Terrarium Building Exercise Will Positively Impact Your Mental Health

With the fast paced life of today, many of us barely get to take out any time for ourselves. Most of our days begin with rushing to work or school, coming back and either going to another job or running errands and doing chores around the house. Our time is spent trying to achieve a lifestyle that’s comfortable, if not lavish. 


That, together with the lack of awareness regarding the importance of our mental well-being has led to the deterioration of our mental health. Not only that, the stigma that surrounds mental health and therapy also does not make it easy asking for help. However, you can add little activities into your schedule that can help you nurture your mind. 


Research has proven that working with plants is incredibly helpful in soothing your mind, which is why you need to try terrarium Singapore so that your mental health is the top priority and not a neglected aspect of your life.


What Is A Terrarium 

A terrarium is basically when you take a transparent or see through glass jar, mostly in the shape of mason jars or mugs, and layer it with different materials. These materials include many layers starting with a layer of pretty rocks or colorful stones that are pleasant to look at, after which comes the layer of soil. The soil helps nurture the plant and provide nutrients for its optimum growth and development. 


After that, the last layer is that of sheet moss, or any other kind of moss. When the layering is done, the next step is taking a piece of plantation or greenery and planting it in these layers. Your terrarium is now built. This can be used to decorate little corners of your house or office or be a cute addition to your coffee table or window seat. 


Why Mental Health Should Be A Priority And Not An Option 

According to the latest statistics, there is a rise in the cases of all mental health problems around the world. Whether it may be depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, there is a consistent rise in the number of cases being reported every year. 


Scientists have found there to be a connection between our thoroughly digitised life and the decline in our mental health. Because we are constantly immersed in activities that keep us busy but not satisfied, most people end up being depressed because these activities, while might be feeding their body, are not feeding their souls. 


That, coupled with the lack of exercise and not getting enough time to hang out with your family or friends can also cause you to feel more down. Our lifestyles have changed almost completely since the past decade and our current situation eliminates most human contact which is why we feel deprived of emotion most of the time.

Combat Mental Health Challenges With These Activities 

The key to a complete and comprehensive improvement in your mental health is to increase positive human interaction. Meeting up with your friends and family, spending time with the people you love doing activities that entertain you and also help your brain stay active are some of the ways you can nurture your mind. 


Terrarium building is one such exercise. In this exercise, you get to work in teams or even individually and make your very own beautiful little plantation jars. The teams and individuals are led by trained professionals who tell you how to proceed with each step. With the materials already provided, you get to spend time with your mates in a friendly environment, have a good time, and take home your little terrarium. 


Role Of Terrarium In Improving Mental Health 

However, one might think how exactly are mental health and terrarium building linked. The answer to that is quite simple. Psychological experts around the world have concluded after years of thorough research that activities that involve greenery of any kind and plants drastically increase the release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain.


Serotonin and dopamine are the chemicals or hormones that are responsible to keep us happy. The more these hormones are, the better our mental health will be. Hence terrarium Singapore is an exercise that can boost your low mood and help you find the zing that seemed previously missing in your life. 

Terrarium Building In As A Group

The best way to improve your mental state is to spend time with people you care about and love. Whether it’s your family, friends, relatives, neighbors or coworkers, you need to increase your interaction with them and spend time with them doing activities you all can enjoy. 


You can sign up for a terrarium building workshop as a group too. All you need to do is ask which of your friends would like to sign up and spend the weekend having fun building terrariums together. 


Terrarium Building As A Team Bonding Activity

In an office setting, it is important to ensure good working relationships amongst the coworkers. This is because when people working together are acquainted better, their productivity increases and they produce better results as a team. This is of course better from a business point of view as well, the better the relationship between the colleagues, the better will be their workplace output.


One way to boost workplace productivity is by having a terrarium building workshop for your staff. This will give the members of your staff a much needed respite from the rut of office work and also give them a chance to be better acquainted with each other. Not only that, activities such as these serve as great ice breakers when a new member of the staff is introduced. 


Terrarium Building As A Friendly Neighborhood Bonding Activity 

Moved into a new neighborhood recently and want to meet your neighbors in a friendly way where you can skip the awkwardness of making small talk? Terrarium building workshops are wonderful in bringing people from different walks of life together.


You can bond over the enthusiasm of engaging in a new activity and get to know each other better. This will help make your transition into a new community more seamless and easy. You get to know your neighbors, have a good time and take home a terrarium or two to decorate various nooks and crannies. 


The Takeaway 

With our lives becoming more and more busy with every passing day, owing to many different reasons such as working multiple jobs, studying and trying to save up for the future, we have kind of forgotten to appreciate and enjoy where we are at currently. This has led to a sense of lack of achievement and the constant need to be better.


This competitive mindset causes us to constantly work and leaves us with no time to sit back and relax. With the help of activities such as terrarium building, you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and also take a much needed respite from the monotony of your daily routine.

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