What are some gift ideas for a long distance relationship?

Looking for some unique ideas for keeping up the love and romance in a long-distance relationship? Well, we have some great ideas in store for you. No matter how much your friends and family tell you that physical distance is nothing when you are connected by the heart, but in reality, long distance relationships are indeed difficult. There are times when you miss your lover terribly. Times when you feel like spending time together but distance creeps in between. There are moments when you feel like cuddling up and then silently wish that the love of your life was with you.

Well, no matter how difficult life gets when the beloved is far away in some distant land, you possibly cannot afford to lose him/her while cribbing about the distance to put it precisely. So, make the most of the relationship that you can as you choose to drop in surprises from time to time at your beloved’s doorstep while reminding him/her of your love, warmth and remembrance. If you want to send gifts to Jaipur and charm the love of your life, then you can find the best kind of gift online that is sure to make your beloved feel special in the most extraordinary manner. Here are some of the stunning gifts that can work magic for long-distance relationships:

  • Heart To Heart Personalized Mug: It is this printed personalized ceramic mug that you can customize with the picture of your choice and surprise your beloved with this simple, yet heart-rendering gift for the matter.
  • Red Romance You: Nothing beats the charm of a bunch of scarlet red roses for surprising your beloved in the city of Jaipur, or any other city for the matter. Red roses have always remained as the symbol of ever-lasting love. This is a neat bunch pf 12 velvety red roses that are neatly done with white fillers in a red paper packing and comes decorated with a red ribbon bow. 
  • Love Birds Cushion: It is this beautiful heart shaped cushion that comes in red colour and has fur all around. In the middle of this stunning cushion, you can get your most romantic picture printed to complete the look to perfection.
  • Scarlet Pink Scarf: Surprise the lady love in Jaipur with this beautiful scarlet pink scarf that is absolutely gorgeous to say the least. Whenever she shall wear this scarf, it shall remind her of your love no matter how far you both are from each other physically.
  • Black Portrait Couple Frame: In times when your lover misses you, you can drop in a surprise that shall not only brighten up his/her day, but it shall work as the ultimate mood lifter whenever she/he misses you. Gift this A4 size personalized couple frame as you get it done with one of your favourite pictures together.

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  • Love From Cupid: Charm the lady love with this super cute hamper that features a cute and cuddly 3’’ white teddy along with two artificial roses that come arranged in a decorative heart shaped metallic box.
  • Love Attraction Mug: It is a cool gift for the beloved in a long-distance relationship. The set of two quirky mugs designed on the theme of love attraction is perfect to remind the special someone that no matter how far you are from each other, you are bound to get attracted in spite of the distance.
  • Heart Touching Black Forest Cake: Who doesn’t like black forest cake? Well, get a delicious black forest cake that comes in the shape of a beautiful heart delivered right at the beloved’s doorstep in Jaipur and mark how it successfully makes his/her day for the matter.
  • Wonderful Hamper For Man: It comes as an all-in-one hamper for the man of your dreams and can convey a whole lotta love. This exclusive hamper offers one Park Avenue Deodorant of 130 ml, one mens’ wrist watch, one face towel, gold plated cufflinks that are stone studded along with 4 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates that come neatly arranged in a decorative basket.
  • Ferrero Rocher And Cosmetics Hamper: This is a ravishing hamper for the beloved which contains a box of 16 pieces Ferrero Rocher chocolates, 1 Note candy nude lipstick and 1 Note dark rose nail paint of 9 ml. Gift her this hamper and trust us, she is going to love it to the core provided she is fond of her cosmetics and is a chocolate addict. 
  • A Gentleman Gift: Does your man love to wear classy ties? Well, if the answer is yes, then this is definitely what you need to opt for. It features an elegant blue stylish tie that comes in a decorative box and it is combined with 2 bars of Cadbury Ferrero Rocher chocolates of 60 grams each.
  • Choco Blast Basket: Everyone loves their share of chocolates and munchies. So, you can surprise the beloved in the city of Jaipur with a basket full of goodies that includes, 3 bars of Temptation chocolates of 72grams each, Alpino, Oreo, Lotte chocopie of 168 grams, Ferrero Rocher of 200 grams that comes arranged in a decorative basket.
  • Twinings Tea With Mugs Hamper: It is an incredible gift idea that works perfect for long-distance relationships. Gift him/her a stunning gift hamper that contains 25 green tea bags from Twinings, one red candle, a small heart shaped cushion, two coffee mugs, a message bottle. So, send her/him some love along with some good green tea as you charm the beloved with this exclusive hamper.
  • Mega Bathrobe Hamper: This amazing hamper contains a Dreamline red bath robe, Nivea Waterlily and oil shower gel, red hand towel, Iris fragrance vaporizer Amber Rose, Vega bath sponge along with Jac Olive oil of 100 ml. It works as an exceptional choice of gift to say the least.
  • Fastrack With American Tourister:  It is this combination hamper that features a Fastrack watch for men, Adidas body spray along with an American Tourister laptop bag. This works as a great combination hamper and is sure to make his day when he unwraps this surprise.

Sending exclusive gifts to the city of Jaipur is extremely easy with the different online gift portals that are doing the rounds in the present. To pamper your beloved from time to time you can go in for different delivery facilities like, midnight delivery, early morning delivery, express delivery etc.

To choose the gift that your beloved loves, it is always a good idea to send gifts as per his or her preference, rather than selecting something that you feel is good enough. When a person receives surprises, it is altogether a different feeling and when the surprise matches his preference, then it makes the surprise all the more memorable to say the least. We completely get you that long distance relationships can be a little difficult, but whenever you feel a little low, there is always the facility to make your beloved feel special with exclusive gifts online.

Explore the widest range of mind-blowing gift ideas only at Oyegifts and the vastness of gift choices to send to your beloved in Jaipur is sure to leave you spoilt for choices to be precise!

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