The Reasons To Hire Expert Services Of Pre-Sale Renovation Company

Once you have decided to sell the house, then the one thing that can help you increase the value of the house and make it shine in front of potential homebuyers is ‘renovation.’

If you have lived in a house for quite some time, then faults and damages are bound to happen. You may fix the minor issues on your own, but some of the significant issues, such as roof seepage, damaged drainage pipes, and old electrical connections, are not only costly to repair but require professional help.

Why Renovation Necessary when selling the house

If you have a busy personal and professional life, then taking on a big task such as remodeling a house as a DIY (Do It Yourself) project may not possible for you as renovating an entire house requires extensive work that only professionals such as electricians, carpenters, and plumbers could manage.

You need to contact a professional pre-sale renovation company to manage all the repairing and remodeling work expertly. The main goal of the renovation is to improve both the interior and exterior looks of the house and improve the comfort level.

A pre-sale renovation from the name suggests you are looking to enhance the livable space for future buyers that may help you to sell the house at a profit. Some of the important tasks that the pre-sale company perform include

  • Cleaning the property

The first and foremost task is to address the existing condition of the house, which begins with cleaning the house and removing all the dirt and debris. Once the mess is cleared, the contractor can get a better measure of renovation required for the house.

  • Removing clutter

One of the best ways to speed up the sale process is by decluttering and removing personalized items. Potential homebuyers like to picture the house with their own belongings and possessions.  Clearing the cabinets, shelves, and closets will make the house appear more spacious, and the potential homebuyers can envision their things while going through the rooms.

  • Fixing both the minor and major issues

When you face a minor problem, you may delay it and find time to fix it. But home renovation is a process where there is an option to fix both the major and minor damages and faults once and for all.

  • Improve the design and functionality of the rooms

The design and appearance of every room matter, but two rooms that require particular remodeling are the kitchen and bathroom. According to numerous studies, bathrooms are always the one factor that can make or break a sale of the house.

If the bathroom looks nice and working fine, then you may look for minor changes such as

  • Replacing the vanity
  • Putting a new shower head, faucet, and tub
  • Installing new stylish cabinets and lighting system
  • Clean and enhance the exterior space

The first impression is the last impression for most potential homebuyers, which is why it is necessary to enhance the exterior looks of the house. Beautiful exterior remodeling and landscaping will improve curb appeal and help close the sale deal. The landscape can be upgraded with

  • Clearing the weeds
  • Trimming the trees and bushes
  • Fertilizing the front lawn
  • Cleaning the sidewalk and driveway


  • Updating the flooring of the house

Most homeowners emphasize the wall, ceilings, and other decorations of the house and ignore the floor, which is also an essential element. A wonderful hardwood floor helps to enhance the looks and value of the house. Today, putting carpets in every room is considered old fashion, and instead, people love to install vinyl, tile, and timber floors.

  • Install energy-efficient electrical components and appliances

Another essential aspect of home renovation is to remove the old and worn-out electrical supplies, components, and gadgets and install new and energy-efficient ones. By installing modern appliances and gadgets, you not only cut the energy costs but also improve the value of the house.

The advancement of technology has given way to applications through which you can even manage the entire electrical supply of the house.

  • Painting the house

The last step of pre-sale renovation is applying a fresh coat of paint on both the interior and exterior side of the house. A home renovation is always incomplete if the house is not painted. Fresh paint is like icing on the cake and adds a subtle touch to the beauty of the house. The popular color options that suit a house are white, grey, beige, and light blue.

Once you contact a renovation company, a representative will visit your house to know about the extent of remodeling required along with a discussion of budget and amount of repair and upgrade required. The fewer changes a potential homebuyer, the more desirable your house will be and would pique interest.

A renovation expert’s emphasis is to perform cost-effective improvements to help homeowners sell the house quickly and get noticeable profit from the sale. Some of the key things to consider for homeowners are

  • The current real estate market is a stable seller’s market
  • If the real estate agent has experience of pre-sale renovation
  • A reliable, qualified, and experienced contractor will manage the renovation project
  • The contractor will source for the materials, accessories, equipment and also assemble a skilled team of workers and professionals
  • The project will be completed within the given timeline and budget


You need to hire not only the services of a real estate agent but also research the price of houses recently sold in your neighborhood. The price of the house varies with the housing neighborhood, the construction and design of the house, and the life of the house.

Once you get to know the estimated sale price of the house, then you can manage the renovation work and budget accordingly. You must know the cost of the overall renovation and what return it will give to you.

The renovation process could be anything from simple repair and modification to extending space and completely renovating the entire house, not just the kitchen and bathrooms. The renovation company takes care of every little detail, from design specifications to permits and licenses.

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