Types and Benefits of High-Security Locks for Safety

The entrance door is the first step towards the security of your house which restricts the entrance of burglars in your house. Keeping this factor in concern every person adopts all the precautionary measures that do not let anyone easily enter the house. Going through this reason there is a huge demand for locks that are well protected from the attempts made by burglars. As an impact of this the locks manufacturing industry has undergone vast changes. Nowadays you can find a wide range of high-security locks available in the market for residential and commercial purpose.

What are high-security locks?

As the name suggests these locks are developed to break the attempts made by burglars for entering your residential and commercial properties. These locks are enriched with the features like anti-picking, anti-bumping, and anti-drilling, which makes a robust solution to protect your properties. The metal used for developing these locks is of high quality and offers dual protection due to which it is almost impossible to even for a smart burglar to break them easily. One more interesting feature which makes these locks highly secure than the normal locks is, their patented keys due to which these locks cannot be opened without particular keys.

Understanding the benefits of these locks today there is a huge demand for them by the property owners. However, with this, there is also demand for expert high security door locks locksmith who expertise in their installation, repairs, and replacement, so that there is no damage to your property.

Types of High-Security Locks

While installing the high-security locks the important factor that needs to be paid attention is the relevance of its installation place. Remember installing the security lock doesn’t mean that the same type of lock cannot be installed at different places. It is therefore important to assess the condition of the place where it will be installed. The second important factor to keep in concern is the metal used for developing these locks. Normally these locks are made from stainless steel, galvanized, solid or reinforced steel. However, depending upon your budget you can also find the locks made from nickel and iron. The common types of high-security locks are mentioned below:

  1. Electronic Locks: Often referred to as smart locks, these locks are installed at the places that are visited by the masses like banks, hotels, shopping malls, museums, etc. These are available in different shapes and sizes. They do not any type of key to unlock them and operate with specific codes having the combination of both numeric and alphabet characters, Bluetooth application, fingerprint or a card.
  2. Mortise Locks: These locks have an integrated handle used for opening them from the inside through a device that helps in unlocking them. These locks are mainly installed on the doors inside the homes, bathrooms, offices, cinema halls, hospitals and different places. The main objective of installing these locks is to make a separation between two areas, and suitable to open from inside.
  3. Multipoint Locks: Keeping the extraordinary security provided by these locks they are mainly installed on the main entrance door of the houses. What makes these locks different from others are the number of bolts mounted across them including the top, centre, and bottom. There is one single system that locks all the bolts at the same time. It is very difficult to break them and therefore highly preferred by the homeowners.
  4. Bored Cylindrical Locks: These locks have a doorknob integrated into a single unit. Their work is almost similar to mortise locks, the only difference is that can be operated from both outside and inside through a button pushed inside the locks. These locks are mainly suitable for office purpose due to their locking feature from inside.
  5. Mortise Locks: Similar to bored cylindrical locks they also have a single unit integrated with a doorknob, which makes them suitable to be locked from inside.
  6. Cylindrical Locks: Because of their cylindrical shape they are known as cylindrical locks. They are available with different types of configurations including anti-extraction, anti-drilling, anti-bumping, anti-lockpick cylinders, according to the needs of the homeowners.

Benefits of High-Security Locks

After understanding the benefits of high-security locks, let us have a look at the benefits offered by them. Some of the benefits of high-security locks are summarized below:

  1. Best for Long-Run Use: This can be regarded as one of the most important benefits of these locks due to which it is almost impossible to break them. These locks are developed by two layers of biaxial cutting with angular cuts inside the locks, making them difficult to open forcefully by hitting the lock. As it is easier for the intruders to drill the housing of these locks, their housing is resistant to drilling, due to which it is impossible to get them separated from the doors.
  2. Rekeyable: A person cannot replace a lock every time if the key of his house or office is missing or replace the lock every time, when any of his employees leave the office. The rekeyable feature allows you to reset the settings of the lock yourself or through an expert locksmith whenever you feel its need, or any of your employees leaves the office. By resetting the setting anyone trying to access the lock with the previous key or setting will not be able to move inside your home or office.
  3. Can be Customized: Depending upon your requirement you can customize these locks and make them accessible only by the people according to your requirement. If you need to install these locks at different locations of your office, then depending upon your needs they can be customized.

After understanding the types and benefits of high-security locks, you can get them installed at your residential and commercial properties and protect them from the intruders.

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