What Are the Latest Trends in Laptop Components?

Latest Trends in Laptop Components

2020 and early 2021 have been a rocky time for the entire world. However, while everyone else was reeling from the pandemic, people in tech were busy inventing and innovating. We’ve seen incredible progress from major tech giants, and laptop brands aren’t lacking behind.

Not only are we seeing new laptop releases on our shelves, but also plenty of new laptop components from team red and blue. No, we’re not talking about democrats and republicans; we’re talking about Intel and AMD. These two companies have pulled out all the stops to ensure they deliver nothing but the best for their growing customer bases.

While a sleek design and vivid display are great for your laptop, what matters most are the internal components. Today, we’ll be highlighting the latest trends in laptop components to keep you in the know.

Better Performance With ARM-Based Laptops

ARM abbreviates Advanced RISC Machines, and this is a family of architectures for processors based on Reduced Instruction Set Computing principles(RISC). ARM creates processors for multiple devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

We’ve seen several generations of the ARM design, but the latest is arguably the most effective one to date. Plus, ARM has expanded its reach to machines that work on Windows 10 and now run seamlessly with the OS. Previously, compatibility issues with 64-bit versions of Windows precluded ARM technology from reaching its full potential.

In fact, Microsoft is well on its way to creating its own ARM-based CPUs to give Apple a run for its money. We expect this new set of chips to rival Apple’s M1 chips, which deliver nothing less than blistering performance. A few things we’re eager for from the ARM-based chips include instant startups, amazing battery life, and always-on connectivity.

Given Microsoft’s previous collaboration with chip manufacturers like Qualcomm, success is imminent. 

Better Webcams

It’s no secret webcams on laptops suck, and we’re not talking about most laptops; almost all laptop webcams are subpar. Thankfully, laptop manufacturers are now designing laptops with better webcams. This is possibly a result of the rise in teleconferencing activities because of work-from-home policies during the covid pandemic.

Better webcams mean no more blurry images during video calls unless you have poor internet connectivity. HP has been the frontrunner in ensuring consumers get top-notch webcams on their laptops. 

The HP Elite Dragonfly Max, for instance, sports a 5MP camera that’s four times as clear as a standard 720p camera. You also get a camera switch that you can flip to turn the webcam on and off. Lastly, you get a whopping four microphones for unmatched audio clarity.

If we head over to HP Envy 14, the trend is the same. This beauty has a 720p camera, but with special lighting to make you look better. The same goes for other laptops within its cadre.

Say goodbye to blurry video conferences and deplorable audio because better webcams and mics on laptops will soon be the norm.

Gaming Laptops That Cool Much Faster

You’ve probably seen one of those humungous gaming rigs with fans, water coolers, and everything else to keep the PC cool. While cooling accessories work, they’re impractical with laptop users. This means those who game on laptops will have to contend with what the manufacturer gives them. 

The good news is that we’re seeing a rise in much faster and effective cooling technologies for laptops. What has piqued our attention most is the resizable BAR feature and smart access memory, all common in the latest gaming laptops. These components allow laptop users to get the full potentials of their GPUs but produce a ton of heat.

On one side, we have mind-boggling performance; on the other hand, we have too much heat; what can we do? The solution; liquid metal cooling (applause). Liquid metal has exploded in popularity and for all the right reasons.

Liquid metal provides much better cooling than standard thermal paste. This is why it’s so popular with overclocking enthusiasts. However, the technology isn’t so easy to implement, especially for mass laptop production.

The liquid metal compound is very reactive to aluminum; hence manufacturers must prevent contact with other laptop components. As of now, only Lenovo and Asus have figured out how to incorporate this technology into their laptops. All the latest Legion and Asus ROG laptops feature liquid metal cooling.

This technology means that laptops will be able to cool much faster and better. Faster cooling translates to blistering gaming performance with no negative impacts on computer parts. Going forward, we’re likely to see more laptop manufacturers embrace liquid metal for cooling.

The Intel Evo Platform

Have you noticed all the best laptop models sport the Intel Evo badge? Well, what is this Intel Evo badge, and what does it mean for laptop users? Let’s find out.

The Intel Evo platform or initiative is a strict set of guidelines for Intel partner manufacturers. By partner manufacturers, we’re talking brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, and the likes. You can think of these guidelines as something like a blueprint for the ideal laptop design.

The guidelines ensure that manufacturers create thin, efficient, and powerful laptops with long-lasting battery life. The Intel Evo badge is a standard for all the latest Lenovo laptops. If you want a thing and efficient laptop that gets things done, you need not look any further,

That said, here are a few basic tenets that define the Intel Evo initiative:

  • The responsiveness from anywhere and seamless performance in real-world conditions
  • Instant wake, with a waking time of one second or less
  • Fast-charging 
  • Longer battery life, with more than 9 hrs on full HD
  • Unmatched connectivity, with Thunderbolt 4 and Intel Wifi 6

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, keep your eyes peeled for one with an Intel Evo processor. That way, you can get incredible performance, unmatched portability, and superior connectivity. 

Swappable SSDs

SSDs or solid-state drives are nothing new in the laptop industry. They’re much faster, quieter, and consume less energy than traditional HDDs. However, off-late, we’re seeing a surge in swappable SSDs.

That’s right; we mean SSDs that you can remove and insert back at your pleasure, without the screws and everything. That’s great because it means consumers don’t have to spend a pretty penny on a laptop with a large SSD capacity. Instead, they can save money and buy a laptop with a small SSD capacity, then swap the SSD out for a larger one.

Budget-Friendly GPUs

We all know how expensive GPUs can be, especially high-end GPUs. For a decent GPU, you should brace yourself to part with about $500. Despite the cost, don’t expect a 500-dollar GPU to play any AAA game titles.

The good news is we’re witnessing a surge of budget-friendly GPUs in the market. AMD and Nvidia are set to announce new GPUs that are a little more affordable. Don’t worry; the GPUs will still handle 1080p videos and a handful of heavy-duty games.

Aside from budget GPUs, AMD and Nvidia are also set to release GPUs for mobile devices. That’s right; high-level GPUs for your Android and iOS device. That way, you can play your favorite mobile titles like PUBG smoothly and at ultra-high graphic settings.

5G for Laptops

Pretty soon, 5G will be a standard for all phones, and not just high-end phones. As 5G grows, we’re set to see the introduction of 5G laptops into the market. This is all thanks to the latest Intel processors that boast incredible power and functionality.

Laptops won’t need to buy a separate router to use 5G internet with these laptops. This means you can browse the internet at lightning-fast speeds and at your convenience. It’s great for people who are always traveling and don’t have access to wifi networks.

Of course, there’s the slight challenge of SIM cards because you’ll need a SIM card to access the internet. These laptops could be very costly if manufacturers bundle a SIM card with the laptop. It’ll also be costly if you buy a separate SIM card for the laptop.

Better Displays With Mini LED Technology

Brace yourself for better displays now that mini LED displays are trickling into the laptop industry. With mini LEDs, expect deeper blacks and high-quality contrast than conventional LED panels. 

MSI was the first laptop brand to embrace mini LEDs. The others are starting to follow suit, and soon laptops with mini LEDs will flood the industry. Rumors suggest that Apple is keen to adopt mini LEDs in their MacBook

The downside is that only high-end laptops are likely to have mini LED displays. However, like other technologies, we should soon expect mini LEDs to extend their reach to more affordable laptops.

Get on Top of All the Latest Laptop Components Trends

From the look of things, we’re in for a lot of improvement and innovation in terms of laptop components. Only time will tell whether these trends are here to stay or are just a fad. We can’t do much but sit and wait.

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