10 Important Tips That Can Help Operate a Wheeled Excavator

Lifting fully suspended materials using a crawler or wheel excavator necessitates planning. Along with extra caution, and appropriate operator training. If proper lifting procedures are not followed on a regular basis, it can lead to project setbacks. Machine instability, and extra stress on the equipment, can result in unnecessary downtime.

  • Know Your Excavator

All excavator operators should be aware that a crawler or wheel excavator’s lifting capacity is limited. This is by two factors, hydraulic or tipping restrictions. The term “hydraulic limited” refers to an excavator’s ability to lift a load being constrained by its hydraulic power. While lifting a load, the excavator’s tipping limit is the point at which it starts to lift off the surface.

  • Don’t Overload the Equipment

Excavators go through tests to see how much load they can reliably lift. This test happens at different heights and distances from the machine’s centerline. They make lift charts on a computer-based on that data. And print them in the user manual. Or post them in plain sight of the operator, like a decal in the excavator cab. Follow the instructions in the lift charts provided by the industrial equipment supplier.  Do not surpass the recommended lift capacity. This way you can extend the life of the equipment and reduce machine wear.

Although it may appear that lifting material with an excavator is easy. It is critical to adhere to an excavator lift chart. They specify the appropriate load limit at different boom angles, lift heights, and swing radius. It will be far more effective when stacking material if you follow the lift chart for your entire range of motion. Make sure the object you are placing is within the appropriate weight range. There are details showing the machine configuration at the top of the lift chart.

  • Follow the User Manual

In large or mid-range excavators, there could be several lift charts depending on variations. Such as boom length, arm length, counterweight size, and track shoe width. Certain manufacturers may include the bucket size in the lift chart. The weight of a bucket may come into light when the company adds it to the lift chart. In case the lift chart does not provide the bucket. The operator must determine how much weight is on the machine’s end. A couple, a bucket, the lifting apparatus itself. And the weight of the material or object being moved are all included in this.

It is worth noting that loads marked with an asterisk on the lift chart are restricted by the machine’s hydraulic capacity. They do not really exceed 87 percent of the hydraulic lift capacity according to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The equipment’s stability limits rated loads that remain unmarked. They cannot exceed 75 percent of the tipping load. Whenever you are looking for an excavator for sale in Texas, whether in Houston, Dallas, or anywhere else. Make sure to go over the lift chart provided for it.

  • Jobsite Maintenance

You are accountable for all worksite and lift-related issues as the operator. You will need to be able to respond quickly to changes in possibly dangerous circumstances. This may include the condition of the equipment. The strength of the surface beneath the excavator, and the ability to move with the load.

  • Sturdy Ground

Place the excavator on a firm, level, and equally supporting surface at all times. Lifting should not be attempted on soft or uneven ground or slopes.

  • Check the Equipment

Check to see if the excavator has been upgraded and is in good working order. Before starting work, it is important to make sure the equipment is safe and ready to work.

  • Traveling with a Load

Avoid traveling with a suspended load. Also swinging it too quickly, or lifting with an uneven sling should be avoided as much as possible. When moving or transporting an excavator carrying a suspended load, use safety working tools. Such as an excavator’s lift eye, to ensure the security of the entire team.

  • Take Necessary Precautions

For the weight of the material, the loading equipment must be evaluated. Technicians must also be able to connect the loading equipment to the material being moved. Align the boom with the forward direction of machine travel before trying to pick and hold a load. When turning the machine, keep the boom in this position for the greatest stability.

  • Pick and Carry with Caution

As far as the conditions allow, keep the load as close to the ground as possible. To prevent the load from swinging back and forth, use sturdy ropes, also known as tag lines. Travel at a rate determined by the conditions on the job site. It is best to avoid abrupt starts and stops. Only turn when absolutely necessary. Do so at the slowest possible speed and with the widest possible turning radius. Always use the shortest possible lifting radius distance.

  • Trained Operators

It is extremely important to train your operators on how to handle the equipment that is being used. They should know how much load the machine can lift safely. And be able to handle different objects and materials being carried. When working in tight spaces, they should know how to remain productive. Also maintain the safety of the crew.

While owners may find it difficult to learn all the factors that go into operating a wheeled excavator. However, it is not impossible, to comprehend all of the factors that go into safely lifting equipment.

Ultimately, following the excavator lift chart is the best way to fully comprehend how to properly lift materials or equipment. If you have any concerns about how to read a lift chart or even how to properly lift material. You could also consult your instruction manual or go to your local supplier for assistance. Knowing your equipment’s limitations is extremely important if you want to keep it in good working condition.

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