WFH 2021: What to Do When Blurred Lines Are Troubling You

WFH 2021

With the onset of the pandemic, prevailing uncertainty, and widespread remote work, the lines between “home time” and “work time” have never been blurrier.

Due to the lack of boundaries between home life and work-life a significant negative pressure is mounting on the mental and emotional health of workers. Especially for the Sensitive Strivers, people who are genetically determined to think and feel everything on a much deeper level, the situation is getting worse.

Not compartmentalizing and having the space to think deeply can soon turn to overthink and can bring even the healthiest employees to a negative thought cycle. This negative thought cycle is hard to climb out of.

As we said, the current situation is challenging for people who feel and think deeply. If you are someone who is naturally more observant and emotional then you might have experienced the sudden uptick in insecurities.

For instance, if you are always at work whether it is obvious from your tone or from your physical behaviors you will never get downtime to restore yourself.

The constant pressure of working will stress you out.

Not only will you be inefficient at your work but your stressed-out physical and mental self will make you unavailable or not fully present in your home life.

If you are going through this emotional cycle and struggling to compartmentalize your journey of working and surviving at home we have some suggestions for you.

Take the Spotlight off Your Behaviors

Let us start with the fact. Remote working is here to stay. With more and more companies starting to opt for the hybrid work model, employees are more likely to spend their days at home working like they were amid a pandemic.

Therefore, instead of hoping for a normal work routine, you need to accept the reality to find the solution. The first solution to compartmentalize your work from the home journey is to start with the mindset shift.

Without the spontaneous and fun time with your colleagues in your office, you are more likely to get distracted by irrelevant things around your house.

You might even try to fill the gaps of entertainment and fun time at the office with the unhealthy ways available at home. For instance, you might indulge in overeating or might forget to eat at all. You can even obsess over your weaknesses and exaggerate the minor mistakes you make.

These behaviors will only destroy you in the remote working routine. Instead of letting yourself indulge in unhealthy behaviors start finding things that are helping you fill the gaps, but in the most healthy manner.

For instance, you can take some time off from work and watch your favorite TV shows on your television sets. You should make sure that you choose Spectrum TV Select as your cable TV package so that you never run out of entertainment.

This way you can distract your mind from work but also make sure you are not distracted for long. By giving, more attention to your self you will eventually forget about others that you think are eyeing your behaviors.

In reality, no one is actually paying close attention to you as much as they are focused on their work. So try removing the spotlight from your behavior by concentrating on yourself consciously.

The End-of-Day Ritual

Without having an obvious finishing point to your day, you are not ending your day. By carrying out small end-of-day routines such as finishing a commute or a post-work trip to the gym or a quick self-care session before bed can cause great benefits to your mental health.

By developing a ritual that signifies the closing of your day you can escape the elements that build strong frustration in you.

Also, this kind of behavior creates a boundary between work and home life.

Say No to Negative Thought Spiral

We know it’s hard to find your truest self when you are lost in negative thoughts, but trust us, once you pull yourself out of the dark spiral you can think of much better things.

Instead of letting your idle mind float in a negative thought spiral try giving it a healthy distraction. Instead of glancing at your phone, keep a book at the side of your workstation and read it out loud.

This will help you escape the negative thought spiral.

Work Day By Day

We are likely to live in blurred boundaries. Instead of forcing yourself to transform into a positive soul immediately, try working through betterment day by day.

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