The Role of Business Analyst: Will it be Replaced by AI?

In today’s face growing and technology-oriented world, everything is being automated and being replaced by robots. We are all dependent on the internet and computers for our work to get done. Every profession is being automated to reduce manpower and labor costs. In such a scenario, will the role of a business analyst also be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In this article, you will understand the roles and tasks that are performed by a business analyst and will his role be replaced by a robot.

Who is a business analyst and what is his role?

Role of a business analyst-

  • He directs authoritative examinations and assessments
  • Plan frameworks and techniques
  • Lead work disentanglement and estimation considerations
  • Get ready activities and systems manuals to help the board in working all the more proficiently and adequately.

Tasks of a business analyst-

  • Create and carry out records for the board program for documenting, insurance, recovery of records, and guarantee consistency with the program. 
  • Dissect information assembled and create arrangements or elective strategies for continuing.
  • Configuration, assess, suggest, and endorse changes of structures and reports. 
  • Meeting faculty and direct nearby perception to learn unit capacities, work performed, and staff utilized. 
  • Audit structures and reports and meet with the board and clients about organization, conveyance, and reason, and to distinguish issues and upgrades.

Can a business analyst be replaced by a robot?

The appropriate answer is ‘No’. A business analyst won’t be supplanted by a robot.

Artificial Intelligence utilizes Machine Learning to accomplish human mind-like capacities. It gets taken care of by a bunch of a pre-chosen lump of information, and this is the learning interaction, it figures out how to react after preparing. 

Business analysts are aces at refining, examining, and depicting business needs into answers for improving business productivity and in a joint effort with the shareholders of the firm. 

In the event that the shareholders are robots, they won’t require an individual to extricate data from them to figure out what may be a decent business answer for a business issue, which is quite impossible.

A business analyst possesses certain skills that are adaptable to changing environments. These skills make a BA unique in its own way. Let us have a look at these skills and analyze whether they can be replaced by AI.

  • Effective Communication skills

It is fundamental that you are a decent communicator, paying little mind to the strategy for correspondence. You should have the option to come to your meaningful conclusion plainly and unambiguously. It is likewise significant that you realize how to pose smart inquiries to recover the data you need from the stakeholders. 

While we have Alexa, Siri, we are as yet far from AI having viable verbal relational abilities who can get the data passed on past the words expressed and furthermore disperse the non-word data. It is quite impossible for robots to do this.

  • Clear understanding of objectives

A business analyst clearly understands the objectives he has to achieve. He has clear directions and works on the same path. In the case of a business, the analyst doesn’t understand what he has to accomplish and why he has been approached then he cannot achieve what is required from him. A clear understanding of objectives helps the business analyst to gain success. 

AI can also possess this skill if the conditions and situations are effectively concurred and unmistakably expressed, but this can be tricky.

  • Presentation skills

Almost certainly, sooner or later in your profession as a BA you should encourage a workshop, or present a piece of work to a shareholder or task group. Consider the substance of your introduction and ensure it coordinates with the destinations of the gathering – there is no reason for introducing data about execution strategies if the gathering is being held to examine prerequisites gathering. 

AI can make it possible to do this by expecting a phone call with a ‘shared screen’ type arrangement with the shareholders.

  • Listening skills

Listening abilities are vital to being a fruitful BA. This will permit you to break down completely the data accumulated to determine necessities. It’s significant that you don’t simply tune in to what exactly is being said, however, can comprehend the setting of what’s being said – the inspiration driving it, the conditions behind what’s being said, and surprisingly what’s not being said. Voice tone and non-verbal communication can assist you with understanding the message behind the words. 

AI is nearer to this than the “great verbal relational abilities”  angle. It is difficult for robots to possess these skills as robots are emotionless. They don’t understand the tone and expressions behind what is being said.

  • Time management skills

A business analyst should have incredible time management abilities to guarantee that work is finished on schedule and the undertaking doesn’t fall bogged down. Performing various tasks is significant expertise, yet you should likewise have the option to focus on exercises – understanding which is more basic than others – and focus on them.

Computer-based intelligence could do this as AI takes less time to process tasks.

  • Writing skills

As a business analyst, you will be needed to convey a scope of various sorts of reports. You should guarantee that your archives are written in a reasonable and succinct way, and at a level that is fitting for your shareholders. Evade subtleties explicit to a specific workstream as they may not be perceived by all shareholders. Experience will prompt clear and succinct necessities documentation. 

Artificial Intelligence can perform these tasks easily.

  • Hold meetings with the shareholders

Despite the fact that utilizing email gives a helpful review trail. It is not sufficient to speak with shareholders through email. To examine issues in more detail, face-to-face meetings are more effective. Frequently you will find more about your task from a face-to-face meeting where individuals will in general be more open about examining circumstances. 

However, it is not possible for robots to communicate effectively and extract information. Robots are completely programmed and cannot respond to unclear communication. 

Hence, it can be concluded that a business analyst cannot be replaced by AI as adapting to the changing environment necessitates real-life experiences and human understanding. That’s quite difficult for AI or robots to achieve. 

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