Various Types Of Printing Techniques in 2021

Printing traditionally is a technique in which pressure is used to print an image on paper, cup, cardboard, brochures, banners, or any solid surface to form a body of text or illustration. However, specific modern techniques have now taken over the traditional process of printing. The several printing techniques used nowadays have replaced the former methods. Today’s printing can be described as a group of several techniques for copying or recreating text, image, or mixture of both.

There is no denying that most startups prefer digital platforms to promote their product and services, but you can’t ignore the importance of print-based marketing. There are plenty of printing services out there and doing great, indicating that the real marketers know the value of brochures, banners, billboards, flyers, and other printed marketing material. Printed products help the masses to understand your business better and allow you to target the masses effectively.

Whether it’s a newly opened restaurant or a state agency, print-based marketing plays a crucial role in promoting the business and attract more and more audiences to your business. If done with perfection, printing can create magic for your business. You can’t just rapidly increase brand awareness, but you can also take your business revenue to new heights. Unfortunately, most small-scale companies don’t invest in printing and spend all the money on digital marketing.

However, let’s get back to our topic, i.e., types of printing. Before diving into it, it’s essential to understand what actually the term printing means? It is the mass production of text or image from a master form, typically with ink on paper, using a printing press. Apart from being carried out on a small scale in the local printer shops, it is also carried out on a large-scale industry for magazines, books, t-shirts, clothing and other marketing materials.

There are numerous printing services available out there. Let’s find out which one is more suitable for your business.


Embossing Printing

Embossing printing services are well-known since their origin. This technique is used to print 3D images on paper. There is no denying that 3D images are more eye-catching than others. In embossing, the image is formed by the raised surface, with the design higher than the surrounding area. The embossing technique involves two metal dies; one has a raised surface on it, while the other has a mating surface. A piece of paper is attached between the two sheets, and the two dies are heated and pressed together. Hence, the paper fiber permanently changes shape to take the intended design.


Digital Printing

it is one of the most speedy and cost-effective methods. In digital printing, images and patterns are printed through digital photos instead of hardcopy of images. When someone requires colors that pop and pictures that stand out, then digital printing is the answer. With cutting-edge computerized equipment, your images, logos, and graphic design are going to look better than before.


Electrostatic Printing

It is a dry printing process in which an image is formed using static electricity to attract toner to a substrate’s specific area. The substrate is usually a paper that has been coated to improve its dielectric effect and is generally positive or negatively charged. Electrostatic printing services include two processes. In the first process, a latent image is created on a substrate by exposing a photosensitive material to light. Then the latent image is processed by applying toner and bonding back in place.


Flexography Printing

It is a form of the letterpress printing process in which a flexible relief plate is used. It is an evolved form of letterpress with a high-speed rotary press and can be used to print on almost any substrate. In this technique, a low viscous ink is transferred by the roller to the plate and then the printing substrate.


Letterpress Printing

Letter printing is a type of relief printing. It is one of the oldest printing services available nowadays. Many copies are produced by repeated direct impression of inked raised surface to the substrate in this process. This process allows many copies to be printed simultaneously by the repeated direct impression of an inked raised surface against sheets.


Thermography Printing

It is a cost-effective method similar to engraving and embossing. In the thermographic printing process, the powder is placed over the ink, and then heat is applied to it, fusing the ink and powder, resulting in an elevated image. Thermography is a preferred and more appealing printing process that adds nobility to any printed piece.


Lithography Printing

In lithographic printing services, an image is transferred to a printing plate covered with water and oil-based ink. The image goes through various procedures during the process, including printing plate through a photochemical, laser-engraving and mechanical operation. The water dampens the non-image area of the plate’s surface, and the ink adheres only to the image area, creating a clean and high-quality image. After the application of ink, the inked image is then transferred to a rubber “blanket”.


Gravure Printing

Gravure printing is a long run, high speed, high-quality printing technique. This printing type comes under the intaglio printing process widely used for printing large volumes of newspapers and catalogs. For each color to be applied, different cylinders are used. In gravure, printing image is engraved onto a cylinder with microcavities that has ink in them.


Screen Printing

In the screen printing, a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate except for the areas that are made leakproof to the ink by a blocking stencil. A blade is moved across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink. Then a backstroke causes the screen to touch the substrate momentarily at the contact point. As a result, ink wets the substrate’s surface and is pulled out of the mesh aperture as the screen backs after the blade has passed.

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