3 Powerful Benefits of Using a Custom Invoice

Benefits of Using a Custom Invoice

Invoicing is a primary function in many businesses.

You write an invoice to demand payment after you’ve sold a product or service to a buyer. The invoice indicates the type and quantities of items sold, as well as the terms of payment. The invoice can be settled at the point of purchase or at a later date, depending on your agreement with the buyer.

Now, does your business use generic or custom invoices? A generic invoice (without any form of company branding) gets the job done on many occasions, but there are compelling reasons your business should start using customized invoices.

Read on to learn more.

Reduce Cases of Late Payment

Did you know about 39 percent of all invoices in the U.S. are paid late?

There are many reasons why an invoice can be paid late, including problematic clients. However, a generic invoice that doesn’t have the name of your company can be a reason for late payment.

Picture a client who handles tens or hundreds of invoices. When going through invoices that are customized, they’ll typically know who the issuing company is as they skim through the invoice. But with an invoice without clear details (company name and logo) that identify your company, they can place it at the bottom of the pile, giving preference to invoices they can easily identify.

So, if you are always calling your clients to remind them to pay up, personalizing your business invoices could be the solution.

Give Your Company a Professional Look

How your target customers perceive your company influences their decision on whether to do business with you. If your company doesn’t have a professional look and feel, they can go to your competitor.

What gives a company a professional look? You ask.

Everything, from the quality of your business website to the state of your physical offices, matters. Your invoices play a vital role as well.

A generic invoice tells a customer that you probably don’t have the funds to invest in custom-designed invoices or you simply don’t care about how people perceive your brand. In industries where professionalism really matters, such as in the professional services industry, your business will struggle.

What’s more, you don’t need a ton of money to create custom invoices. In fact, you can do it for free on the web. Check out these invoice templates and get started.

Make Your Company Look Bigger

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy, but as they say in some quarters, size matters!

Yes, you can run a wildly successful small business, but there are times when being a small business, or appearing as such, can be a disadvantage. If you’re in the contracting business, for example, clients might have a preference for big companies when handing out big contracts.

Making your small company look bigger can help you win such big contracts. And you know what? A custom invoice can make your company seem bigger!

A Custom Invoice Is Good for Business

A custom invoice will elevate your business, do doubt. It will give it a professional look, make it look bigger, and importantly, help reduce cases of late payment.

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