Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools You Must Eye For

marketing automation tools

What is Marketing Automation?

The method of automating and scaling routine marketing functions is marketing automation. In order to help them achieve this, businesses focus on marketing automation tools, email marketing tools, and software. Platforms for marketing automation often enable businesses to measure the performance of their marketing activities.

Most applications of marketing automation are designed around leads and campaigns. Leads can be nurtured with appropriate, customized content in the marketing database.

Which is the Best Marketing Automation Tool?

Just email behavior, drip sequences, and CRM alerts are provided by several networks. Others can assist with lead rotation in sales, lead scoring, messages (SMS), etc. All the necessary features which you require for your project must be taken into consideration.

A platform with greater capabilities may be required for enterprises, B2C, and B2B businesses. Here are a few main areas to remember when you compare tech products for marketing automation to select the best one for you:

  • Ease of Use
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Support
  • Limitations
  • Pricing and Scalability
  • Integrations

Key Features of Marketing Automation Tool:

Marketing Automation began with just email. Today, for effective marketing campaigns, other digital platforms such as mobile applications, social media marketing, websites, etc. are all important.

Nowadays a majority of companies are using a form of marketing automation—in fact, surveys cite that about 50% of companies are actually using technology, and that figure is still increasing.

  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Lead management
  • Lead scoring
  • Landing page creation and customization

Features may vary based on the vendors & prices.

Without further ado, Let’s check out the top 10 marketing automation tools.

Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools:

  1. Omnisend:

A more robust platform than Omnisend is difficult to find for marketing automation. The omnichannel functionality is what separates omnisend marketing tools from other automation tools. omnisend allows connecting various platforms to the same workflow: email marketing, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more. This ensures that the clients will construct an interactive omnichannel experience, which instantly delivers them the message through the medium they have selected.

Cost: Includes Free Basic Plan, Paid Plan: $16/month-based features

marketing automation tools

  1. Marketo:

Adobe Marketo claims to have marketing automation covering every platform and any contribution. The activities/features list on Marketo has only increased since being purchased by Adobe. From online ads to social media to account-based promotions, their full-featured platform can manage anything, making it a very good choice for broader marketing operations.

Cost: Not Disclosed

  1. Eloqua:

Through working alongside virtually every other product in the marketing belt, Eloqua is a part of the suite of tools of Oracle that separates it apart. Eloqua contains over 700 integrations, which ensures it will make the marketing process more customized and streamlined at every stage. It is also among a few marketing automation tools with an explicit focus on servicing corporations and B2B marketers.

Cost: Not Disclosed

  1. HubSpot:

For a few factors, HubSpot’s Marketing automation tool is radically different from other channels for marketing automation. For one thing, their emphasis on inbound marketing is unmatched (including content and search marketing). They also have the additional value of the Sales and Support Centre’s, which ensures that even across divisions, your staff can work together easier.

Cost: Starts from $50-$3200/per month based on features

  1. Pardot:

A marketing automation tool that is fulfilling the needs of Business-to-business marketers, with support for topics like reporting, analytics & account-based marketing services, is Pardot. The Salesforce collaboration makes Pardot part of a comprehensive suite of tools that work together to enable sales and marketing teams to work together to be more effective.

Cost: Ranges $1250-$4000 per month

  1. Active Campaign:

Active Campaign performs perhaps the best job as a marketing automation platform in working automation through the operations of actual people. The truth is that marketing algorithms do not do anything. There are facets of marketing that require a human touch. Instead of removing them, Active Campaign designed their applications around that, incorporating functionality like reminder emails that inspire advertisers and salespeople.

Cost: Starts from $9-$400 per month

  1. Mail Chimp:

Mailchimp is rising from an email marketing platform to a full-blown solution for marketing automation. Mailchimp is one of the original email marketing solutions, though its extended capabilities continue to be checked, and they have converted the knowledge into a rock-solid and capable platform for email automation that is a breeze to use.

Cost: Starts from $14.99-$299 per month

  1. Automizy:

Automizy is an email marketing tool developed to maximize the open rates by offering a package of features that help increase open rates for emails, such as testing a subject line for artificial intelligence, unopened emails (resending), A/B checking, and segmented email automation. Automizy keeps the message clear and individualized.

cost: Starts from $9-$199 per month

  1. Constant Contact:

Constant Contact is the automation of email marketing tailored to smaller firms. You can create automated trigger campaigns using their platform, automatically gather new emails, and submit segmented follow-up messages. Your email software has all the characteristics you need for constant contact, without the mess that other tools drown you in.

Cost: Starts from $20-$335 per month

  1. Drip:

Drip’s automation of email marketing is designed for eCommerce firms, ensuring that it integrates like all the other eCommerce software you use. Based on consumer behavior, you can create customized advertising and automate promotions. Drip also does more than email automation, but all of the communications is cohesive and functions together to push an order from consumers.

Cost: Starts from $49-$122 per month

Not every corporation or marketing team is prepared to automate their activities, but marketing automation software will drive a strong marketing plan to whole new heights when the time comes.

You will transform marketing ideas into A+ implementation on the scale by defining the specific needs and finding the best tool to satisfy them… So, you can waste less time on the nitty-gritty, and the enterprise can expand longer.

Bottom Line:

Marketing automation software tools have a lot of choices. It all depends on you, your technical skills, and your business purpose. it’s just about picking the right one.

Do you want anything unbelievably powerful and limitless? In the end, it will cost more and require time and effort to practice. By contrast, the cheaper alternatives may have too small a size. It’s, basically, a trade-off.

Author Bio: Ayush Gorte, Digital Marketing Analyst at NextRow, Best Adobe Marketo Consulting Solutions partner. He is a highly motivated digital marketer who drives his organization with his exemplary skills.

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