Top 5 Programming Languages That Promise A Safe Career

The COVID-19 outbreak got us worried about a lot of things- ourselves, our family & friends and our careers. The in the United States by April 2020. The number is expected to rise as the second wave of the pandemic hits the world harder. Though over 30 million people lost their jobs in this pandemic, there’s still hope in one sector, the IT sector.

The pandemic made the world more tech-focused and data-driven. From purchasing groceries to consulting with a doctor, everything (almost) is digital now. This digital transformation of the world has led to an increase in demand for graduates with programming assignment help skills. Enrolling in coding courses is one of the best ways to future-proof your career during these uncertain times. But, the question is, “Which programming language should you learn?” Here are the top five popular  languages in 2021 that promise a safe career ahead.



Java ranks 3rd on the list of popular programming languages presented by the It follows the ‘Write Once Run Anywhere’ approach, where you can execute the language on any platform that is compatible with Java. Though a little complicated to learn as compared to other languages, Java can help you earn at least $79,000 every year once you get the hang of it. It is widely used in building mobile and desktop applications. The backend of popular websites like Amazon and YouTube are based on Java.

Here are the real-world applications of Java:

Android Apps- The apps that you see, download and use in your Android phone are mostly written in Java along with Google’s Android API. The API is, however, similar to JDK. Global investment banks such as Standard Charted, Goldman Sachs, etc., use Java to write confirmation systems, front and back office electronic trading systems, etc.
Web applications- Lots of healthcare, government and defence departments build their web applications using Java. Struts and JSP based web applications are also often used on government projects.
Big Data technologies- Big data technologies such as Hadoop are also using Java. Examples include ElasticSearch, Apache’s Java-based Accumulo and HBase. The usage of Java in Bog data has just begun. It is more likely to get a major share if ElasticSearch or Hadoop goes big in the future.

A majority of world-renowned platforms like YouTube and Facebook are based on JavaScript. It consists of a flexible syntax that enables the coder to run this language on any major browser. You can use this language to build the front-end or the server-side of applications. However, I mainly use it to add responsive elements on web pages. From game development, web applications to mobile apps, Java is applicable to different types of purposes. Unlike other coding languages, JavaScript is compatible with React, Node, Vue and other such frameworks.

What s JavaScript used for?

Making web pages interactive

Companies use JavaScript to allow users to interact with their web pages. Here’s what you can do to your web pages with this coding language:

Show or hide details with just a click of a button
Modify the color of a button as the mouse cursor hovers over it
Zoom in or out on an image
Display a timer on the website
Show animations on the site
Integrate a drop-down hamburger menu
Building web and mobile apps

The frameworks of JavaScript are basically collections of JavaScript code libraries. These libraries provide pre-written codes to developers that they can use for routine programming tasks and features.

Creating web servers and developing server applications

Coders can also build simple web servers using JavaScript. It lets you develop the backend infrastructure after combining this language with Node.js.


Built on the basic concepts of C, this one is generally pronounced as C-Sharp. assignment help Microsoft App Development uses this programming language for all its software and applications. Several companies prefer this language because of its compatibility with cross-platform apps on the Xamarin platform. Besides designing applications, you can use C# for VR development and for building 2D and 3D video games. It ranks 4th in the TIOBE index and 5th in the PYPL index.

The applications where C# comes in handy are:

From Windows Client’s applications to backend and service-oriented applications, you can use C# bto build any app except anything related to non-Microsoft platform-centric code. The list of applications is:

Cloud-native apps and services
Web services and Web API
Windows libraries and components
Native iOS and Android mobile apps
Azure cloud applications and services
AI and ML
Blockchains and distributed ledger technology
Gaming systems and gaming consoles
Video games

You can use C# to build games, server-side applications, etc. because it is based on the .Net framework. The wide slew of libraries included in this language contributes to its efficiency and ease of use. The other remarkable features of C# are structured language, component-oriented, quicker compilation, and complete integration with the .NET library.


It is a server-side programming language that consists of in-built tools and modules. These tools and modules help in the backend development of websites. It takes only two to three weeks to get the hang of the basic concepts of PHP. This language even secured the 8th position in the TIOBE index of programming languages in 2020.

The main features of PHP are:

Simple and faster- PHP is simple to learn and easy to use as compared to other coding languages mentioned in this list. It is also faster than other scripting languages like JSP or asp.
Open-source- You needn’t have to pay to use PHP. Just download and start using it.
Case sensitive- PHP is case sensitive only at the time of variable declaration. However, keywords like if, else, echo, etc., classes and functions aren’t case-sensitive.
Loosely typed language- You needn’t have to declare the type of data in PHP. It will be automatically included during execution based on the type of data it has on its value.



Python is the buzzword among young coders pr coding enthusiasts these days. It is the easiest coding language to learn, write and run on devices. It enables the development of gaming platforms, web pages and smart bots. We have all noticed how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are intertwined in our lives in the form of Google Maps or cab-related services. Python has the potential to bring these two major technologies closer to us, thereby making our lives a tad easier.

What makes Python a great programming language?

Python is user-friendly. The syntax is precise, clear and intuitive. You can understand the basics of this language in a short span of time.
You can build a wide variety of applications using Python because it’s highly versatile. Whether you want to work on backend web development related projects or learn the open-source Django framework, Python comes in handy.
You can also Python libraries such as OpenCV to build programs in multiple fields such as image processing, computer vision, machine learning and data science.

Wrapping Up,

Hopefully, you have got the answer to your question, “what are the top 5 programming languages?” Programming is undoubtedly one of the safest careers for graduates amidst this pandemic. There is a sharp increase in the recruitment of young graduates who at least are familiar with any one of the programming languages mentioned in the list above. Pick a language, enrol in a course and secure your career stress-free.

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