. An S Pass Singapore holder can apply for the personalised employment pass. However, he or she will be subjected to the high SG$18,000 qualifying salary. That is why it is recommended that they upgrade to an E Pass first before they apply for the personalised employment pass Singapore application.


With these high qualifying salaries, it is obvious that the PEP holder will be given a high salary. In fact, they need to report an annual income of $S144,000 or higher in order to maintain the validity of their work visa. Thus, if you apply for the PEP, you can negotiate for a high salary. 


Perks #2 – Employment flexibility


The main difference of the personalised employment pass among the other work passes like the S Pass Singapore visa is that it has employment flexibility. Most of the work visas will require the foreigner to get employer sponsorship since the employer will be the one to apply for the employment visa. As a result, the foreign employee will be tied to that particular employer. However, that is not the case for the PEP holder.


The personalised employment pass Singapore scheme allows the foreigner to apply for the work visa on his or her own. In fact, the PEP holder can apply for a work visa then come to Singapore to search for a job. That is because the PEP allows the holder to be unemployed for up to six months. Furthermore, the PEP holder doesn’t need to reapply for the work visa if he or she changed employers. You can switch from one employer to another with ease. They only need to notify the Ministry of Manpower of these changes. 


Perks #3 – Automatic dependency privileges


Most work visas in Singapore enable the foreigner to bring their family members to Singapore upon meeting certain conditions. The S Pass Singapore visa, in particular, requires that the holder must be earning at least SG$6,000 to be able to bring his or her spouse and children to Singapore. SG$12,000 is the required salary if the foreigner wishes to bring his or her parents. 


However, with the personalised employment pass Singapore visa, the foreigner won’t have any problems meeting that salary. That is because they have already met the conditions upon application for the employment visa, since it is required by the Ministry of Manpower. Thus, it won’t be difficult to get dependency privileges since it will automatically be applied. That is why more individuals apply for this pass as the benefits extend to their immediate family.


Perks #4 – More eligible for PR status


Aside from dependency privileges, the personalised employment pass holder will also be eligible to apply for permanent residency. That is because not only can they meet the length of stay, they can also meet the other permanent residency requirements. An S Pass Singapore holder can meet the length of stay in the country however it will be difficult for them to meet the other requirements like economic and social contributions. Thus, if your goal is to become a Singapore permanent resident, applying for the personalised employment pass Singapore visa is a sure way to achieve that. You won’t also have a hard time bringing your family to Singapore if you’re a personalised employment  pass holder.


Let Ren Ai Group


Although obtaining a personalised employment pass Singapore visa may seem easy upon reading the instructions, the hard part is becoming eligible for the pass. That is why most foreigners would start by checking their eligibility and working their way to build their candidacy. A good piece of advice is to hire a work visa expert to help you in the application. You can contact Ren Ai Group and learn more about their work visa services by taking a glance at their website. We can help you with your personalised employment pass application process.


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