Why Prenatal Yoga Training Online in 2021 – Benefits

This course is perfect for yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners who want to acquire the necessary skills to teach yoga to pregnant women. It is also open to health professionals who work with pregnant women, coulas, midwives and nurses who already have yoga experience.

Prenatal Yoga Training Online – Program

The program prenatal yoga training online will be taught by yoga teachers who can guide their pregnant students through all three trimesters in healthy, active prenatal yoga classes while taking into account the needs of postnatal students.

Qualified and experienced teachers teach the physical and mental changes that occur in the pregnant body during yoga in order to promote a smooth pregnancy. Teachers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of their pregnant and postnatal yoga teachers.

Shristi Foundation Online Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training focuses on teaching a yoga practice that helps the pregnant woman to relax and strengthen her body and mind. The online course provides participants with a solid foundation for teaching asana poses, pranayama, breathing exercises and meditation to pregnant women and includes additional pregnancy wellness classes.

Upon completion of the over 100-hour online course for pregnant yoga teachers, students will be able to conduct specific courses for pregnant women before and after giving birth.

Three Trimesters

The three trimesters are treated in detail, including the development of the female body and the growing fetus. The focus is on understanding the anatomical and physiological changes that occur in the body during pregnancy and how yoga can help improve the health of pregnant women.

Discussions on energy, anatomy, pregnancy and childbirth deepen the teachers “knowledge of what is an integral part of prenatal yoga practice.

In order to complete the training programme we offer, you must meet all the graduation criteria. Upon successful completion, you will have the prerequisites for a 200-hour program and will receive an official 100-hour certificate for the training of yoga teachers.

Free access to the IYTV Expanded Library of Records on Integral Yoga Teaching for the duration of the training.

Many women who do not have children of their own or have never been pregnant are teachers of prenatal yoga. This program gives you all the tools you need to teach prenatal yoga and offers tons of information and stories of pregnant women to help you empathize with your students’ experiences.

If you do not yet have the qualifications or would like to participate in a self-development program to learn prenatal yoga, you can participate in our program without certification.

Live Interactive Training

This live interactive training will equip you with the tools to strengthen and support pregnant women during pregnancy and labor, which we believe are needed more than ever in the world. Yoga for holistic birth support is an effective therapeutic tool for strengthening the birth journey, pregnancy and parenthood. This training gives you the opportunity to connect and share with other women who have experienced this deep sense of community care.

You will conclude this program with the feeling that you can teach safe, effective and balanced prenatal yoga classes for students of all stages of pregnancy and all stages of the yoga experience. This training is registered with the state-recognized Yoga Alliance and meets its qualification standards for an 85-hour prenatal yoga teacher training program.

The programme includes lectures by guest speakers, discussions, small group work, homework, final exams and a lot of practical lessons. Each of the four advanced teacher training modules includes an exclusive video with Deb Caprice, who teaches you the material in a four-hour Prenatal Yoga class. You will also receive our complete textbook, which matches the video.

100-Hour Online Course

Our over 100-hour online course for aspiring yoga teachers is designed so that students will be able to customize yoga exercises based on individual physical and mental states to enhance the effectiveness and therapeutic value of yoga, including for pregnant women.

We teach the students the basic basics of yoga, its origins and philosophy as well as the various yoga traditions so they can understand the essence of yoga and how prenatal yoga became what it is today. We also teach yoga for the overall well-being of body and mind as well as for its unique benefits during pregnancy.

Mamata Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Mamata Yoga’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is recognized as one of the most specialized prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training programs in Canada. We ensure quality and integrity in all our teacher training opportunities, and our online programs are no exception. If you are looking for prenatal yoga teacher training, yoga that is therapeutic for general pain, Ayurvedic self-sufficiency routines and the daily rhythms of busy women, this is the place for you.

Students in Teacher Training are inspired and willing to work with pregnant women and their families to help them through a challenging, safe and effective prenatal yoga practice. Many students not only learn how to teach prenatal yoga, but also take part in teacher training to learn about their own bodies and pregnancy. This can make a real difference in the quality of birth and pregnancy in your community.

Jennifer taught prenatal yoga instructor training in the USA, China, Dubai, Colombia, Australia, Peru, Bali, Mexico, France and Germany. With a mind for the mat, she specializes in prenatal yoga, post-pregnancy core yoga and mom / me core yoga. She also practices massage therapy in Alexandria for over 20 years including specialties in prenatal massage, postnatal massage, deep tissue massage and Thai Yoga massage and has been a yoga teacher for 10 years.

Before becoming a massage therapist, yoga instructor and doula, she earned her doctorate in law from William & Mary Law School and is now an attorney in the Washington, D.C. area Clare Ryan has taught yoga in New York City since 2006 and has a busy schedule of private clients, group classes and teacher training. She runs her own Prenatal Yoga School Teacher Training Program, registered by the Yoga Alliance, with certification courses offered in the United States and Japan.

Clare Ryan is the director of her own Registered Prenatal Yoga School and Teacher Training Program with the Yoga Alliance, with certification courses currently offered in the USA and Japan, and teacher training for yoga teachers in New York City. She also is developing a prenatal yoga teacher training program for the International Awakened Life School of Yoga.

Beth Caban is a RTY-500 RN, Hatha Yoga teacher and registered nurse specializing in therapeutic applications of yoga and meditation, prenatal yoga, labor and childbirth yoga and postpartum yoga. Since 1997, she has been teaching yoga, prenatal and postpartum yoga since 1998 and is the main teacher for the Integral Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training Program.

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