Things That Come Under The Job Of An Orthopaedic Surgeon


Orthopaedic surgeons are specialized doctors who got certification in orthopaedic surgeries. The surgeons do know about the diagnostic procedures and medication but they are usually sticking onto surgery procedures and aftercare only. There is a difference between orthopaedic doctor or specialist and orthopaedic surgeons. An orthopaedic specialist cannot perform surgeries. They can only diagnose the problems and give initial medications if the case is not very severe. 

In severe cases like sports injury and bone breakage, orthopaedic doctors refer to orthopaedic surgeons for further procedures. Surgeons can perform various types of surgeries and procedures and are specialized in the musculoskeletal system, which includes the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves and upper skin. Many great orthopaedic surgeons in Pakistan can perform surgeries with expertise and care. Whereas, many orthopedic surgeons in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other big cities have done further specialization into some particular joints or bones. 

Surgeons can perform minor to major operations based on their experience, knowledge and expertise. The surgeons are usually on-call doctors who come particularly for specialized surgeries. Some of them have specialized in the spine, some have more experience in ankles and foot and some are certified for hip and knee joints only.

In some hospitals, surgeons are the siting doctors too. They diagnose the patient problem first and ask them for some x-rays and test for a second opinion and confirmation. After that, they educate the patients about the problem and propose the best solutions available. Sometimes the things get resolve with medication and physiotherapy and some time you need to do the surgery option. For that purpose, sometimes initial procedures like pre-medication are required to prepare the patient for the surgery. Let’s see what things, procedure and surgery work comes under the job of an orthopaedic surgeon briefly.


This comes under the job of an orthopaedic surgeon, this is a process or procedure that uses specialized equipment with cameras to look into the joints deeply and treat the minor issues with the equipment provided. Arthroscopy is usually done in the stating procedures of diagnostics where the surgeons insert equipment with an integrated camera in the human body to see inside the joints what is happening. After that, the surgeons start the procedures.

Open reduction or Internal fixation (ORIF) procedure:

Internal fixation is a method or medical Health procedure to hold broken pieces of joints or bones in their proper position with alignment with the use of metal plates, medical insertion pins, or medical screws until the bone is healed. Surgeons choose this procedure to hold the fractured pieces and bones parts together at the right angles. This will ensure the right healing of bones and joints in the right position. Many orthopedic surgeons in Pakistan can perform this procedure is fast and less paining methods with great expertise. Many orthopaedic surgeons in Lahore and other cities have specialized in only this fixation too. The metal screws or rods can be temporary as well as permanent depending upon the condition or damage level.

Major fractures or bone breakage

During accidents or unexpected fall can give you serious injuries. A major fracture can make you paralyse if not treated properly. In major fractures bones or joints, pieces are broken and cannot be healed with a normal bandage or plaster. These fractures need expert help who can treat them through different procedures. One of them is internal fixation. Other than that, splints can be added to stop the rapid movement of a broken limb. Braces and metal rod insertions to join the crushed bones area with others. Orthopaedic surgeons are certified to perform these procedures which regular orthopaedic physicians or specialists cannot do. Muscles, ligaments or blood vessels that are damaged due to injury or accident are also repaired during such procedures.

Joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement surgeries are of many types. Sometimes the whole joint is replaced and sometimes partial parts are replaced which are damaged. Knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries are part of this branch. These surgeries required great attention, experience and stamina to perform accurately. These surgeries are one of the major bone surgeries and required a lot of expertise to precise work on these joints. Only those surgeons who are specialized in joint replacement in orthopaedics are allowed to perform these surgeries. Other than knee and hip replacement, ankle, elbow, wrist and shoulder joints are partially and fully replaceable also. 

Arthritis patients can get great relief from these surgeries. Joints pain are majorly caused by cartilage damage between two joints or bones. The surgeries especially total joint replacement surgeries can do a great help for such patients having severed arthritis problem. They can get complete relief from the chronic pains they are facing while performing day to day activities and even while resting.


Every one of us must know the procedures, surgeries and work type of doctors including orthopaedic surgeons so that he can differentiate when to go to which doctor. This guide will help you know about the work or an orthopaedic surgeon so that anytime in future if you are facing one of the discussed problems, you can contact a surgeon for that. 

Many renowned hospitals have the best orthopaedic surgeons in Pakistan. The doctors on the panel are expert in their branches and can perform the relevant part of surgery with great confidence and expertise. They have many successful surgeries on their record. Normally surgeons especially joint replacement specialist surgeons are available on call or pre-booked appointment in the hospitals. 

General orthopaedic doctors are available all the time. Medication and physical therapy can reduce joints pains but to some extent only. Other than that, surgeries are required in most cases either accidental or due to arthritis pain. Several orthopaedic surgeons in Lahore are specialized in bone repairing, hip and joint replacement surgeries and works in renowned hospitals of the city known for their orthopaedic procedures. You just need to search and select the right surgeon for your problem and you are ready to go.

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