Surviving and Thriving Amid the Pandemic: Personal Responsibility

Amidst to the pandemic in 2021, here we will explore diverse ways to explore various aspects of life that should be considered while aiming to accomplish goals. The world’s constant threat towards confuse and horrify away from goals. We are going to explore some of the positive possibilities to thrive and survive.  In this pandemic while altering some of our personal responsibilities.

While trying to control panic over something that has no control over people have to go through a lot of anxiety. So take control over certain anxieties you need to identify what is causing such anxiety. Need to let go off the worries and practice mindfulness. Filtering of mind feelings by distinguishing between the negative and positive thoughts. Additionally you must keep faith of the world will get better as time passes over.

  • Social distancing

Each individual citizen must safeguard himself or herself from the spreading of the infection by keeping practice of physical distancing while in a social gathering, while commuting from one place to another, and keep washing hands frequently whenever possible. Making changes to all these routinely could make surprising differences surviving the pandemic. As the governments primary control tool from the viral outbreak in the country is to observe the social distancing and wearing face masks in public places.

Due to enforcement of firm lockdown and shutting down the economic completely had caused more adverse effects and unsustainable than good to the economy. Thus adopting this revised policy by the government of social distancing and wearing face masks has deviated away from the above enforcements.

The existence of civil society has greatly benefited mutual responsibilities under which all people are living and wants all its benefits. Students added new topic in science assignment related to this pandemic. Taxes are being paid from the services received. In times of ensuring the nation survives in the war they serve. Presently the pandemic has caused all the citizens of all nations to be held primary responsible in ensuring safety and preventing from the virus from further contaminating him or her.

  • Learned about personal responsibilities

Enforcing this policy into a law will not be the wisest approach just because of this pandemic. Instead of enforcing a law if pleasing publics to practice personal responsibility would be much more effective and considerably wiser decision.

As we are living in the middle of mass chaos worldwide which nobody have experienced before and expected it.  Planning for the present or the future like taking vacations will be useless in the situation of uncertainty and that might end up the trip in quarantine which further adds frustration and anxiety.

One of the important personal responsibilities that are needed is to be focused on productive tasks and thus resulting to staying positive. For instances if a teacher who is taking online classes might rethink again that she or he is not doing a great job, but as a fact he or she is managing herself to do something than nothing which is enough in this current situation. Even managing household is productive and should be counted as a measurement of productivity redefining productivity and make it convincing.

You should keep watch on family and friends. Reaching out to those colleagues who are staying alone far away from their family and may be struggling themselves from the depressions and anxieties causing them from loneliness inside rooms most of the time. Frequent communication over the phone is an important measure to keep in control from the attacks of anxiety in lockdown.

  • The pandemic threats

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, work culture have taken a paradigm shift from the normal times that happened before. The new culture which almost all possible industries adopted as work from home culture has put an extra burden for the workers to manage work time and space. At the same time taking care of the mental health is equally important. In order to survive from such feelings of overworked due to the absence of work timings, each individual workers should maintain an implement strict work timings. As it is difficult for an individual to maintain both professional and personal space boundary within the similar space where he or she used to just relax. Thus resulting to make it difficult for one to switch off from work after the shift is over. To mitigate from such difficulty one create a work station at home where they could make a phone call related to work.

The period of lockdown have greatly boosted the dependence of our life on digital platforms, since majorly in everyday life we are doing our work, entertainment to digital socialization are all revolving around the digital sphere. Keeping a time and space schedule for mindfulness practice is a much recommended, as it heals and purifies the inner soul of every individuals amidst to this pandemic threats outside homes.

  • Necessity of Routine checkup

All members of the family should be given importance equally so that they never feel alone in a corner of a room, especially with the teenagers and the senior citizen members of the family.

Routine checkups among the members of the family are and added personal responsibility that needs to be maintained for good mental health condition. The red signals or the warning signs which must be given a look at are the changes in behavior, emotional fluctuations, changes in the lifestyle pattern, appetite and disturbed sleep patterns. As these listed changes could be a reason for sadness and the loss of interest that are potential signifiers of depressions.

If anyone nearby is going through any negativity, they must be encouraged more to share their thoughts with any close family members or friends or a professional or someone close acquaintance with whom they are comfortable with.

Another responsibility that can be suitable for any person to provide someone who approaches for help. This is a positive sign that could impact on the person who is seeking for the help. This initial step is very important. Offering support and by giving them the confidence to talk and open up their inner stress that they are fighting within themselves. It is important to facilitate the option of talking to an expert rather than pushing them forcefully. The system of support must adhere to be more supportive and guiding properly to the person.

Changing the habit of greeting to one another whether it is an official or unofficial will be an additional benefit to practice social distancing as well as preventing the disease instead of curing it. The normal good old handshake could be changed with an old fashioned “Namaste” by folding two hands to greet someone, or to wave hands to bid farewell could be highly effective against spreading virus at community level. The elbow bumps may look awkward but cute and even innovative for the younger generations when they greet each other. When this tangible mode of greeting changes, it significantly reduces down the chances of the transmitting of the infection to others.

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