The Archetypal Dive Timekeeper: Rolex Submariner No-Date

Among the luxury watches that create the most buzz with any upgrades or news and more treasured, the Rolex Submariner ranks top in the list. Rolex updated this iconic series last year, offering a more prominent case silhouette and movement. However, the Submariner lineup consists of both no-date and date models. Now:

The Rolex Submariner No-Date model is typically considered as the prototypical diver timepiece. After its upgrade in 2020, the watch now comes with a slightly more prominent profile and run on an upgraded movement. Nonetheless, it remains honest to its original design.

So here you can delve into the new Submariner with no date display that belongs to the latest Rolex creations in 2020.

Exploring the New Rolex Submariner 2020

Rolex unveiled a new generation of Submariner Date and Submariner No-Date models in September 2020. With a new case diameter, these watches are a little larger, and a new movement powers them.

Rolex equipped the new Submariner Date models the first time with the Calibre 3235. However, these versions are available in exquisite colour combinations. On the contrary, Rolex kept the Submariner No-Date watches true to their original design.

The Upgraded Features

Rolex has refined many details that resulted in a new generation of Submariner watches. The brand has increased the case diameter to 41mm from 40mm. More precisely, the diameter has grown from 40.6mm to 41.36mm, measuring across the diagonal from 8 to 2 o’clocko’clock. Eventually, the lug width has increased to 21mm, but the lugs and crown guards are slender.

The fact is that these minor updates Rolex made have altered the entire timepiece’stimepiece’s proportions. It includes the case, dial, bezel and bracelet. When a new Rolex Submariner is placed beside its predecessor, you can see the changes. However, Rolex has discontinued the production of earlier Submariner models.

While Rolex made several refinements of even the most minor features, the new generation Submariner versions appear much more than a millimetre bigger than its predecessor (now discontinued).

Like in any Rolex watches, a daintily grooved case-back covers the brand’sbrand’s patented in-house movements, Calibre 3230 and Calibre 3235. However, the case-back is screwed down hermetically using a special key, and only an authorised Rolex watchmaker can open it.

The Movement Details

Rolex furnished the new Oyster Perpetual Submariner with its proprietary, innovative Chronergy escapement, crafted of nickel-phosphorous alloy. However, the escapement ensures premium functional durability, high energy efficiency and resistance to magnetic fields.

Interestingly, the watchmaker has also offered the movement an optimised Parachrom hairspring. It is made up of a paramagnetic alloy that makes the Parachrom hairspring ten times more precise than traditional hairsprings. Moreover, the Rolex Parachrom hairspring also features a unique Rolex overcoil, assuring a stable rate in every position.

Furthermore, the brand’sbrand’s designed and proprietary Paraflex anti-shock system supports the oscillator. With the barrel design and highly efficient escapement, the Calibre 3230 and Calibre 3235 movements offer 70 hours of power reserve.

The Rolex watches have to pass the COSC chronometer test. Additionally, they must pass the stringent ‘‘Superlative Chronometer’’ Rolex test based on the latest characteristics from 2015. It allows a variation of not more than 2 seconds each day.

The Minimalist Luminous Dial

Rolex released the first Submariner when divers used water-resistant watches for professional activities rather than recreational purposes. Thus, the watchmaker opts for retaining the original aesthetic of the Submariner versions today as they should be legible enough to read the time during a dive.

The new generation Submariner watches eventually flaunt a similar minimalist and clear dial like its predecessor. The minutes and hour hands are designed, taking inspiration from the Rolex Deepsea and different from one another, preventing any confusion. The dial features circle, rectangle and triangle hour markers that offer orientation and increase readability. With a Submariner on the wrist, it is pretty impossible to make mistakes underwater and, of course, on the dry ground too.

Rolex filled the markers and hands with Rolex luminous material Chromalight that glows bright blue in the low light conditions or dark. The seconds hand comes with a central luminous dot that performs as a function check. Furthermore, the ‘‘zero’’ marker on the bezel is also coated with a similar luminescent element that will render better orientation when one sets the dive time.

The Technical Functionalities that Make the Submariner Stand Out

The Rolex Submariner bezel gears precisely in half-minute increments, counterclockwise. However, deeply knurled grooves outline the bezel edge and render a secure grip for diving gloves or wet hands. The rotatable ring features a numerical Cerachrom insert crafted of a specialised black ceramic.

Moreover, Rolex coated the indented markers and numerals on the 60-minute track with a thin platinum layer through a PVD technique. The leading Swiss watchmaker Rolex has designed its innovative and expertise manufacturing technique for creating a unique ceramic that ensures higher durability, resistance to scratches and colour saturation.
However, this ceramic was used exclusively for making monobloc tracks and bezels. Rolex today possesses its entirely in-house production of ceramic materials. Now:

The ceramic insert bezel is a significant part of the durable Oyster case that can combat pressure up to 30bar (equivalent to 300m deep underwater). The Oyster case is one of Rolex’sRolex’s most avant-garde inventions, representing the ultimate reliability and durability. The case frame is crafted from one stainless steel block that Rolex refers to as ‘‘Oystersteel’’, and it provides exceptional resistance to corrosion.

The Triplock winding crown, together with the hermetically secured case-back, guarantees the specified water resistance. However, the Triplock winding crown in the Submariner comes with a screw-down crown, triple seal and crown guards. The crystal that Rolex set above the dial is made up of sapphire that offers superior resistance to scratches.

Moreover, the Rolex Submariner Date models feature an added Cyclops lens at the 3 o’clock position that magnifies the date and increases its legibility. Rolex completes the classic look of the new Submariner versions equipping them with a sporty Oyster bracelet. However, the bracelet features the brand’s patented Glidelock extension system and Oysterlock folding clasp. The Glidelock extension system enables the wearers to extend the bracelet up to 20mm conveniently using a sliding component.

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