Top 7 Common Prejudices about Customized Cosmetic Boxes

In this modernized culture where everyone loves using cosmetics to look gorgeous, brands need to consider the way they present their items. Luckily they have an option to look distinctive by using the customized cosmetic boxes. They fulfill all the requirements of brands, from safety to the presentation. Brands have the freedom to choose the desired material from cardboard, bux board, kraft paper, and various other types of materials. This beauty packaging looks gorgeous when customized with window panes, embossing, foiling, and various other similar techniques. Custom printing also fulfills their marketing needs by displaying the desired content engagingly.

An unfair prejudice against cosmetic boxes is not shocking when someone had a bad experience regarding their use. However, the only reason behind this aspect is opting for an inexperienced local manufacturer. Innovative packaging firms can really add value to the products by providing a creative and unique solution. Here are some common prejudices about them and a brief explanation of them.

They Have huge Minimums

The common thinking about these custom printed cosmetic boxes is that they have huge minimums. It is a misconception that a startup cosmetic company is unable to get them in the minimum amount. It is a fact that various firms provide a minimum starting from 1000, but it is not the case for the whole industry. Many innovative firms are providing a minimum starting from the 100 boxes. These firms listen to the requirements of brands carefully ad even provide them with a sample for testing. It is quite beneficial for the startup companies that are thinking of starting with some test products to check the liking trends of the buyers.

They are Less Eco-Friendly

Plastic has been a vital source in the shipping of cosmetic products in the past. There is a more probability that this prejudice has come against the custom cosmetic boxes wholesale from that time. There is no reality behind this factor as the market trends are getting changed. Now the preference of both brands and buyers has been changed. They prefer the use of sustainable materials to present the products. This factor has lead the innovative manufacturers to offer a wide variety of sustainable materials for the brands. The energy sources utilized to manufacture them are also renewable with zero impact on the environment. All of the sustainable materials like cardboard, bux board, and kraft paper stock remain unhazardous throughout their lifecycle.

All Boxes are the Same

This factor has also put the brands into a confused state, but it is not the case for custom cosmetic boxes USA. Every cosmetic box is not the same as the shapes, sizes, and thickness varies from product to product. Most cosmetic items are highly brittle and can get damaged. So, some special precautions are taken for this purpose. Moreover, they are given attractive shapes to grab the attention of buyers in the retail stores. Various types of customization techniques are utilized with the embellishment of fancy finishes. All these factors make them much appealing for the buyers, and hence higher sales volumes are enjoyed.

Lead time is Long

Some brands just choose the standard size cosmetic packaging by thinking that it will take much longer to get the delivery of their order. In fear of waiting for weeks, they become ready to compromise on the quality by opting for the local manufacturers. However, their lead time is not that long. The packaging and printing time depend upon the type of technology firms are equipped with. All the innovative firms ship the order after processing in 3 to 5 business days. Offset printing technology has a higher printing rate and is very effective for bulk printing. Usually, an urgent express delivery service is also provided to get them in more quickly. So, always opt for the packaging firms with the latest technology.

Liquid Substances Get Spoiled

There is a common prejudice against cosmetic packaging that the products like liquid base, nail polish, and lotions get spoiled because of less safety. However, it is just a misconception. Safety is given a top priority for all types of products, and a prior testing environment is also created to check the effectiveness of the boxes. Usually, the maximum percentage of the fresh material is added to them so that tensile and strong fibers could resist compression and other problems. The durable materials also shoe the resistance against the humidity and increased temperature so that quality should not get impacted.

Prices are Higher

The higher prices myth about the custom cosmetic boxes wholesale is just a hoax and nothing more than that. Their prices are much downed when you buy them wholesale directly from the manufacturers rather than opting for the open market or any third party. Firms offer various types of discounts in the form of bulk purchasing, free shipping, free design support, no die charges, and much more. Usually, some additional discounts are also offered by them on the arrival of occasional popular events like Christmas, Halloween, and New Year. The use of alternative material like post-consumed agricultural waste also contribute to the decreased prices.

Custom Printing is Complicated

Who says custom printing is complicated for the custom printed cosmetic boxes when a packaging firm has years of experience and a professional team of design experts. These firms utilize the best practices like creating the design in CMYK. It leads them to create an error-free design. All the colors are achieved exactly with the CMYK color schemes in offset printing. All the images are also optimized for high resolution so that they could appeal to the customers in the retail stores. This high-level professionalism leads to the successful design that makes the brands distinctive from the rivals in the market.

Hence, we can say that this prejudice against the custom boxes is totally baseless. Opting for reliable and experienced packaging firms can provide you with such a solution that can put your brand on the track to get successful. It requires just a little creativity and the search for such innovative service providers.


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