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Top 7 Easy Aquarium Plants to Buy


The plants are an innovative way to add attraction to your aquarium. It will not only help in enhancing the magnetism, but also it will provide fresh air and comfort of optimal habitat to the fishes.

The live aquarium plants increase the oxygen level in the water, which will improve the air quality and freshness. Plus, they also offer fresh food to the fishes. So, you don’t need to worry if you are not able to feed your fishes for a few days. The plants will fill up the nutrition needs of your fishes.

When it comes to purchasing aquarium plants, you will discover a variety of options on the web. The aquarium plants require special care and attention as compared to terrestrial plants. In some cases, they died within a few days due to lack of care.

So, if you are a beginner with aquarium plants, then you need to go with the easiest ones. Buy aquarium plants that require less attention and care.

Here we have mentioned a list of the top 7 aquarium plants that are easy to buy and maintain.

  1. Marimo Moss Ball:

It is one of the world’s easiest aquarium plants that you can buy. It is an inexpensive, easy to care and long-living plant, which will create an amazing atmosphere for your fishes. The plant will need is a good source of lighting as they make their food through photosynthesis.

  1. Dwarf Sagittaria:

Dwarf Sagittaria is also an amazing plant that you can buy from an aquarium plants store. It is a grass-like plant, which will stay short in high light and grow taller in low light. It will grow easily in your water tank without using any fertilizer. Moreover, you can grow this in specific areas of your fish tank easily and enjoy the greenness.

  1. Amazon Sword:

The classic aquarium plant that you can grow in your water tank simply. The plant is known for its huge growth that will cover the tank with luscious greenery. The plant doesn’t require a good source of lighting to grow. So, you can place your fish tank wherever you want.

  1. Cryptocoryne Wendtii:

It is a low-maintenance crypt, which will enhance the elegance of your aquarium. It is a slow-growing plant, which is ideal for small-sized fish tanks. You can keep them in any kind of lighting source as it feeds from its roots. So, you need to add root tabs regularly for the healthy growth of the plant.

  1. Bacopa Caroliniana:

If you want to give a try to stem plants in your aquarium, then bacopa is the best choice that you can buy for your aquarium online. The plant doesn’t require a high lighting source to grow and co2 injections as well. So, you can go with liquid fertilizers to keep the plant alive for a long time.

  1. Christmas Moss:

Moss is an easy aquarium plant, which is ideal for a breeding tank. The moss will cover the bottom of your fish tank completely and provide an amazing place for baby fishes to hide. Moreover, it will also work as fish food in your fish tank.

  1. Vallisneria:

Do you want to grow an underwater jungle? If yes, then Vallisneria is all you need. You can grow Vallisneria will spread in your water tank speedily by using root tabs and liquid fertilizers. These plants are ideal for fishes like goldfish or African cichlids.

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