Pros and cons of Google Map 360 Street View in 2021

In today’s generation, having a virtual tour incorporated into the business is one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods to promote products and services that you have. It enables potential consumers to have an inviting, comprehensive view of your business which promotes a significant amount of credibility and trust while they are analyzing whether to buy your goods.


In short, it’s essential to offer prospective customers the opportunity to take a virtual tour of your business. There are already a lot of businesses that took advantage of virtual tours and have full search listings which are more possible to encourage a purchase. Fortunately, Google itself has everything you need to create a virtual tour like the Google Map 360 Street View.


The Street View is a collection of all the 360 tour creator panoramic images that are utilized in Google Maps so that users will have a better understanding of the business or area that they’re looking for. These are not just the typical images uploaded by Google. Businesses can open these 360 tour creator panoramic photos and submit them to Google to be a part of Google Map 360 Street View.


Moreover, these panoramic images offer a type of virtual tour that helps users and potential consumers understand your business much better. If you decide to include this Google Map 360 Street View as part of your business listing, you will more likely get double the interest from your prospective consumers. But before you dive into a decision, here are some of the pros and cons of using Google Map 360 Street View.


Google Street View may bring a transformative result when it comes to effectively promoting your business. That is why many business owners are trying to get their hands on these kinds of tools. Listed below are some of its significant benefits.

Share them easily

An excellent virtual tour of Google Map 360 Street View offers an interesting, captivating experience. It makes itself available to share in a huge way. For example, you have an off-the-rack fashion store that several people love to visit and buy good clothes. These patrons can share the Google Street View virtual tour and their friends will see how your clothing store will look like and will be engaged to visit the shop. Another example is when a couple is planning where to stay on their next trip and come across your hotel’s virtual tour. It might catch their attention and get very fascinated that they share the virtual tour on different social media platforms. It will help you engage more individuals in your target audience to see your Google Street View tour.

Focus on your target audience

For instance, you are running a sports bar that accommodates particularly the fans of the Premier League. Deciding to hire a 360 tour creator so that you could use a virtual tour for your business will help bring in more potential customers. If you get to display the live matches on your huge screen and brag about your Premier League decorations, you will bring in more local football fans into your sports bar.

Contributes to the buying decision

Whether a potential renter or a person looking for a store to visit, Google virtual tour helps a lot of people’s buying decisions. Taking a closer look at the physical area helps potential consumers arrive at a decision whether they will continue with the sales funnel or proceed with making a purchase. That is why many people are venturing into providing a virtual tour using Google Map 360 Street View. A virtual tour is considered one of the most effective marketing strategies today to land a sale.

Build credibility and transparency

Nowadays, customers are looking for a buying experience that showcases credibility and transparency, especially in today’s situation where most of the buying decisions are made digitally. Hiring a 360 tour creator to build a Google Map 360 Street View will help you show your patrons what is your business all about. It’s an excellent method to create a clear image of your business or brand.


Google Street View may bring a lot of benefits to your business. However, just like any tool, there are also downsides to creating one. Listed below are the cons of using virtual tours.


  • Other people consider virtual tours as just another waste of time and think of it as what MSN used to be and like what Facebook stalking seems like.
  • Apparently, having such in-depth details about your business could be taken advantage of by criminals, terrorists, hackers, and-the-like.
  • It’s considered by many as another bandwidth-hungry trick that could increase the price of internet connections.
  • It’s hard to look for an excellent and reliable 360 tour creator specialist.

Get help

Google Street View has become more and more popular across the globe since more people are now relying on their purchases online. Most businessmen are also taking advantage of this virtual tour to bring in more customers. If you decide to get a Google Street View for your business, you can seek help from Digital Solutions. They are experts when it comes to eCommerce platforms and promoting businesses online. Call now to discuss your options.

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