The Importance of Reading Kids Story Books Habit in Your Child

Kids Story BooksIn the age of social media, reading to your child and introducing them to books at a tender age has become rather fashionable. But nonetheless it is extremely crucial to introduce your child to books in their early years. Countless researches have been done on the importance of reading and each. And every one of these researches indicated a positive trend and demonstrated an improvement in multiple areas of their development.


Educational Books

Books play a significant role in the life of children. The first step of introducing your child to books is through textural cloth kids story books. Which tend to aid their sensory development as well as their understanding of their surroundings. Once the child has been acclimatized to cloth books. The next step is usually to introduce hard books.  Which are almost always comprised of simple images graphics and illustrations. The complexity of images and text tend to increase with age. For this very reason books are marked with supposed appropriate ages.


Reading Books

This early introduction to books tends to enhance the child-parent bonding during. The reading aloud activity alongside making a child more understanding and receptive of the world in their surroundings. It also stimulates the brain activity of children by sparking their imagination and igniting their curiosity. Children who are introduced to books at an early age. And experience the pleasure of being read aloud tend to develop speech and language skills earlier than kids who don’t experience the same.


Children Reading Skills

Research claims that children who were introduced to books. And the habit of reading at an early age tend to have a better vocabulary.  Comprehension and grammatical skills. In that sense it is extremely important to read to bilingual. And trilingual children to ensure fluency in all languages. Reading also tends to develop a deeper understanding of their own emotional.


And psychological needs in turn making children better at expressing their concerns and feelings. Reading provides parents with an opportunity to discuss. And emphasize on desirable character traits with their children. Which helps in developing empathy kindness and compassion. Reading books about native and cultural elements tends to develop. A deeper understanding of one’s own culture and others’ cultures.


Become Good Reader

Research also claims that children exposed to reading at a tender. Age are more likely to become readers as they grow as they tend to associate books with positive and happy memories. It also claims that readers also have a knack for performing better educationally. And tend to score better grades than non-readers. The digital age has adversely affected the concentration spans of adults and children alike in order to maneuver around it. It’s essential to read and inculcate the reading habit of your child so as to improve the attention span. And allow them to work more diligently. Keeping in mind these benefits of reading. It is extremely vital to inculcate and incorporate the reading habit in your child.


The digital revolution has stuck every household with ferocity unlike any other. And now smart phones and tablets are an essential part of households as well as individuals lives. First, digital games slowly replaced outdoor games for children. Until the playground became an alien land for kids of the 21st Century. A similar trend is being witnessed in the toddlers.


Safe Toys

And infants of today where smart phones are causing hindrances in the cognitive development of children. Where smart phones are being increasingly used to keep the little ones occupied instead of introducing toys. That enhance over all motor, language, emotional and social development. Toys not have to be safe for your little ones but also serve a more meaningful purpose such that they are in synchronization with the infant’s stages of development and cater to their developing abilities.


Toys and play have a vital role for baby’s cognitive development. Including their ability to understand their surroundings, think, communicate and react to different stimuli. Hence choosing the right toys is a crucial task. Here’s a guide to your child’s early development and the appropriate choice of toys for your newborn.


From birth up to three months

During this time from birth to three months of age. The child is still discovering their surroundings and adapting their vision. During the first month, the child can only see objects up to ten inches away. The sense to visualize colors has not fully developed. And the fine and gross motor skills begin to develop. At this stage, toys that entice a child’s sense of discovery should be introduced. Appropriate toys at this stage would be toys with soothing music and crib mobiles are an excellent choice.


As the child enters the second month they become more acclimatized to their surroundings. And begin to respond to sounds and recognize faces as well as become more social through gestures like smiles. The child also begins to appreciate colors and patterns. Introducing toys with sounds such as rattles of bright and alluring colors might be a good idea.


Toys for Six Months

As the child enters the third month of development. The child begins to develop taste buds and prepare for teething as the first tooth commonly erupts between three to six months. The child can also support their neck and lay on their tummy. In order to encourage cognitive development. A water play mat or interactive play gym can be introduced especially those with colorful objects.


And musical sounds to encourage the child to physically reach out for the object. The child’s ability for reaching out to objects is not fully developed but placing a rattle in the child’s hand. Would allow them to wave it around and experience exciting noises. A teether may also be introduced.


Apart from introducing the right toys. It is also important to spend time talking to your child in varying voices. And helping them stretch their limbs and slowly letting their hands over various toys. And encouraging them to hold toys can do wonders for the cognitive development of your newborn.

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