The Prime Development in Singapore – The place is all about luxury

Infrastructural prime development have bestowed our world with successful initiatives. As technology grows, the idea of innovation also heightens up. The growing population around the world has created a demand for more residential entities. Developers at each corner of the globe are planning to put their best efforts for us. Generally, what a home consists of?…. a kitchen, bedrooms, balcony, bathrooms, and living area. But the feeling of comfort and quality are the things which make the difference.

The Watergardens at Canberra Condominium is a new prime development made for residential purposes. It is located in the Sembawang area in District 27 of Singapore. The whole unit is intend to provide exceptional quality comfort. It is beautifully design and engrave with several facilities. It covers a total land of 27,566 square m and 455 units are being structure. The overall development of this project will be unique and different from others.

The facilities available for the future residents of the condo are:

  1. Good Environment –

  • The Watergardens at Canberra Condominium is cover with heavy green surroundings.
  • The trees everywhere ensure fresh and clean air to the population.
  • Gardens and playgrounds are link with the condominium which contains enough space to spend quality time with your family.
  • For nature lovers, the condo is surround by the most gorgeous parks in the city.
  1. Essential Amenities –

  • The condominium is center with many useful resources.
  • When it comes to school, the Hope Community Kindergarten and Xishan Primary School are locate just a few minutes away from residence.
  • For all those shopaholics, there are many malls locate within the vicinity such as Sun Plaza Shopping Centre, Sembawang shopping center, and many more.
  1. The interior and attachments in the Watergarden at Canberra Condominium

  • Enough space has been allocate for vehicle parking.
  • Fully air-conditioned and waterproof walls have been constructed.
  • Best quality furniture and mattresses have been establish in the condo.
  • The best technology and electric appliances are fit in every residence to enhance the degree of comfort.
  1. Entertainment and relaxation places –

  • Notable Parks locate near the residence offers long routes of cycling and good designate paths for joggers.
  • Beautiful scenic views are there which can make your mind and body so relax.
  • Sembawang Adventure training site offers campfires, dormitories, and many obstacle courses.
  • Sembawang hot springs keep a value of healing powers associate with nature.
  1. Hospitality –

  • There is no need to not worry about health care access because many reputable hospitals, and local clinics, are available within walking distance.
  • Yishun Community Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, and many others are locate near the Watergardens at Canberra.

About The Watergardens at Canberra Condominium

Many more prerequisites are ensure to the future owners of The Watergardens at Canberra Condominium. Interested buyers can visit the official website or can directly connect to the hotline number. Videos post there will give a list of the overall dimensions of the residencies.

From the ancient era, the human race has a tremendous need for shelter. From caves to huts and huts to cement houses- the world has gain success in the manufacturing of houses. Since the material progress bar has shown an increase, the overall growth and prime development have risen. The developed countries have shown a significant improvement at a faster rate. An infrastructural entity does not only mean a residence but a source of employment, and gross national progress.

Singapore addresses as an excellent site for several top-ranking infrastructure prime developments. They aim to provide extensive disclosure of opportunities to their residents. Nowadays, for every individual, a high standard lifestyle comes at the epicenter.

For the modern generation, one such outstanding condominium is The Watergardens at Canberra. It is locate in the 27 district Singapore. UOL and Kheng Leong are the project holders of this land. With a total land area of 296,721 square meters, it is well efficient to accommodate 455 units of residence. Sembawang is a well-known enclave of residence in Singapore. After reading the property review – The Watergardens at Canberra customers can have a clear prospect about its overall dimensions.

Some of the advantages for the future residents are:

  1. A landscape is situated close to nature

  • The attractiveness of Sembawang is enhanced by the availability of natural bodies around it.
  • Surroundings of trees make this area more beautiful.
  • Yishun National park, Canberra Park, and Sembawang Park are the center of attraction.
  • Sembawang hot springs and Sembawng Adventure training site promotes tranquillity and joy.
  1. Food catering services

  • Chong pang City Wet Market and food center is at 16 minutes distance from the Watergardens at Canberra. The Ho heng Kway Chap, Super Penyet, and Wan Xing Nasi are some of the popular stalls at Chong Pang City.
  • Yishun 925 Chicken Rice is located at 12 minutes walk from the residence. Residents can enjoy the perfectly cooked chicken at an affordable price.
  • Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice is a clay pot rice special food service. It lies within 13 minutes walk from the Watergardens at Canberra.
  1. Shopping centers

  • Sembawang Shopping Centre is a family-centric mall. During shopping, you can get everything under one roof. The bookstores, fitness, restaurants, supermarkets, electronic, departmental store many other facilities are available for the customers.
  • Sun Plaza Shopping Centre also offers a range of services just near the residence like Fashion shops, banks, IT shops, Starbucks, dance school and library are some of the services offered to the visitors.
  1. Health and Fitness

  • Health is playing a major and of utmost importance for every individual. It must be available at its minimum distance from the residence.
  • Nearby gyms and many hospitals are best to meet the resident’s requirement.

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Property review – The Watergardens at Canberra is available for all the investors in town looking for a prime development. The official website of the project assists them with a more reliable sort of perception.

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