Top 10 Reasons To Learn DevOps – Why Learn DevOps

DevOps training will help you learn different DevOps tools and master various aspects of software development, continuous integration, operations, automated build, deployment, test, and continuous delivery. The DevOps course in Hyderabad will make you master different DevOps tools like Puppet, Git, Chef, Jenkins, ClearCase, Docker, SVN, Nagios, Ant, Ansible, and more. 

Every developer has to know why he/she must need to learn DevOps Course in Hyderabad. Here, we are presenting the top 10 reasons for learning DevOps Course:

Top 10 Reasons To Learn DevOps

Top 10 Reasons To Learn DevOps
Top 10 Reasons To Learn DevOps

#1. 360 Degree View of the SDLC:

DevOps is involved in different stages  including:

  • Source Code Management
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Configuration Management
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Containerization

Once you are well aware of the DevOps development and get familiar with it, you will get a concept about the entire software delivery life-cycle (SDLC). As a developer, you will get to know what is happening in production and testing which is working on other profiles as well.

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#2. Learning DevOps will make you Separate from the Crowd:

With the knowledge of DevOps, you might be offering something good and unique to any organization. It will provide you with an edge over other competitors in an interview. 

#3. Become Valuable to Your Present Company:

Any good companies always looking for high skilled persons. Even most organizations for cost optimization purposes are always searching for people with a wide variety of skills. With the knowledge of DevOps, you will be highlighted and more valuable to your company as you know different tools and technologies that can be used for development, testing, and implementing purposes.

#4. Disclosure to Different Tools:

DevOps can work on different phases and for each section, there are several tools that can be used such as Jenkins, Git, Puppet, Selenium, Chef, Nagios, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, etc.

#5. Less Failure in Software:

One faulty in any line of code can cause severe issues for the entire organization or state or even country. So, the major software failures can even literally lead to life or death. For example, Toyota vehicle acceleration errors can cause fatal accidents due to software malfunction, and again medical radiation therapy in the wrong way can kill a patient. 

Developers maybe sometimes not aware of what happened to their code after it was passed through the operations team and vice versa. Any business is involved with the Developer in the bigger picture to help them achieve their goal but arising of such problems can create a huge effect on business.

In such a case, the solution is DevOps. It ensures that the development team would have a better idea about all the other teams of DevOps, feedback is given pretty early and chances of improving the code have also increased. 

#6. Faster Releases:

The SDLC process will be agile with the help of DevOps. It ensures time releases. Companies are able to understand the user’s behavior quickly and then incorporate those changes in the next release. This will provide the organizations with an edge over its competitor companies and users will also get a better product. This can happen due to different phases involved in DevOps and several tools. It will not only do Continuous Delivery but also Continuous Deployment. Like, if we are talking about Amazon, then we can say that engineers are deploying code on an average of every 11.7 seconds.

#7. Fast Career Growth:

Up-scaling yourself especially when you are a developer is important because nowadays technology is evolving at a rapid pace. You need to become more valuable to the organization, where DevOps can play an important role. This is the way of increasing your career growth in different well-reputed companies throughout the world.

#8. Learn DevOps and Get High Paid Job:

DevOps professionals are always getting high-paying jobs across the globe whether it is UK, USA, Canada, or India.

#9. Easy to Get Job:

The demand for DevOps professionals all over the world is pretty high but presently, there are not enough skilled professionals to meet the desired requirements for DevOps roles as well as responsibilities. If anyone who is in the development field, wants to make a mark for him in this, then there are huge opportunities lying for them as DevOps can be a good career opportunity for them. 

DevOps will provide you with the facility that we all need whether developers or organizations in today’s market and the person who is good in that will definitely be in high demand and get a successful career.

As per CIO insight, Companies are able to increase the frequency of their deployment by 50% by adapting to DevOps Practices which can also save up to 46% in cost on other hand.

There has been an increase of 22% in the base of the customer which has also been observed in some cases. It can also boost the chance of getting hired easily but you must have good hands-on knowledge and skill on various DevOps technologies and tools. 

#10. Learn DevOps is easy:

People from different technical backgrounds are able to learn DevOps. Even if you are fresher but you have basic knowledge of Linux and any other scripting language. you are able to learn DevOps. So, developers from any background are able to learn DevOps and build up their careers in this field. 

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Now, when you become a DevOps Engineer, you would be able to understand the Software Development Lifecycle and have an outright understanding of different automation tools to develop digital pipelines (CI/CD pipelines). 

After learning Azure DevOps Training and becoming a DevOps Engineer, you can work with developers and IT staff to oversee the code releases. They might be either developer who will get interested in deployment and network operations or system admin who have a passion for coding and scripting and move into the development side where they can improve the planning of tests and integration.

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