The 5 Most Reliable English Grammar Checkers On The Web

Online grammar checkers are excellent editing & formatting tools. Students and professionals alike will vouch for this statement as grammar checkers are used by almost anyone looking to polish any written content. A perfect example of digital automation, online grammar checker tools are just the ideal editing tools for everyone. From a short essay to extensive dissertations, grammar checkers ease up the tedious process and can polish & prune everything in an instant.

An array of grammar checker tools is available on the Web today. Many different businesses have come up with their versions, each with its own quirks & benefits. Every one of these grammar checker tools serves some core purposes and offer an array of benefits, irrespective of their design & data-analysis technique.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons why online grammar checkers are such valuable utilities.


The Biggest Benefits of Grammar Checkers


  • Rectification At A Single Click

Online grammar checkers are powerful software applications that utilize the best of digital networking and software engineering. These tools are capable of working at blinding speeds and rectify any content in an instant. All anyone needs is a stable Internet connection and a Web-enabled electronic device to weed any syntactical, semantical & grammatical errors.

Most Web-based grammar checkers have powerful algorithms running in the background. Many tools employ machine learning and even deep learning & machine translation models to process & train. Executing at breakneck speeds, it is possible to revise any content in a jiffy with these tools.


  • Improves Quality Drastically

advancedgrammar checkers learn from a rich corpus of data. The most popular checkers work in conjunction with massive databases and can offer corrective suggestions at par with human editors, if not better.

These tools remove unnecessary & out-of-context words, rectify grammatical mistakes, improve narrative flow & fluency, clarity, engagement and delivery. From checking the tone to changing the structure, these tools assist writers in refining every aspect of their content.


  • Helps Writers Learn

For the knowledge-hungry and eager-to-learn minds, grammar checkers can reveal lots of insightful knowledge. The suggestions and the corrections can be a great learning outcome as grammar checkers offer the best possible solutions, with better iterations providing better solutions. A writer can learn many things if they take note of the suggestions for future usage.


  • Saves Time & Money

Most online grammar checker tools are available completely free of cost. With a decent Web connection and a web-accessible electronic device, one can revise any amount of content in a jiffy. What’s more, grammar checker tools powered by AI can modify content better than most editing & proofreading services out there.


All the above advantages make grammar checker tools some of the best online utilities for students, professionals and language learners. Let us now look at 5 of the best grammar checker tools in the English language available online today.


5 Most Reliable English Grammar Checker Tools Online


  • Pro Writing Aid

An excellent option for both students & professionals, ProWritingAid offers the full gamut of content checking services, from simple spelling correction to restructuring. It runs on potent ML algorithms and trained using quality data corpus. The tool checks for sentence quality, spelling, punctuation, voice, tone, narrative clarity, and essential aspects of some content. Grammar, morphology, readability and plagiarism-related issues- ProWritingAid does it all.

Available in both free and premium versions, here are some striking features of the tool.

  1. Runs readability analysis to test how easy it is to read and understand the content
  2. Offers a detailed analysis report
  3. Gives numerous suggestions to improve writing, including style suggestions, detailed suggestions and more
  4. Provides a thesaurus of alternative word suggestions
  5. Easily integrated with several Google and Microsoft applications
  6. The desktop app version is compatible with both Windows & Mac
  7. Browser extensions for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc.

The few cons of the tool are the limited features on the free version and the lack of any mobile version of the app.


  • Grammarly

One of the most popular grammar checking software available online, Grammarly is used by students & professionals worldwide. The grammar checking service is accessible online and comes with an add-on with Firefox, Chrome, MS Word & MS Outlook. There is also a desktop app for Both Mac and Windows & mobile versions available for the iOS and Android operating systems.

The tool offers real-time spelling & grammar checks, analyses clarity, looks into the content’s level of engagement and delivery. The tool’s goals can be set by the user based on their style, intent, audience, and domain. Fast and accurate, Grammarly is one of the top-notch grammar checker & writing assistance tools out there.

Some notable features of the tool include:

  1. A great set of premium add-ons
  2. AI-powered data processing
  3. Versatility across multiple platforms
  4. Plagiarism check-ups across billions of web pages

However, there are a few minor drawbacks, which include lack of an editing mode and not support for MS Office on the Mac OS.


  • Ginger

Ginger is a pioneer, being one of the first online grammar checker tools ever. It offers contextual spelling correction, rectifies misused words and corrects all kinds of grammatical mistakes.

It is highly cross-compatible and has a Windows app, an Android app, an iOS app with browser extensions for Chrome & Safari. It is a notch below Grammarly in terms of performance, finds fewer errors and makes less accurate & simplistic recommendations. Its low cost ($20.97 a month compared to Grammarly’s $29.95) and the following features make it a good option for those on a tight budget.

  1. Grammar & Spell Checker
  2. Sentence Paraphrase
  3. Persona Trainer
  4. Text Reader & Translator
  5. Ease of installation & usage


  • White Smoke

One of the best free grammar checker tools on the Web, White Smoke offer top quality editing & proofreading. The tool corrects spelling mistakes, gives suggestions for style choice mistakes, and corrects structural & syntax errors, amongst others. It offers potent recommendations to improve the tool’s macrostructure and relays lots of information about each error in the content.

White Smoke comes with:

  1. Grammar checker
  2. Spelling checker
  3. Style & punctuation checker
  4. Translator & Dictionary

It is like a much more advanced version of the MS Word spell-checker and even offers video tutorials & explanations besides corrections & suggestions to help enrich content. Available in 55 languages and capable of working on any device, White Smoke is a fantastic writing assistant for every writer.

Few downsides include lower accuracy than Grammarly and a 10000-character limit on the desktop app version.


  •’s Grammar Checker

Another free and powerful online grammar checker available online is brought to you by, a leading global academic writing service. The tool is available entirely for free on their official website and boasts of the following features:

  1. Analyzes clarity, word choices, voice and tone
  2. Checks spelling & punctuation
  3. Removes unnecessary clutter
  4. Checks content concerning every linguistic parameter

The online grammar checker tool from is one of the best all-around tools available for free, from ambiguous modifiers to verbosity. What’s more, the tool comes integrated with a plagiarism checker app that can run instant plagiarism checks.

Simple and easy to use,’s grammar checker tool is an excellent choice for those looking for a free, only-online grammar checker.


And that rounds this guide to 5 of the best English grammar check tools that language learners, academicians & professionals can rely on. HOPE this guide helps the reader in their search & choice!


All the best!

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