Skin care in winter: discover our 8 best tips 2021!

Winter is approaching and the cold sets in. If your wardrobe is ready with your big, cozy sweaters and woolen scarves, your skin is not prepared at all!

Our skin care has a hydro lipidic film (composed of water and lipid) which serves as protection. In winter, our skin dries up because of the temperature differences between the outside and our heated interiors. The skin therefore lacks nutrition. The protective film then becomes insufficient and allows water to escape from the tissues: the skin becomes dehydrated .

Your skin can then tighten , present dryness, chapping, irritation, redness … or even sores or patches of scales (small white skin).

So how do you take care of the skin of your face, body, hands and lips without wasting too much time in the bathroom? Relax , we explain everything to you with 8 essential tips !

1- Bet on the right textures and the right ingredients!

To remedy the dryness which in turn causes dehydration, redness or even irritation, we use creamy, rich and moisturizing textures . We advise you to gradually switch from a very light cream to an ultra-nourishing cream , gradually increasing nutrition.

We choose products with nourishing active ingredients such as oils or butters  : wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, shea butter or even coconut or argan oil which also have virtues. anti-aging  !

And of course we also think of moisturizing active ingredients  : aloe vera , hyaluronic acid, collagen …

For best results, apply your lipid-replenishing cream morning and evening, after having perfectly cleansed your skin with a cleansing milk or a gentle cleansing foam .


2- Boost nutrition and hydration with a serum.

If you want to keep your current cream, you can use a moisturizing serum or a nourishing serum , to be applied before your day and night cream, on cleansed skin. This allows you to multiply the layers to protect your skin , a bit like wearing several layers to protect yourself from the cold!


3- Take a hydration bath.

To deeply hydrate and nourish your skin , apply a mask once or twice a week to fill your skin with moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients . You can also apply your mask at night and leave it on overnight .


4- Skin care… and hands!

If your hands are the first to be exposed to the cold, the skin of the hands does not contain sebaceous glands and will not produce sebum to protect them from external aggressions and winter temperatures.

Remember to apply a hand cream , at least morning and evening, to protect them from drying out . Hand creams are often nutritious, rich and will form a good barrier against the cold . Being strained, the skin on your hands will age faster and may show dark spots . It is therefore essential to protect them as much as possible to delay the onset of signs of aging .

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5- Protect your lips with a lip balm or stick!

In addition to being extremely thin, the skin of the lips (just like the hands), does not have sebaceous glands. The lips are therefore extremely sensitive to the cold and to external aggressions. Protect them with a balm or a stick and do not hesitate to renew the application several times during the day  ! Some balms or sticks are repairers for chapped lips . If your lips tend to be dry, avoid running your tongue over them. This could worsen their condition!


6- Pamper your body!

The skin of the body is hidden under the different layers of clothing but in winter it is also drier and sometimes irritated by the friction of clothing, it also needs to be nourished and hydrated . Remember to apply, after your shower, a body balm or even a milk, a butter, an oil … there are a multitude of products , textures and fragrances according to your preferences.


7- Remember to hydrate from the inside!

We are often less thirsty in winter and yet our skin needs hydration when it is dry due to the cold. So drink plenty of water and bet on warm, moisturizing and comforting drinks like tea or herbal teas!

8- Let yourself be pampered in your Citron Vert institute!

With the cold, you want relaxation , well-being , a cocooning moment body massage or a moisturizing facial or feeding would do you the most good? So go quickly to your Citron Vert institute ! Opt for nutritious care for optimal skin care!

Skin specialist in Islamabad has  institutes specialize in facials for all skin types. The products used by the FuturCosmetic and Phyt’s brands are natural. Discover all the facials from your Citron Vert institutes .

How is the treatment carried out?

This treatment must be performed by a professional institute. It is painless and lasts about 45 minutes if accompanied by eyelash tint. Product smells can sometimes be unpleasant. However, this treatment does not damage the eyelashes as long as it is performed by a professional and space out the sessions. This treatment is done in several stages.

  • First of all, the beautician begins by thoroughly removing make-up from your eyes in order to remove all traces of mascara.
  • She precisely studies the length of your eyelashes in order to choose the size of the silicone patch to stick on your upper eyelids.
  • Once the silicone patch is applied, it carefully sticks, one by one, your eyelashes on the patch.
  • To soften the eyelashes, she then gently applies a first product that she leaves on for a few minutes.
  • It applies after a second product (a few minutes also) which will fix the shape and give a nice curvature to the eyelashes (the exposure time will be determined by the practitioner according to the nature of your eyelashes).

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