Top 8 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Wholesale Business

Mobile marketing is an advance and effective technique for both wholesale and retail businesses. Every successful business must have involved mobile advertising in their marketing strategy.

Although it is famous and effective many businesses are not using it as they don’t have enough knowledge about it.

In today’s article, we will guide you about the effective ways of mobile marketing. Before this, let’s discuss how mobile marketing has become crucial in the wholesale business.

Why is Mobile Marketing Essential for Wholesale Business?

Mobile users are increasing rapidly. According to OBERLO, more than 68% of interested users are also mobile users. Due to this reason, it is the best way to convey business messages to the largest audience.

Another reason for the effectiveness of mobile marketing is the growing trend of business.

So, mobile marketing is the fastest way to get access to the target class of customers and becomes a key factor in the success of an online wholesale marketplace or wholesale business.

For wholesalers, being able to do business with mobile and sell to consumers is not an option, it is needed. Today’s tech-savvy shoppers expect to be able to find and purchase products on a mobile device despite the more complex shopping process. But there is more to it than just buying a mobile phone.

Business owners and executives want to monitor how their business is running from a mobile device. As a wholesaler, you’re on the move. You can go out on the field with sales representatives at home or in your warehouse, where you will need to check in to make sure your business is running smoothly.

Best Mobile Strategies for Wholesale Business

Following are effective mobile marketing techniques for the wholesale business.

  1. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website 

Now-a-day, the online presence of a business is a core factor.  But their little ignorance can affect the results. So, while designing a website keep in mind that it should be mobile-friendly.

Every user, who browses the website on their mobile phone, easily browses every product of the business. Every feature should be easily accessible by mobile.

  1. Use Google AdWords for Specific Mobile Users 

Google AdWords is the best option for mobile marketing campaigns. With the help of Google AdWords, a specific advertising campaign can be started for a specific category of mobile users.

For example, businesses know that their potential customers mostly use android cell phones. So specific campaigns can be designed for android users. In a way, your business messages can easily be conveyed to the target audience. That’s the reason the cost per click is increasing for mobile advertising as compared to other computer users.

  1. Generate Content for the Mobile Users

The next essential step to make mobile advertising more effective is that the content for marketing should be mobile-friendly. For example, on mobile, the size of pictures and videos matters a lot. The text should be short and precisely convey the message.

Similarly, other features of websites should be according to the mobile phone. So that these can be easily utilized.

  1. Advertise Through Facebook

Facebook is the most famous social media app. According to statistics, there are 2.7 billion Facebook users. That means a big portion of the world population is using Facebook.

Now, Facebook is widely used for business advertisement. Even small businesses can start marketing campaigns on Facebook. The specific advertisement of business is placed on the Facebook page.

  1. Use Text Messaging Marketing 

Apparently, it looks very tricky to start message marketing but not in real fact. It’s very easy to increase the sales of a business by message marketing.

The increasing number of mobile users makes it more effective and popular. Short messages can easily deliver vital information in less time anywhere.

  1. Advertising Through Push Notifications

Push notification is the popup message while using a specific application. With the attention of mobile users, it is the opportunity to market the business.

It is similar to a text message. A small message by a business that software delivers to the mobile user is more effective than message marketing.

  1. Advertise In Between Mobile Apps 

Another technique that is widely used in mobile marketing is advertisement between the apps.

Every mobile user has installed a number of applications according to their requirement. Such as games apps, shopping apps, etc. Of course, they have installed these apps to use and business messages can easily be conveyed there through advertising.

  1. Create a Mobile App for Business

Creating a mobile app for your business purpose is an important factor in mobile marketing.

With the mobile app, businesses can provide an easy way of browsing and exploring their products and deals. Furthermore, they can easily place orders and track orders.


Well, all these are effective for wholesale business but it is not possible to use all these techniques at a time.

There is a need to place a strategy, select some of the ideas that you find the most effective.  Review and change this strategy according to results and situation.

But don’t skip mobile marketing in your wholesale business marketing strategy.

Hopefully, you will find this information product for your wholesale business. Share your experience with us.

What is your opinion? Which mobile marketing techniques are most effective among the above list? Share with us in the comment section.

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