Three Major Reasons of Your Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Rejection

There are several aspirants who have finished graduation studies in Australia and are now planning to shift permanently to the country. Are you one of them? You may consider extending your stay in the country which is possible if you apply for a temporary graduate visa subclass 485.

This Visa lets you extend your stay in Australia on a temporary basis after you have finished your graduation and you may utilise this brief time period by engaging in any academic or professional course. This engagement may reflect on your purpose strongly that will eventually give way to your permanent residence in the land of Australia.

If you are considering the option of applying for Visa subclass 485, you must be aware of the proceedings of the Visa application and the subsequent process that you have to comply with. Failing to do so might lead to your temporary graduate visa 485 rejection and it is extremely time-consuming to re-apply again.

Important aspects to know about

The application for graduate Visa 485 is an important step towards securing your permanent stay in Australia. It gives you time to prepare everything for a permanent residency. However, people face rejections while applying for a temporary Visa due to various reasons. We will highlight those reasons today.

  • First and foremost, you must have complete knowledge about the eligibility criteria and every other requirement that are necessary for the graduate Visa. Failing to produce any needful document will lead to its cancellation. After developing complete knowledge about the documents that are required, collect and compile them.
  • Do not forget to bring any documents on the date of your appearance. If you have any doubts regarding what documents you need to produce, consult your nearby migration agent Adelaide who will provide you a complete insight upon what you need to bring and how you can ace your Visa interview.
  • The greatest setback on failing to produce needful documents can result in a massive delay in your application process. As a result, a lot of time and money will go down the drain while you wait for your Visa to be generated. Sometimes, this affects your application process as well, resulting in a delay in getting a grant for application which can hamper your entire Visa process and not to mention, impose mental stress on you as well.

It’s Time To Look At The Top 3 Reasons Of Getting Your Visa 485 Rejected –

  • Inability To Produce The Required Documents

Again and again, we are stressing this: Produce each and every valid document that is needed to get your Visa implemented. You have to produce many documents so it is always better to keep a track of what you need and start compiling them. If you cannot show them a certain document, the Visa department wouldn’t take the responsibility for it and may lodge a refusal. However, they also might extend your Visa application date within which you have to produce it. Failing to produce documents within a specific deadline can result in a deadlock and you may have to say farewell to your wishes and dreams.

A letter of completion from your educational provider is absolutely necessary along with details about the starting of your course and its tenure. Other details about your course, University details, the language of communication must also be provided by your educational provider along with a letter asking grant on your behalf.

Apply For an AFP (Australian Federal Police) Check

You, along with your dependents must apply for an AFP check within a year of your application. In your application, provide evidence of a copy of your AFP check and your receipt number along with the payment receipt.

What results is refusal maybe your inability to show that you have requested an AFP check within the period of 12 months of your application. Or, if you don’t select Code 33 and select something while filing the purpose of check section in the AFP check.

  • Failure To Lodge The Application Within The Stipulated Time

This looks like one of the most serious careless mistake one can ever commit; do not be one of them. While you are holding your student visa 500, apply for your graduate visa 485 within 6 months of the completion of your academic course. The period of your tenure is extended till 6 months after your studentship is over and the last date is counted to the date your result is declared. If you think that that the day you are receiving your convocation is the final day, you are wrong as that day may vary on several occasions.

Inability To Finish Your Course

Keep this in your 485 Visa checklist: Completing a degree, trade qualification or Diploma successfully. The course you have pursued must be under the registration of the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRISOS) and should be completed over 16 months of your stay in Australia at least. You have to complete at least 2 years of academic study in English as the language of communication.

Speak to your immigration agent Adelaide if you have any ifs and buts about the requirements. It is important that you have been physically present in Australia for at least 16 months while pursuing academic study.

  • Selecting Wrong Graduation Visa Stream

You have to either select Post Study Work Stream or Graduate Work Stream. While selecting your visa stream, learn about them and see the criteria that fits you. The graduate workstream is for the students who have completed a course and are subsequently qualified with a specific skill(s) that comes under the Skills Occupation List. This will help them have an occupation while they are staying in Australia.

As for Post Study work team, those with a graduation certificate from any of the Australian universities can apply for this stream. You have to be granted your student Visa so that you can proceed with the rest of the proceedings. If you are successful at applying, you will get a grant Visa for at least 2 to 4 years, depending on your qualification.

It is important that you get it done at the first attempt itself. Mistakes only lead to delay and that may complicate situations. Avoid all the hassles and get things completed within 485 Visa processing time so that the timing isn’t stretched further.

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