Top 5 Lipstick Plant Varieties and their Features

About 200 species can be found in the wild, but only about 15 species can be found at home. The most common species and varieties of the lipstick plant among gardeners will be listed later in this article.

What is a Lipstick plant?

The Gesneriaceae family includes Aeschynanthus. The name is derived from an Ancient Greek term that means “distorted herb.” This plant is still referred to as a “flower fondant” by many people. Such names are associated with the saturated painted flowers of Aeschynanthus, which have an extremely unusual turned shape.

Lipstick Plant or Aeschynanthus is an epiphany plant that grows on tree trunks. It comes from Southeast and Southern Asia’s forests: Indochina, India, and China. Evergreen branches can range in length from 0.3 to 0.9 meters. Among the forms of this kind are the copies presented by semi-bushes or hanging-down climbing branches. The sunbirds, which have a small and long beak, pollinate the flowers of this plant in the wild. Short root fleshy sheet plates are adorned with branches.


What are the features of the Lipstick Plant?


  • The lipstick plant is a lovely flowering indoor plant with lustrous leaves and unusual flowers. It gets its name from the flower buds peeking out of dark-colored tubes that resemble lipstick tubes.
  • This tropical houseplant makes a lovely show in front of a bright window and is a great choice for brightening up kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms.


What are the instructions for growing the Lipstick Plant?


Before you begin decorating your home with Aeschynanthus or a Lipstick Plant, you must first learn how to properly care for it. At the same time, you must keep in mind that growing it in room conditions and seeing it blossom is not easy. Certain requirements must be met for it to grow and develop normally.


These flowers can be used to decorate both the living room and the office. To achieve the majestic bush with the hanging-down leaves, several shanks must be landed at the same time. The Lipstick Plant appears to be suspended in a cachepot. It needs the proper treatment and optimum growth conditions to bloom regularly.


  • It is best to choose a well-lit location that is shielded from direct sunlight for a flower. The window sills in the western or eastern parts of the room are ideal for this reason. If the plant is only in the southern window, it must be protected from direct sunlight by a thin curtain; otherwise, burns will appear on the foliage surface.
  • Since the bush was so beautiful and full of blossoms, it needed to be shielded from extreme temperature changes. The best part is that it develops at a temperature of 20-25 degrees. With the approach of autumn, the bush is rearranged in a cooler (from 15 to 18 degrees) and well-lit position to see successful blossoming in the spring. You keep an eye on the temperature in the room to make sure it’s not below 15 degrees, or else the bush foliage will start to fly.
  • Watering can only be done after the top layer of the substrate in a pot has dried out several centimeters deep. After a moment, the excess liquid that had fallen onto a pallet is drained out safely. If the earth lump completely dries up, a flower may begin to float around the kidneys and flowers. Watering needs to be more sparse in the winter than it is in the summer.
  • The foliage of a Lipstick plant can store water in itself, so the low humidity of the air in the room isn’t a problem. In the summer, however, it is advised to humidify systematically with a sprayer 1–2 times per day, while avoiding water drops on the flowers. Using tepid water that has settled to moisten a vine.
  • During the spring and summer, bushes undoubtedly feed regularly. It is recommended that you use a fertilizer for blooming plants and take a half dose of the fertilizer recommended by the manufacturer for this reason. Fertilizing should be done once every seven days, and fertilizer should be introduced into the substrate at the same time as irrigation.
  • The top part of the bush foliage starts to fly during the growth and development period, which harms its appearance. It should be cut off systematically in this respect, and this can be done before or after blossoming. Long stalks must be cut in thirds and all dried-up leaflets must be removed for this reason.

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What are the varieties of the Lipstick Plant?

  • Aeschynanthus Marmoratus: This variety has spectacular foliage with strips of white stains on the soil. The wrong side of the leaf plates is painted chestnut, and the bush reaches a length of about 10 cm. It looks great in hanging pots. The flowers are unremarkable and of little aesthetic significance. Their green handset, which has brown specks on the surface and is surrounded by bright foliage, does not look very impressive.
  • Aeschynanthus Speciosus: This plant is particularly common among gardeners. This shrub has stems that grow to be about 50 centimeters long. The oblong fleshy leaf plates range in length from 10 to 12 inches. They are emerald green in color, with red flowers against a white backdrop. In racemes, flowers on the tops of branches collected 10-12 bits. The orange-red Corolla has a tube that ends in a bend and is divided into five segments, similar to the blades on the outside. A brownish-red spot in the form of a Crescent can be found on each of the bends.
  • Aeschynanthus Pulcher: Aeschynanthus pulcher and Aeschynanthus speciosus are considered interchangeable by some growers. These plants, however, vary significantly. The foliage of Aeschynanthus speciosus is smaller and runs around the edge of the red edging. Stems with a pale-red axis, as well. The saturated red flower measures about 60 mm in diameter, with a light pink Corolla throat.
  • Aeschynanthus Twister: The stems and leaves of this magnificent plant have an odd curved shape. On the outside, they resemble lovely curls. Its glossy wax sheet plates are dark green. The tops of branches and leaf axils are covered in reddish-orange flowers.
  • Aeschynanthus Mona Lisa: This plant is different from the others in that it is much easier to grow at home because it needs little maintenance. Dark green leaves with a distinct median vein hang from the hanging branches. Dense racemes of rich red flowers are produced on the tops of the stems.




Lipstick Plants started to gain popularity among flower growers due to their effective saturated-green foliage as well as beautiful orange or red flowers. Sheet plates in the shape of an oval with a pointed tip, with a width of about 40 mm and a length of about 100 mm. If you are planning to buy a Lipstick plant- the most common varieties of Lipstick Plant have been mentioned above.


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