Tips And Tricks For Building Better Mental Health

Mental health is equally important as physical health. It is directly associated with the capability to deal with stress and overcome the challenges of life. There is no life without trials and tribulations, but strong mental health will help you expeditiously recover from life’s setbacks and hardships. A healthy state of mind is not just the absence of depression and mental illness, but it is the presence of positive characteristics.

We, in our society, acknowledge physical torture, but we fail to reflect the damage done to our mental health. The following tips will lift your mood and give you a better way to handle your emotions, and guarantee you robust mental health.

Talk It Out

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”  -Maya Angelou. 

If you are going through something, do not keep it to yourself; instead, share it with a trustworthy person. Venting out makes you feel light. It is futile to carry a burden on your shoulders all alone. Talking to a friend or an elderly will make you feel better. He/she can give you a piece of constructive advice. And sometimes we know everything like what to do, how to do, but we still need someone else to tell us that. And if you do not want others to know, then let it all out on a piece of paper. Writing a journal has been proven successful in reducing stress.

Go on a Voyage

Traveling is the only good addiction. Travel engages you in a hundred other things that are enough to distract you from things that are bothering you. Also, you get to meet new people making new connections. Traveling acts like therapy. Have you ever tried a cruise? Or just taking a dip in the ocean would be a stress-relieving idea. Beaches have countless water sports to offer, improving your mental health, such as parasailing, snorkeling, surfing, etc. You can also try areas close to ‘mother nature’ like camping on a mountain. You just need a large tent for camping if you are going in a group. If you are a solo traveler, a small-sized tent would also do. And if you are short on time and pockets, you can take a tour in your vicinity. But go out and better be exploring the gems hidden within your own town.

Limber Up and Drill

If you feel low, sad, or depressed, then a very effective way is to work out or do yoga. Through workouts, you release your negative energy in the right place. And yoga helps you keep calm and relax your muscles and ultimately giving peace to your mind. And if you are too lazy to work out and do not feel like doing yoga as well, then just run. Go out to a serene place for a run and try to compose yourself. Running helps to control stress levels and boost the body to deal with tensions.

Good Nutrition

A healthy diet plays a major part in uplifting your mood. What you eat reflects your mind. Your eating habits say a lot about your mood, including citrus fruits and green, yellow and red vegetables in your diet plan. It directly affects how and what you think and feel. An unhealthy diet can militate good sleep, making you grumpy and weakening your immune system in the long run.

Learn, Fail and Try Again

Learn new skills. It will engage you in something productive and will give you a purpose. If you are into cooking, you can try your hands on new recipes. This will also be an advantage to your peeps around. You may also try a few DIYs at home. Invest your time in pursuing your passion. If not now, then when? Do not be afraid of failing. Failures are a part of success. Fail, and try again. You will eventually get better and succeed. The most important thing to learn that new skill is to enjoy. So do not be harsh on yourself but have fun in the process.


Success brings happiness. A sense of achievement will bring tranquillity. It will build self-confidence and increase your self-esteem. So focus on your short-term and long-term goals. Once you achieve them, you will know what it feels like to be something, something on your own. It will also teach you to be enough for yourself. You will stop depending on others. You will also have financial independence. Make it a habit to write three short-term goals every day and try to achieve them daily. Also, set a time limit to attain your deep-rooted objectives and try pulling them off in the allotted time. Get, set, and conquer!


There had been a taboo earlier. People were reluctant to talk about depression. But times have changed now. The world offers a much more safe space now. If there are hundreds of people to criticize you, you will find a thousand more who will support you. So, let us all join hands together in this and support each other. Let us make the world a haven where we are kind to each other. But first, it begins within us. We should stop judging ourselves and accept our flaws. We must stop grating and rankling our own selves. Self-love is what is important for our mental health, and we need to chase our own love instead of seeking it from

others. As they say, “happiness lies within.”

NOTE:-You must seek a professional’s help if your mental health is triggering too much and is severe.

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