React Native is a framework which allows the development of cross-platform mobile applications. And thus, it has become one of the most used frameworks which brought revolution in delivering the best of mobile experience to the users. For developing in React Native, any developer with a knowledge of JavaScript and React can easily start the development process. React Native is able to deliver high quality mobile apps and thus the companies today are willing to Hire React Native Developers.

The face of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was among the firsts who realized the importance of having a framework to develop the cross platform mobile apps as maximum population is broadly divided into two kinds of users-1) Android User 2) iOS user. And consequently, React Native was launched by Facebook in the year 2015.This has created a wave in the market to hire dedicated react native developers.

Like all others even the React Native has both -enormous features accompanied with certain limitations. So, let’s look into the pros and cons of React Native in detail,


When one decides to create the mobile application then they consider all the advantages which they can get on working on this framework. Thus, below given are some of benefits of the React Native Platform:

  • Single team, single framework for two platforms

React Native allows the reuse of part of the codebase between Android and iOS. The codebase cannot just be shared between the mobile platforms but also among the React web applications.

The React Native developers handle the two platforms-Android and iOS, there is no need to hire separate teams for Android mobile apps and iOS mobile apps. Thus, it saves the cost, and smaller is the team, easier is the management.

And as there is no specific knowledge required for React Native hence, anyone who is having experience of working on JavaScript and React can easily be part of React Native Team. The developers here can write the code for both the platforms.

Overall, the React Native also improves the consistency of the mobile apps business logic between all the supported platforms.

  • Rapid Development

The React Native framework provides different and numbers of ready-to-use components which fastens the process and thus decreases the overall development time. Also, as RN is based on JavaScript, thus, by default the developers have access to one of the largest ecosystems which again saves a lot of time.

The common codebase saves a lot of time as well as money which can be up to 30%. Also, the common codebase is easier to debug as Android and iOS versions of apps have many bugs.

As React Native is backed by huge community support, the list of platforms supported is growing extensively which makes the work easier for the developers. 

  • Completely Native UI

The User Interface in React Native is quite simplified. In Native development process, one needs to create a series of actions and React Native works on declarative programming, thus, it becomes easier to spot the bugs in the path as a sequence of implementing actions is unavailable.

The user interface in React Native is based on the native components which gives a very traditional or a trademark look to the UI. It gives the native look and feel to the mobile apps.

  • React Native Applications performs faster

A test was conducted between the two applications which are written in React Native and Swift, respectively. And the difference in their performance was quite negligible or can be also said unnoticeable. The complexity of applications may affect the efficiency of the frameworks but some of the code can always be transferred to native modules. 

  • The cost of app development is quite low

There are several factors which result in lower cost of development by React Native framework. These are:

-Use of common codebase

-Hiring just a single team of React Native developers who can do coding for both the platform- Android and iOS.

-As the team is smaller and concise so dependency on different teams for development also reduces and work becomes faster.

In terms of React Native, there is now downtime so one optimally plans the work of the team.

  • Fully supported by the external tools

The process of application development is a combination of coding and regular routine tasks example-testing and releasing the new version of applications. These repetitive and routine tasks are usually delegated to the external tools or third-party service providers. Some of the external tools which support React Native are: CircleCI, Code Magic, Bitrise, AppCenter, Sentry, Amplify, Bugsnag.


There are also certain challenges faced by the React Native developers and some of them are listed below:

  • Lacks few custom modules

Despite the maximum components available, well listed and documented, there are certain modules which are missing in react Native framework. While developing the custom module, one can land to three code databases- RN, Android, iOS, and each of them can be different in behavior as well as appearance.

  • Not a Native solution

React Native is a JavaScript based platform for developing cross-platform applications. And this was made possible by the authors of the framework by communicating between the native world and JavaScript. Thus, the applications which are written in React Native are comparatively slower than the native applications.

  • Difficult to debug

As the React Native is built using different languages like JavaScript, Java, Objective C, C/C++, thus the process of debugging becomes difficult. It requires the knowledge of the native languages of the platform to sort it out.

The integration with Flipper has facilitated the process of debugging of the applications made on React Native platform.

  • Dependent on Facebook

React Native platform is completely dependent on Facebook, so, in case, someday Facebook ceases its support for React Native then it will definitely fall behind iOS and Android.

  • Lags updated features

Apple and Google regularly keep on updating their features of the OS. So, the RN developers should also match with them to bring those changes and updates available for the users. Example if one wants to use some exclusive function of. Face ID in your App developed in RN framework, then the users have to wait until someone from the community works upon it and comes up with an appropriate solution.

  • Testing is challenging

The way the applications communicate with the native components and the bad codes, it causes an error on each platform. Secondly, errors which occur in cross-platform solutions are related to the use of common source code.


The above points clearly define the benefits. As well as the challenges faced in developing the applications on React Native framework. But it is also seen that the number of pros have outnumbered the cons and overall feedback from the users. If React Native is positive only and RN is seen as a great opportunity in future. RN is being used by many big players like Microsoft, Discord, Shopify, Airbnb, UberEATS and many more. Majority of them mention that to succeed in the React Native platform, one should have a native experience as mandatory. You can easily hire an experienced team of react native developers from Mobile App Development Company San Francisco to deliver high quality mobile applications.


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