Best Suggested 10 Free Training Modules for Growth of the Employees

Training managers must maintain a productive workforce and opportunities to see the growth among the employees. A lot of organization tends to ignore training modules as they find it unnecessary and boring. Training modules become boring only when you choose the wrong types of training for the issues you are tackling.

Elearning is an attractive and commonly used tool for all companies out there looking to improve their employees’ knowledge. The perks of online modules are you can modify or adapt the modules depending on the modules of the company. The manager will be responsible for aligning the employee profiles with the company goals. This advantage helps employees gain specific knowledge, which eventually helps the company with achieving its goals.

Here are the 10 free training modules for employees:

Interactive learning

The essential training methods in the workplace are interactive learning, where people have their own learning experience.

The form can take the form of scenarios, quizzes, role plays, simulations, or games. Learners will be able to implement what they have learned by practicing new skills on realistic works. It can be pretty time-consuming, especially when they are acquiring regular feedback from an expert.

Safety in the workplace

There should be a proper work environment that encourages productivity, motivates, and encourages employees to identify unsafe behavior (if there is any). The work environment should be built so that employees can see opportunities for improving their working conditions. Whether you have already employed occupational safety experts or are keeping track of the occupational safety activities with an authorized person, an employer will always be responsible.

It comes under your responsibility to inform the employee about the obligations, individual responsibilities, maintain a code of conduct and safety at work. A proper list of instructions should be maintained in the employee training method. The employees need to have complete knowledge and abilities to create clear instructions for continuing work in a safe atmosphere.

Using Edapp can be a great start for spreading awareness for the new joiners as well as for the employees who have been working for years. This module will involve topics like personal protective equipment, safe lifting, slips, trips, and fall. In addition to this, you may cover other safety issues which are required for the industry.

Instructor-led training

This particular training module can be a highly effective method of employee training if you have to cover complex topics. Under this module, the manager will answer all the questions employees may have and direct them to relevant resources. This also helps with matching the training style and level of highly skilled instructors with the employees present in the room.

Coaching or mentoring

Coaching or mentoring focuses on building relationships between the employees and experienced professionals like team leader, supervisor, or a coach. This module involves one-on-one mentoring, and it turns out to be highly effective. Some employees might not be comfortable asking some questions in the presence, which they can easily discuss in the one-on-one training.

There is only one drawback- it can be highly time-consuming, but what could be more valuable than building a relationship between mentors and employees?

Group discussions and activities

Group discussion and activities can be a perfect training option where multiple employees learn how to cooperate with each other while working together on a project. Later, these activities are reviewed by the supervisor. This is a great team-building exercise, especially for the new employees. This type of training module is mostly used for challenges that require a collaborative approach to complex issues. If you are wondering what training activities will suit your organization’s needs, you can get some ideas here.

Establishing good COVID-19 practices

In terms of the current scenario, this module is very important for all workplaces. The primary goal of this training module is spreading awareness of the deadly pandemic and letting employees know about the ground rules and regulations they have to maintain when they are working in the organization to avoid any negative effects of the virus. The module will cover details regarding how are the symptoms of infection is spreading, the number of ways the virus can get transmitted, the vulnerable categories of people, prevention measures that need to be adopted for surviving in the difficult time.

Add all the good practices like wearing masks during working hours, sanitizing hands, and maintaining distance.

  1. Discrimination in the workplace

This module is about a series of insults or belittling on a personal or professional level by superiors or by teammates with whom the worker works. It is insulting to persistently showing mistakes in an employee’s work, assigning task that is far from their capabilities, calling names, gender-biased, interrupting work continuously, spreading rumors, harassing verbally or through phone, etc. This might result in severe mental disorders, feeling demotivated, taking frequent leaves to avoid the work environment, and ultimately resigning the work. Edapp training can also be used here to combat discrimination.

As a manager, you must take seriously combating discrimination and managing diversity in an organization to preserve equality in the labor market.

Dealing with performance issues

The growth of the employees can only be seen when you appreciate for a good effort or a work and address performance problems that should be improved. This kind of mentoring feedback will help correct their issues before they become a major part of their problem. Ignoring the performance management process often leads managers to respond harshly when their work performance has shown significant deviations. This could have been easily avoided if the manager had been up to rate my paper date with the responses.

Conflict resolutions

ToolingU produces a manufacturing training process, and the modules will be rich, detailed, and based on real experiences.

It is common to have a conflict between the employees in a work environment. As a manager, you must make them feel integrated and their voices had been heard. The primary goal of this module is to provide a more constructive conflict resolution which can be done b through open conflict and compromise.

Computer security and privacy

This module perfectly fits everyday business functioning. Most of the companies or organization works in computers or laptops. Hence the concern for the leaking of personal data is also increasing. This module is essential for raising awareness of possible data misuse, identifying threats related to computer and internet usage, and suggesting preventive measures to protect the employees’ privacy. Edjett can be the perfect e-learning publishing platform for this module, and it has an unbeatable course selection.

Wrapping up,

Since it is impossible to dedicate a lot of time to employee training, at least 24 minutes will be enough to create engaging and little fun-filled training modules for employees. Your employees are the biggest asset, so create these modules effectively to nurture them. They also need to feel that they are not stuck in one position. You can only make the growth happen by monitoring and mentoring them.


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